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  1. pratice pratice pratice learn to hit the wedges you have i carry a 60 but only use it for when i short side my self or the pin is in the front of the green 8 paces or less
  2. i would hit a strong 3w if i could find one in left handed
  3. read the book fat to skinny or go to their web site fattoskinny.com
  4. played in one scranble where the winning score was 49 second was 50
  5. the tour striker would greatly help my son hes in 7th grade and is wanting to play on his high school golf team and the tour striker would help tremendously BTW hes left handed
  6. less money in your pocket
  7. lets see dec 31st being in AZ has its perks
  8. when i was playing in austrila the driving range didnt have range balls you had to hit your own and pick them up
  9. One big difference between dieting and eating right is portions . When people diet, they tend to cut carbs out, fats, sugars, and certain beverages. When people eat right they just use portion control, and don't worry so much about excluding different foods.
  10. to all of you telling him to DIET that is NOT the key its called portion control dieting is for short term fix and they are BAD for you go see your Doc and tell him what you want to do and work on a nutrition plan with him professional help is the only way to go