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  1. I read an interesting article in Golfweek and wanted to throw it out there to get everyone's input and see what we can come up with. Not counting the WGC’s or Majors there are approximately 34 tournaments on the PGA Tour and approximately 40 tournaments on the European Tour. Do you think there are too many tournaments on either tour? Given the state of the global economy, would both tours benefit by scaling back on the tour schedule? Do you think competition would improve with there being a more limited window to earn enough money to retain exempt status on either tour? Would love to get
  2. Dude, that is sweet . I caddied for a guy that had one of those. The wood had cracked in several places down near the hosel. He just couldn't let it go, so he wrapped some athletic tape around it to keep the wood in place. I'd skull everything with that club because I'd be too affraid to take divot. Just looked and some joker is trying to sell one on eBay for $499.99
  3. I grew up in MA and was surrounded by a lot of the old, classic courses. My list: Bass Rocks GC- Gloucester, MA (Grew up at this course. Dad was a member) Essesx County Club- Manchester, MA (6th club to join the USGA) Myopia Hunt Club- Hamilton, MA Salem CC- Salem, MA TPC Sawgrass (Monday after The Players. Damn those greens are glass!) Angel Park, NV (Mountain course) Brandermill Country Club- Midlothian, VA Any course, anywhere, as long as I can tee it up with my dad.
  4. Dude, seriously? I'll give you that he seems to be a good communicator and certainly knows what he is talking about, but Dalai Lama? Hardly. I would give anything to be able to take lessons from Bob Gillis, the pro at Bass Rocks Golf Club in Gloucester, MA when I was a kid, for the rest of my life. The man could diagnose everything that you were doing wrong just by watching you hit 7-irons. May have to see if he is still over on the East Coast of FLA.
  5. A number of years ago, Ping tried selling their drivers with the 'Effective Loft' on the clubhead. As if to say, 'we know that the loft on this club is X, but it plays like Y.' Obviously this didn't catch on and they went back to stamping the 'regular' loft on their clubheads.
  6. Not an iron, but that new Axis1 putter is hideous
  7. They should tell Ray Allen that he is not to shoot any 3-pointers unless it is absolutely mandatory. He loses his touch for the 3 in the playoffs.
  8. AMEN brother! Celtics raise #18 this year. As a senior in HS I was an intern at the greatest rock station in history- 104 FM WBCN. I worked in the sports dept. with Tank. He sent me to the Gahden (that is the propah phonetic spelling for those not from the Greater Boston area) with a small tape recordah and a list of questions. He didn't tell me who I was going to be asking the questions to. Turned out to be The Legend- Larry Bird, The Chief- Robert Parrish, Kevin McHale, and Reggie Lewis- God rest his soul. Needless to say as a kid that grew up idolizing these guys, it was one of the g
  9. This was the first instruction book my dad bought for me. As a kid, I was constantly reading this book. Even made notes in the margins and circled things that sounded good to me. As for the swing itself, like someone said earlier, it's how Jack played. While the aspects discussed in the book regarding the swing itself are largely out dated, the mental aspect still rings true. My original copy is 'well weathered'. The last year Jack played, what is now The Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am, I was lucky to find another copy with the original cover and managed to get myself in position near the doo
  10. Sorry if I misrepresented my statement. I agree with you. If the woman is closer, but taking forever to figure out how she is going to play the shot, or just to play the shot, period, I'm going to play my ball (as you mentioned, roll that 60-foot putt).
  11. I don't understand some of the bashing Westwood has taken. He is a great player to rebound the way he has after injuries nearly ended his career. He's got my vote for Comeback Player of the Year hands down. He will take over the #1 ranking on Halloween. The ranking system is flawed big time. I think the rankings should be done somewhat like college football. Everyone starts from scratch at the beginning of the year. After 2-3 months, before the first WGC event, whichever comes first, when everyone has had a chance to get into multiple tournaments, that is when the rankings come out base
  12. I have to disagree with this part. This is part of the reason why rounds take so long to play. If you are not in a tournament, play 'ready golf'. If you are ready to hit and your ball is closer to the green, hit. It's that simple. If you are playing a tournament, then by all means, follow procedure.
  13. Bluenoser67- congrats on becoming an active member in the lives of junior golfers. I think the most important thing that you have already hit on is "fun". I saw a program once where the instructor started by asking the kids if they could hit a beach ball and then had them hitting beach balls. It progressed in the same session to tennis balls and finally to a golf ball. As a kid, the head pro at my club would have chipping contests, putting contests, etc. and the reward was a sleeve of golf balls (the 2-piece rocks not the nice balata balls of the day), but never the less it was something
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