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  1. Mine is the second swing btw :)
  2. Thanks for the comments! I have done much playing but not much work on technique. I think i made progress in not flipping at impact and i feel like i am hitting the ball very good. This is what it looks like now. It still looks a bit funny with my hips i think and i my opinion i look very tilted to the target side with my upper body but as long as i produce good results i wont change be too much :)
  3. New video where i practise: - Forward leening shaft at impact - Not moving away from target during 'take off'
  4. jeans and tshirt on the golf course in like showing up to a soccer game in shirt and tie - its wierd but of course you can do it.
  5. Are you happy with the Ad333? I got a good offer i am considering playing them for the some time.
  6. To me 76 - 87 is EXSTREMELY impressive after 8 month of golf, i am still in this range after 8 years of golf. So whatever you are doing you should just keep practicing and try to get better. Even the pro's are inconsistent and cant control their ball flight alot of times so dont expect to hit 100% perfect all the time :)
  7. Normally i would not flame someone for spelling stuff.. English is my secondary language also and i make mistakes too. However this guy made a lot of cheesy threats and either he is trolling or else he spends too much time with Sean Foley and Dr. Phill developing new age philosophy stuff :)
  8. You do not get to give any advice to people before you learn to spell or look things up in the dictionary.
  9. I think it is a really nice swing! To me you look a bit stiff though and as if you are standing very tall over the ball.
  10. Look at this guy, wow really amazing skills!
  11. For the first time this season the weather was okay, so i went out to practice and play: This is what i had i mind: - Widen my stance alittle - Keeping wait forward (sadly i have some fluffy pants on and the wind is blowing against me so it is hard to see my leg position) - Not moving away from the ball at impact (after i came home i found out that i failed at this one) My ball flight is dead straight but i would actually rather hit a draw Goals for next time: - Less wrist flipping - Slowing down the back swing a little
  12. with a 30 HCP 2 shots over par on a par 3 will in most cases give you two points which you are suppose to make :)
  13. It came in a big box. I believe it was this one: http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/practice_area/3579/pga_tour_3x9_putting_mat.html
  14. hehe very nice... I live in a small apartment so this is no go for me :( Here is my discount version though :)
  15. I would say: - Putterhead positioning at impact; If you open or close the head, no matter how you align the ball will not go where you aim. - Speed; Speed sems to be crucial. With low speed break in the green will affect the ball more than with high speed. I guess Touch comes along here. Being able to understand how hard to put. - Being able to read greens I good tip that i got last year is always aim a bit after the hole. A study showed that most amateurs leaves their puts short whereas pro's puts too long giving themselves a better % of holing their puts.
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