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  1. Golf is the hardest part of golf. Joking aside, what part of the game isn't difficult? The driver is probably the most intimidating and difficult to understand as an beginner and even for the seasoned player it's the hardest club to adapt swing changes.. Just like Brakkus said, you can't hide your misses with the driver (Tiger? ehmmm)
  2. A good channel on youtube to look at is called "Meandmygolf" ... It's these 2 British guys and they do some good instructional videos for both beginners and high handicapers.
  3. Best Shot of my summer! Plus first Eagle of the year . Marysville Golf Club (Ohio), Hole 14: Par 4. Hole plays 390 from the back and is a severe dogleg right. My GPS yardage to the hole showed 330 to center of the green (hole cut back right) taking the dogleg out of play. This means playing over water and tall trees. I hit a over-cooked fade and the ball ended up 5 ft past the hole for a "tap in" eagle 2. Judging from the line and where the ball ended up on the green I was maybe a yard right from a legit double eagle....
  4. I got Rickie Fowler, time to buy a new hat.....
  5. This is hilarious because I remember there was a course here in Columbus called the "airport course" b/c it was literally right at the runway of Port Columbus International Airport. They had such an issue with groundhogs and people witnessed them taking balls that landed near their gigantic burrows. If your from the Columbus area you know the course I'm talking about
  6. A CHEAP but GOOD straight/long ball is the good 'ol Nike Mojo's. I honestly loved these when I just started playing.
  7. Yea Drumlins private course looked nice! Don't knock Syracuse, there are a lot of good courses there. And a quick historical footnote, The first public golf course is Burnett Park Golf Course, opened in 1901... in case you're ever on Jeopardy haha
  8. Not to keep this tread going or anything but I wanted to give a big shout out to Timber Banks. Out of the 3 courses I played (drumlins, green lakes, timber banks) Timber Banks was the best. Great course, very difficult Nicklaus designed course! If you're ever in Cuse this is a must play. (I didn't get to play Turning Stone but I'm sure those are great too)
  9. I will definitely check that out, I forgot Turning Stone was that close. Thanks for the suggestions all
  10. To any members living in or around Syracuse... I'm traveling up with my brother to visit some family and was looking for any suggestions on golf courses to play in the area. GolfNow has a few courses but any local insight would be great, thanks.
  11. My Callaway X-Forged 64* wedge. I've holed out so many chips and < 60 yrd shots with it, not to mention it's excellent out of bunkers. Very close second is my Taylormade Daddy Long Legs putters... dual balance putters are great for taller guys like me.
  12. Nice, That's by far my favorite cigar especially in the torpedo. When golfing I go for a nice Padron 3000 or 6000 relatively cheap stick at 6-7 bucks.
  13. To me this seems ridiculous but then you read articles like this = http://www.cbsnews.com/news/where-have-all-the-golfers-gone/ .... I preferred the whole "tee it forward" concept for amautuers and older players.
  14. Ah okay.. Big payday for Rory's dad .. Winning 350,000 betting on Rory's win, no pressure son.
  15. I just noticed... Is Fowler using graphite shafts on his irons??
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