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  1. "Zenofeller" Spam

    Thanks for the update. I received the message, but was skeptical, so I checked the forums first to see if anyone else found it to be fishy...but seeing that you have it as spam confirmed my suspicions.
  2. Uber High Ball flight

    If you do look at changing shafts, you may also want to look into the kickpoints of your shaft. A higher kickpoint could lower your trajectory, and vice versa. You'd see a much greater difference using a stiff shaft as opposed to a higher kickpoint, but it may be worth looking into if you're changing equipment. But like you said, it's an expensive proposition...
  3. Mizuno Irons?

    You can go to www.golfsmith.com , and find the custom fitting link. There you can give your "measurables" and they can give you a rough idea of what shafts you should be using.
  4. Mizuno Irons?

    The club here has a Mizuno rep who fits us and sends the specs in to Mizuno if anyone was to order a set.
  5. Mizuno Irons?

    I actually went to a Mizuno demo days here a few weekends ago, and had the opportunity to try out a few of their irons. I personally liked the MP-60's, as they have almost the same look and feel as my Hogan Apex Plus irons...but I also tried out the MP-33's and MP-67's. The 67's and the 33's had very little forgiveness, and any mis-hits were definately noticeable. The MP-60's feel like butter when you hit it or miss it a smidge left or right. I am actually considering buying a set of MP-60's based on my tests. Lastly, Mizuno provides free fitting if you buy a new set of irons, so if you know your specs, you can get a custom set at no extra charge.
  6. Who would you like to see win again?

    Good question...but if I were to choose among those four, I'd have to choose John Daly, with Freddy a real close second.
  7. Swing Thoughts...

    When I was in college, I played against a guy who had a slew of swing thoughts on various sticky notes on his bag and hat. I didn't see any help in this sort of approach. If you are properly practiced, you shouldn't need many swing thoughts to get you going. When I do my pre-shot routine, I think about a few things: Aligning the club face to my target line (which helps me align my feet and body), making a smooth takeaway, and swinging through the ball instead of at the ball.
  8. How often do you change your bag?

    I have always played with golf pride tour wrap half cords, although the tour velvet half cords are pretty nice too.