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  1. i would have teed it up and hit it back at him... straight up
  2. go hit some baseballs... thats what i always do... it works for me and if you havent noticed most pro baseball players are also pretty darn good at golf too
  3. i am addicted to this show... hot women and golf
  4. hartwm


    26 years old and 16 in golf years
  5. thats why i prefer pin positions and not 1,2, but pin positions that range from 1-10 or more
  6. "get your ducks in a row pro" ... means line it up and drain the put
  7. break my personal best of -1 from tips at vb national... which means i need to improve my short game... the 75yd shots kill me
  8. shot a 77 from the tips at kings north myrtle beach
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