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  1. I Recently got this Driver in December. It is an amazing driver. Only Reason I'm selling is some circumstances have prevented me from playing golf for a while and I need to sell this thing. Have Played maybe 2 rounds with it and hit it 10 times maybe. Great club. Its a 10/10 and comes with a new winn Dri tac Standard size grip. My loss is your gain.
  2. 3/4 52 wedge from 100. My money yardage is 115. Thats a 3/4 pw and i absolutely love that distance.
  3. Sorry if my posting doesnt quite meet your standards but please keep the smart ass remarks to yourself.
  4. My numbers are almost identical to this. Sounds like your buddy is delofting and you are scooping your irons and not compressing the ball.
  5. This man speaks the truth. Who cares if you can hit it 300 with a driver. Can you hit a low or high draw with a long iron? Can you break 80? Golf is way more fun when you learn to maximize your score not how far you can hit one club.
  6. Sure is. Maybe one day we can meet up and play a course in charlotte.
  7. Close. Its like 8k acres. It is beautiful here and we do have a few nice local golf courses. The biltmore estate brings in alot of revenue to this area. We go every couple years or so. Got some friends that work there so tickets are free.
  8. Bout 4 hours man. I live in asheville.
  9. Best advice i can give you is to play in a 4some with him. That will slow things down a bit and give you more time to do your thing. A 4 some just flows better on a busy golf course. My dad is the same. I play fast but he is always worried about the people behind or in front of us. when i bring 2 of my buddies all the issues are solved. Im in western nc or id invite you out one day.
  10. Well i used to tee mine low when i was like a 12 handicap cause i would hit a high fade. Since i now hit a draw 90% of the time the ball goes much lower with the driver but goes straight. I will try teeing the ball about half a ball up above my driver. Ball position is fine. Its off my front heal. I just havent ever had swing speed or anything measured and was just curious. I play for score not for stats.
  11. Awesome thanks. I'm pretty sure my attack angle is 0 or - something cause i hit the ball low with my driver.
  12. So im wondering. What kind of club head speed is needed to achieve a 280 yard drive. Ball speed? any kind of calculators out there besides going to a fitting at dicks or other place? About 1 out of 5 of my drives go this far when hit well. The others range in the 240-265 range but are always in play.
  13. What part on nc are you in?
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