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  1. Golf for me is more like a continuing journey where I have met my first set of limited goals and have moved the goal posts. I intermittently work on some of the same issues at different times. The short story, started hitting the ball in the fall of 2009 at a nearby range after buying clubs online, no woods just irons. My goal was simple, try to hit the ball well enough to work my way onto a par 3 course to start. Watched all the familiar shows, the golf fix and some games, read as many books as I could get my hands on and watched some golf tournaments on tv focusing on specific elements of the swing one at a time. I am a fast learner in all things especially sports but decided after a while I needed lessons, at 60 years old how much time did I have to play around afterall, so I started with a nearby instructor one lesson a week and practiced this lesson once maybe twice a week. I was able to migrate onto the par 3 by late summer 2010 and tried a local full course late fall 2010 and had some fun, lost a lot of balls and had a lot to work on, left the driver out of the bag and worked mostly on my irons and an occasional 3 wood shot if I could keep it on the course. tore up my right knee in jan 2011 and needed surgery fall of 2011 so no golf that year. Came back in the lwinter of 2012 with just putting and chipping as per doc and at that point realized that no matter how many shots it takes to get to the green you have to be able to put it in the hole so worked alot on putting. Got back onto the par 3 early spring of 2012 and onto a regular course summer of 2012. My simple goal for this game was to have fun and not hold anyone up on a regular course, and have worked hard, changed instructors, changed to better clubs and now every once during the year break 90, shoot mostly in the low 90's and keep it mostly in the fairways with all clubs including driver, play about 4 different courses thru the year. Am I having fun.heck yes.....do I love the challenge, heck yes....Do I still need work, absolutely.......... would like to shoot in the 80s mostly and every once in a while in the 90's. I work on putting in doors over the winters and still take some lessons during the year. May the journey never end........................
  2. It would be easy for me to identify my two favorite owned cars: 1970 Plymonth "Cuda" 340 cu in with pistol grip shifter and 1971 BMW 2002. two different types of cars for sure, but if it had to go down to my favorite it would have to be the BMW, a great package combo of handling and performance especially for a 4 banger, from the days when you could buy one new for $3750 man do I miss those days............
  3. sportsnut

    Big Break NFL

    gezz who picks out the clothes for Michele (I think thats her name one of the hosts), that was one of the worst outfits I've seen in a while. also looked like doleman had to eat some healthy portions of humble pie, he was the worst.
  4. I played as long as possible last year since I was only playing 3 years at that point and wanted to get as much packed into the year as possible. will not do that again, frost delays, sitting around the clubhouse waiting to play, hitting onto frozen greens and watching balls bounce high and far after hitting the green, too many lost balls, not much similarity to the game so that will be my last year doing that, this year back to trap over the winter becasue I like to keep busy over the whole year and there are other things one can do and have fun. But thats me and to each his own.
  5. sportsnut

    Big Break NFL

    The best comment in this weeks show IMHO came from Oren IMHO, "Next Competition I'm showing up in a really tight and bright outfit to play golf and its gonna be real tight cause obviously it works" some outfit that Z wears they are so tight you cant miss the balls she has in her back pocket!!!!
  6. I think I overdosed on Holly, now i just focus on certain of her attributes, I mean certain parts of her show, I mean you know what i mean!!!
  7. I found a srixon soft feel during my last round played and put it in play about mid round. I was surprised at how much I liked the ball, it was cold and windy out but the ball had good distance and a nice feel to it! dont normally use found balls I have more than enough new, but since i had never seen one before I decided to give it a try, it's ended up on my short list of balls to try next year along with the trispeed.
  8. sportsnut

    Big Break NFL

    jury is still out on this one for me, but a couple of things noticed - Brians temper seems off and running hotter and quicker which is very tiring, Meghan seems worse, Z seems better and Oren seems to be putting worst, maybe because hes not anchoring which I didnt notice till it was mentioned here, and Chad is still Chad which is painfull to watch. Sasquaths ball striking not what i remembered seems to be off a tad.
  9. I wear prescription glasses and will wear sunglasses all day when the sun is strong and out all the time, do not like to switch back and forth
  10. Well I tried these today, good off the driver, irons and putter. good distance and fly nice I was very impressed with how they played, helped me shoot 86 IMHO, worth the price.
  11. I tried them and did not like them very much. there are better buys out there, as mentioned rockbottom and budget golf have good prices for very decent golf balls IMHO
  12. I also had never gripped a putter before I tried it. everything worked out fine just took my time and double checked the grip with the putter face against a wall to verify a straight correctly aligned grip.
  13. I would say you have to ask yourself " Do I need that kind of attention". The range I go to is muncipal and they have a nice putting and pitching area that not only do you not have to pay to use but if i want to just go one afternoon and just practice putting no one cares, its available for use. Some ranges frown on that you did not pay for any range balls and are using their practice area for putting and chipping, and I get that. They are in business to provide you with a practice area and earn some kind of living. I always look at buying range balls as part of package deal. JMHO
  14. Having grown up in da bronx loving the game during the days of mantle, maris, berra, ford my top 5 most hated teams are: 1-Yankees 2-Yankees 3-Yankees 4-Yankees 5-Yankees 6-New England Patriots a close 7th after these past 3 years or so and after the Brett Favre year (some time ago now), their most recent clown years with the Sanchez and Ryan show followed by Tebow last year (has much more to do with the Jets than Tebow I actually wish they had left the man alone since they did not have their act together at all) and the infamous butt fumble the.................................... 7-New York Jets
  15. I have 2 bushnell gps's one for my travel and one for my regular bag, imho unless you are that good and accurate with aproach shots. and/or play tournament level golf front / middle / back of green is enough for most applications, for courses with lateral water hazards that I walk I load the updated gps info from igolf and away I go. personally I think gps is quicker and pace friendly as you can get a feel for the distance as you walk or ride to your ball. The only times I overshoot the runway its not because of wrong gps readings, its either a thin shot or too much of a swing for the distance, but that is the indian not the arrow or gps unit.
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