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  1. errrrr...are you saying you want to sleep with famous men?
  2. Poutine should be relatively easy to find jsut hit up any A&W; or even Burger King and they will have poutine usually. I live in Calgary which is just over an hour away from Banff. On your list you have Dinosaur Museum. The dinosaur museum is in Drumheller which would probably be about a 2.5hour drive from banff as Drumheller is north east of Calgary. So depending on what your range for travel here is a few suggestions that are about 3-4 hour drive time distances from banff. banff: sulphur mountain gondola banff springs golf course Banff Hot Springs (naturally heated sulphur smelling water from the ground) Johnstons Canyon The Grizzly House (restaurant that specializes in oil and cheese fondues, definitely give it a try) Coyotes ( a restaurant that i throuroughly enjoy, great for lunch) Maple Leaf (a restaurant that does canadian type foods, try it for dinner) lake louise (30 minutes away): check out the hotel the lake (its going to be insanely cold in may and i dont remember if they allow swimming or not) take a hike to the teahouse/bee's nest jasper (2-3 hour drive from banff) maligne lake columbia icefields (to get to jasper you have to go on the icefields parkway and there you will see the columbia icefields on your way there, the parkway is probably the most scenic drive in alberta, a definite must do.) Angel glacier- you can hike up to this glacier and see it up close, it is in the shape of an angel, have to take a quick 20 minute hike from parking lot to get there. if you go to jasper this is a must see. calgary (1 hour away) calgary tower glenbow museum walk down 17th ave (trendy area of shopping) eau claire market (take a walk along the bow river) drumheller dinosaur museum/badlands if you have any questions pm me and ill try and help.
  3. i've only hit the black gold in the adams idea pro irons and as mentioned there is more feel to them then the project x but for feel i prefer DG. All project x shafts feel dead to me and hence that is why i prefer either s300 or x100. The other problem with project x and black gold is that i already get enough height on my shots and as such i find that in the PX and BG my shots go higher than i would like to see.
  4. a lot of times when my putter isn't working for me on the course ill take a hole and jsut use my 56*. I find that it makes me focus on the contact and path a little more so that when i pull out the putter on the next hole im not as lazy with it.
  5. why? Pelz gives Phil no instruction on his putting. Pelz preaches the SBST method while Phill putts on an arc.
  6. haha and the ap2's look a lot like the ping s58's and nike cci's. seems like everybody just copies everybody lol.
  7. id say that the PX have less feel to them than the DG's and provide a little higher ball flight, thats what i found when i got fitted for my mp57's. because of the lack of feel i went with the s300's instead of the px 5.5. ive never really liked the px shafts so i would always opt for the dg if it was an option.
  8. i dont know if id say that the mizuno's wear better the 1025e steel they use is notorious for being soft and picking up bag chatter and nicks.
  9. i think iron covers are useless because really think of the time you waste putting on and off the covers and really the bag chatter never affects the actual face of the irons themself just the outsides. bag chatter happens when the clubs bang into each other while you are carrying them causing little nicks, dents and scratches in the edges and backs nothing that will cause them to be unplayable or affect your shots. i will also agree that mizuno irons are more prone to chatter but i just take that as giving the club some character :)
  10. i dont think its actually the face of the driver that creates spin its more the clubhead design ie. weighting, cor and moi. all the high moi heads you see will typically create more spin as this is what causes it to go straighter is backspin. depending on where you put the weight on the clubhead you can adjust your spin and launch and what not. also the loft of the head plays a big part in the spin so make sure you get fitted on a launch monitor to determine your optimum loft so that you dont get too much spin or too little spin.
  11. i di the same comparison as you between the i10, mp57, s58 and ap2. I had a set of i5's before and between the i5 and i10 i couldnt say there was much advantage to switching they felt really similar with just a little less offset and thinner top line so i couldnt justify switching to those. then i tried the s58, i almost went with these sticks until i hit the mp57 and ap2. once you hit a forged club flush its a terrible thing to have to go back to hitting cast irons. while ping clubs are better because of that dampening medallion in the i10 and rubber insert on the s58 i still preferred the feel of the mp57 and ap2. between the mp57 and ap2 was where i had a difficult choice. i had to be nitpicky and the things i picked on were the ap2 has a very shiny face, most clubs have the chrome toe and heel but the face is usually dull, the ap2 i found was shiny on the whole face and was distracting for me. also due to the thin face i found it had more of a clicky feel than the mp57 which was buttery smooth and looked great. there is a reason mizuno has a reputation for being the best forged irons out there. i really cant say a bad thing about the mp57 so i ordered those in +0.5" and 1 degree upright and they got delivered in about 2.5 weeks from Atlanta (i live in canada so i took a little extra time) i hit them all weekend at the range and shot after shot i was impressed with the feel. oh and i see you play to a similar handicap to me, i just started golfing two years ago and i'll say this, among all the irons i looked at, all were just as forgiving and workable as another so you cant go wrong. i think i the end it all comes down to which club you like the feel and look of.
  12. why was it not a dunk? just curiosu why you woudl define it as not a dunk when dunks are defined as throwing it down?
  13. im going to disagree on the dwight howard judgement, a dunk is defined as "throwing it down" dwight did jsut that threw it into the bucket, i think thats why it is considered a dunk, in fact what dwight did is quite difficult and actually harder than dunking while touching rim. jamario if you watch the clips that he had on youtube can actually dunk 2 feet beyond the free throw line and i think he got robbed on the second one, if he didnt put the tape on the floor that dunk probably would have got him into the second round, but he put the tape down and didnt jump from the tape. and dunking shoeless should have got gerald green more points but like mentioned it was a repeat dunk just without shoes which hurt him, dunkinng shoeless hurts and is hard to get enough lift to go through the legs.
  14. actually the #9 is not a face balanced putter it is a toe down putter with a toe hang of almost 5 or 6 oclock. the head weight i believe is 330gms and most people i know that play a #9 have added a lot of lead tape to make it heavier. one option is to go with the black series i #9 with a head weight of 350 on the 33 and 34 inch models and 340 on the 35 if you want a heavier head, there is no steel face model, both #9's have inserts with the black series being a a firmer insert than the xg.
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