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  1. Ernest, I understand what you're saying about 'load and lag' and consciously trying to accomplish that. For some of us it just happens already and we don't need to work on load and lag. I think a good measure of how we're performing our load and lag is the distance of our shots. Some years ago, when I consciously worked on creating lag (load was already there) my distance increased dramatically. As I attempt to incorporate the 4" forward divot, I'm able to bypass the "all hell breaks loose" aspect of load and lag.
  2. tomahawktim

    18 or 36

    We've had a sunny and warm spell here in southern Ontario recently and it has been just great for golf. This past week I've done 41 holes, 20 holes, 33 holes, 36 holes and several 18s here and there. With the exception of the 41, it was all walking. Practising proper nutrition and hydration goes a long way towards being able to play that much at once. I've scored better on the later holes than on the first 18 in most instances. What accounts for the improved scoring, I think, is the freewheeling attitude that comes with playing extra holes. The other night, we were getting as many holes in as the setting sun would allow. The fast and loose play led to a string of pars. It was fun, fun, fun and we all play better when we're enjoying ourselves, don't we?
  3. 3. other I'll chip with the iron that seems appropriate for the carry and roll that I visualize for a given shot. Chipping with a 3 iron doesn't happen often and consequently isn't practised often but I will use it if it seems to be the shot. Also, it isn't unheard of to open or close the face of any chipping iron for a particular situation. A hooded 8 iron is a whole lot different than one with an open face. The original poster's option number one suggests a less lofted club such as an 8 or 9. I see 8 & 9 as lofted clubs along with the wedges. That's part of the beauty of the game. You see it this way, I see it that way and ultimately we both are trying to get the ball into the hole.
  4. Don't touch your clubs for 10 days straight. You must 'quit' for 10 days. That means forget about it. Give it rest. Two little girls and a brand new son; you must be proud. Your wife must be great. 10 days of family time. Create some lasting memories. Take some family photos. Ahhh, but in 10 days.......look out!
  5. Being a true gentleman, Nicklaus would say that. There is more to greatness than just totals.
  6. If that helps the golfer then that's fine. A very simple system of hole locations works something like this: Protect the turf by spreading the wear. 6 front....6 middle.....6 back. 6 easy....6 medium....6 tough 6 left......6 centre.....6 right Once again; protect the turf by spreading the wear. The health of the turf is more important than whether or not Harold M. Fader can hit his cut shot to 6 right hand hole locations on any particular day. The 6-6-6 is not written in stone. Other considerations; wind direction, mix it up for par 3 holes, upcoming events may require certain hole locations be preserved. If the Hole Changer can keep these simple rules of thumb in mind, the course can be set up with a good variety. If we happen to play two days in row, we'll se a different course each day.
  7. Thanks for your review and feedback. I'll follow your route and grab a copy of the book first. The dvd looks like something to save up for or perhaps put on my Christmas list.
  8. Well, it isn't very often that I can take advantage of a short par 5 but fortunately all three shots came together for an eagle the other day. A wonderful hole that swept right to left around the Humber river for its entire length. Of course, a well positioned tee shot and a putt that falls in are necessary ingredients but the real meat came on the 2nd shot. From outside of 200, a blistering 4 iron started at the right side of the green (well away from the water). I struck it perfectly (as I always do!) .......... just kidding . Anyhow, it was solid with a gentle draw; as planned. The eagle was just the icing on the cake. It was that 4 iron that was so satisfying. Having a good buddy along to share in the fun was great, too.
  9. Wow! I'm surprised at the Poll results. Golf is so much more than "Who 'da man."
  10. Danattherock, I understand that the dvd brought clarity to concepts from the book for you. Would you say that the dvd alone would be enough for a newcomer like myself?
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