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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Tippecanoe or The Trophy Club are open now.
  2. I haven't posted in a while and used the search function for some relatively good answers. However, I'm looking for something specific. I have a buddy from out of the country who is leaving in a couple of weeks, and want to play one more round before he leaves. Unfortunately, Chicago's weather is really cold and the nice courses aren't open yet (Thinking Thunderhawk up north or TPC Deere Run out west). We're trying to get a round in this coming Saturday, and I know that going a little south will give us warmer weather in Indiana. I'm thinking of Birck Boilermaker-Kampen. The weather's going to be decent, and it's not too far from the city. Are there any other recommendations for Indiana Golf (preferably Northern) that's open at this time of year? Thanks!
  3. Take a look at about :01-:02 in the first and second videos. Your backswing in your first video starts with all hands. Notice how your hands start and how the club kind of bows outward. I'm assuming that was a slice/fade or a straight pull. In both videos, the arms are doing way too much in your take away. However, the second swing looked much better! Try initiating your backswing with your upper body. My two cents.
  4. Find a song that has a similar tempo to your swing and play that in your head throughout the round.
  5. Are there any drills that I can do to stop my club head from flailing back causing it to point to the right of the target at the top of my swing?
  6. Thanks. This video was after a few adjustments I made from watching my first video of this practice session. I was hunched over, my chin was in my chest, and my hands were far from my body. This was the result. I might've exaggerated the fixes too much, but this video was the result. I also want to get my club to stay on plane in my back swing to get rid of my casting. Thanks for the comments!
  7. These are the things I'm working on: 1. This season, I've been dipping down a lot by taking deep divots, hitting behind the ball. 2. Consistent contact 3. Keep my hands in front of the ball on contact (instead of "scooping") 4. Cure my "casting" or out-to-in swing which results in either pulling way left, or a slice. 5. Basics (posture, shoulder turn, set-up) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Driver - 200 (factory refurbished) 3-wood - 100 (gift cards applied) Rescue - 100 Irons - 400 (used 9/10 condition) 50* - 30 (used) 54* - 30 (used) 58* - 30 (used) putter - 80 (used 9/10 condition) bag - 40 total - 1010 three years ago
  9. I was thinking a fade/slice as well. I couldn't see it in your approach swing (I'm guessing it faded), but your practice swing showed that you finished your swing low (it would've sliced). Both swings did not look the same. I'm guessing that you put either or on your approach. It looks like you have a over-the-top tendency. My guess would be to try to move your hands closer to your body. It looks like you're "reaching" out to the ball. That's from what I see, anyway. Good luck!
  10. I'll check out ebay. I would totally buy the 909h, but I just purchased the 909F2 last weekend. I might put my 3-iron back in the bag for now. Thanks again.
  11. I thought of re-shafting as well, but I think it would be the least cost effective way. I would want a stiffer, heavier shaft. I like the Voodoo shaft on my 3w.
  12. Thanks. Do you know the weight difference between the shafts? I think the Aldila Voodoo shaft is around 93 grams. I like my clubs on the heavier side. Let's just say that my bag is insanely heavy compared to others.
  13. I actually hit my Titleist 3W much more consistently than the TM hybrid. I have a natural fade in my swing, but the TM gives me a little draw sometimes. When I set up for the draw, I push-fade or slice the thing. I cannot get a consistent hit with the club. My ball striking is pretty good, it's just that my short game, especially my putting, sucks (over 36 putts/round).
  14. I hit my driver about 270 yds on average, and my 3W about 250 yds. I like the way my Titleist Woods feel, but my Taylor Made, though in a S-Flex, feels flimsy compared to the others. I'll hit it about 220-230 yds. But my confidence level is going way down on my TM. What club would you recommend to replace the Taylor Made, given my specs? Should I stay within the realm of a Hybrid?
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