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  1. I test dove the PING i20 today. Its my first experience with Ping. I am a 10 hdcp and currently playing Mizuno mx900 with TT SL R300 shaft which I have had since I was an 18 hdcp. I like the i20 setup (tested 7 iron only) but the ball flight was way too high! most shots also veered to the right and really had to work at keeping the flight down. Swing speed avg was 80 and the carry was around 155, 165 on the ones the fitter said I hit perfectly. My old Mizuno were 165 avg. The only shafts the fitter had were KBS reg and stiff. The stiff seemed to have a few more on-line but still quite high. Question: Do all PING have such a high ball flight? Can a different shaft help? I like the set up and they feel ok but I cant get used to the high fade..... Any suggestions? Was also thinking about the JPX800 Pro's, but they dont look at forgiving as the i20.