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  1. ^^ Both great choices. I've played both the Noodle ("Long and Soft" or "Easy Distance", depending on your swing speed) and Gamer. Both are inexpensive balls which feel good off the club and perform reasonably well. The Gamers are a bit more expensive than the Noodles, but I'd give them the nod as the better ball if the few extra bucks isn't a big deal. People shy away from Top Flite because of their reputation over the years for rock-hard distance balls, but the Gamer is probably the best ball they've ever come out with.
  2. And therein lies the obvious I was missing - I didn't realize the International Team didn't include Europeans! Thanks gentlemen!
  3. A lot of it comes down to personal preference and/or how you hit particular clubs. Example: a friend of mine took his hybrids out of his bag because he hits nasty hooks with them almost every time. He can hit a beautiful 4 or 5 iron with a slight draw, but give him a 4 or 5 hybrid and that thing is going to make a snappy left turn and probably end up somewhere ugly. I, on the other hand, can't hit a 4 iron to save my life (and 5 iron isn't much better), but I love my 5 hybrid. I used to carry a 7W and loved it. Even if the wheels were falling off and I couldn't hit anything
  4. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but it seems strange not to see Justin Rose on the International Team. #8 OWGR and #5 FedEx Cup rankings, 7 top 10 finishes this season, one of their best players at the Ryder Cup last year and he's not in the lineup?
  5. The two courses I play most often (from the tees we usually play) are just under 5900 and just over 6000, which are right in my comfort zone. Any time I play an unfamiliar course I'll choose to play from whatever tees are closest to 5800-6000, and I'll err on the short side rather than the long side if forced to choose. I'm paying to enjoy the round (at least in theory, lol!), so I see no sense in torturing myself by playing longer tees and being pissed off all day long. Quote: ...I have a friend that's convinced he can hack it at 7500 yards.... I'd definitely "hack" i
  6. Golf is difficult, but when you started out you couldn't miss the ball if you tried? That's not the experience of most new golfers, you must be blessed with tons of natural ability. You've played 15-20 rounds of golf, don't really keep score, try to make double or triple bogey on most holes, but have a 16 handicap? I'm an 18 and with anything more than 2 or 3 double/triple bogeys, the chances of breaking 90 are circling the drain unless I have an otherwise pretty solid round (lots of pars and a few birdies mixed in). And if I'm not breaking 90 fairly regularly, that 18 handic
  7. I voted yes (it's a sport), but TBH I've never really thought about it and don't much care what anybody else thinks it is. If somebody wanted to argue with me that I was playing a "game" rather than a "sport", I'd just shrug my shoulders and say "OK, whatever". Either way, I enjoy it and am getting some exercise and having fun with friends, so call it whatever you want.
  8. My wife has absolutely zero interest in golf and we're both perfectly okay with that. We have our things we enjoy together and we have our things we enjoy apart. I don't bug her to play golf, she doesn't bug me to watch chick flicks or go shoe shopping with her.
  9. Thing is, I'm sure that the Patriots are just the tip of the iceberg. It would be naïve for anybody to think that every other team in the league is pure as the driven snow and the Pats are the only big fat cheaters. The Pats got caught and have been under increased scrutiny ever since, probably at least in part due to their fairly continual success, but I don't believe for a second that they're the only team seeking every little advantage they can get to win - honestly or not-so-honestly. I'm not absolving them of blame or trying to justify it by the "everybody is doing it" defense -
  10. Nah...who'd want a washed-up loser like Spieth as one of their endorsers? [/sarcasm]
  11. Seconded. Something's not right here. [ETA:] As a n=1 counterpoint, I've been hitting a G30 driver for several months, have topped and skyed my share of shots with it and had no problems whatsoever. I have, however, in the past, somehow managed to crack the head of a Taylormade R11s driver.
  12. Nah - as soon as he bogeyed a hole, the speculation would start that he was 'done' and they'd be looking for the next latest and greatest.
  13. How about George Thorogood's "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"?
  14. Can you imagine the satiety factor (or lack thereof), though? I'd be pissed-off hungry about 23 hours a day eating a diet like that!
  15. I average 2 rounds per week, year-round - so somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-125 rounds per year. That's only for the last couple years, though - for about 25 years before that, I played anywhere from 10-30 rounds per year (probably closer to 10 for most of those years).
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