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  1. I have a 0 iron I take to the range to toy around with. I actually have used it on the course though and some courses I do bring it. I am a bad woods player so debating on the situation I will pick it over a 3 wood.
  2. Title says it all heres the link. http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30057000/royal-collection-tour-vs-driver Never seen or heard of the brand ever and still have no clue why this club is 800$?
  3. I dont care if it makes me hit a pitching wedge 200 yards...im not spendin 30 grand on irons I just wanted to know what makes them so much money.
  4. I was playing with a guy yesterday and he had one of the beres drivers and I have never seen it before on a course but I knew their clubs are crazy money. He could hit it straight not far at all but he was pretty old but my question simply is why do people pay 1000$ and more for these clubs?
  5. Going to be cloudy today get it in while you can fellas.
  6. Even scratch golfers over putt and come short though, show me a pro golfer that 1 putts every time.
  7. First time grippin my clubs. Took my old one off with the tape. Put new tape on nice and flat. Sprayed mineral spirits or what ever the stuff in the bottle is on the tape and in the grip. Looks great but my problem is the grip is sticky as shit.
  8. Well some times I play 4 times a week. I play alot of golf I think I'm going to change them.
  9. I have had my clubs for about a year. Maybe a little more. Basically my grips have become very rough and I'm not sure if this is the sign that I need to change them. When I first got my clubs I use to grip them hard but I don't have that problem anymore my golf grip Is good. Basically I would like to know when I should look into new ones because my buddy has ping irons with softer grips and they feel great but I don't want to change mine until they are ready for it.
  10. Well I guess not everyone is a genius like you. I honestly thought you were suppose to take divots when you putt..? But on a more serious note I found out from a golf pro that the reason I am grabbing the ground was because I moved my head foward on the back stroke.
  11. My golf trainer had me using a tee I am not sure why I did not ask him where he got it. Basically its a rubber range tee thats almost as short as a wood tee but instead of playing the ball on the rubber part you insert a wood tee that you can hit off of. I prefer a real tee rather then the ranges rubber one and I dont have a grass golf range anywhere near me. I would do anything for one...
  12. Was playing a solid 9 holes today, its been a very long time since I have been on the sand trap so my profile might be a little outdated. Parred the first hole and second hole now its time for the par 5. Driver and 4 iron put me on the green and I have a long put to the hole and there I do it. I grab the ground putting the ball about 8ft out of a 30ft putt. Then on the 9th hole I need to par it for a 39 when par is 36. Decently long putt and I grab the ground again. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong I just dont know why im doing this and it ruined a great round into a 42 which is pretty g
  13. Lately I have been finding these things alot on me and its starting to get to the point where I dont know what to do. I walk normally and dont go in any shrubs bushes thickets or wherever they are suppose to be. Just the fairway or the rough and an occasional sand trap. What the hell is going on and how do I prevent them from getting on me. Thanks.
  14. I found it to be my pitching wedge but thats just me.
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