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  1. Bridgestone balls on "Today's Deals" at Amazon. E6 2017 version is $20.00 Other models on sale too.
  2. Artimas

    grip size

    Good info. Thanks, much appreciated.
  3. Artimas

    grip size

    I think trying a new grip on 1 or 2 clubs is a good idea. I want to try a midsize vs. standard. Thanks for the reply!
  4. I am a 24 hcp player, and have been for years. I just don't play enough to improve, and I'm "OK" with that. I still enjoy playing. Having said that, how often is it worth getting new clubs to take advantage of improvements in technology? My clubs are about 9 years old. I realize my score won't change too much, but at my level I'll take whatever help I can get. Thanks.
  5. Artimas

    grip size

    I have occasionally been getting hand cramps when playing. I was wondering if a different grip size would help. I'm 60 years old, and have some mild arthritis. Anyone have any experience with changing grip sizes?
  6. Looking for suggestions where to play in the W. Palm Beach area. Heard that Okeeheelee is good, and also The President. I'd appreciate any other tips for courses in the area. Thanks.
  7. Good choice. I have one and love it. Along with the gps in my phone, it's an unbeatable combo.
  8. Know anything about them? Appreciate any insight, Thanks.
  9. Happy Gilmore, is that you? April fool?
  10. I'm trying to get a better feel for a proper swing. Like many people, I have trouble with an outside to in swing and the subsequent slice. I have a few questions that I hope can help me get a better feel for a decent swing. In this post, I'm mostly interested in the upper body, not the leg and hip action. What do you feel in your arms and wrists when you swing? Do you feel like your upper arms are against your torso during the swing? Do your arms and torso move as one with the body moving the arms, rather than the arms actually swinging independently? What do you feel in
  11. I couldn't find anything searching the net. Anyone know? Thanks.
  12. I usually have about a dozen good balls, and probably another 10 junkers that I picked up in my course wandering. I typically lose 2-3 balls a round, but recently played for the 1st time in several months and lost 6. The course had lots of water.
  13. I asked because a guy I played with this weekend thought white balls were more "macho". I was indeed playing a yellow Bridgestone. I didn't feel any less macho...
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