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  1. If I can't find it I either a) play it as if it were a lateral if it were woods or b) drop a ball where I thought it went, take my penalty stroke, and move on. No point in holding up the foursome behind you on what is already probably a really long day.
  2. It's one of my life goals to retire early with 500+ acres in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky. And I'd put up a nine hole course (18 if finances allow). Nothing too drastically expensive, but a local track with good placement of sand traps and reasonably fast greens. I'd say tees from 2,500 to 3,500 yards (red, white and blue). Lots of risk-reward situations but nothing completely impossible or unreasonable. I'd want to it be tough but fair. Oh, did I mention a set of MP-67's, 2-PW, with Project Rifle X 6.0 shafts?
  3. 1) Yes. The layout is difficult but not impossible - a winning score of -1 and the player's aren't complaining too much. An excellent balance. And it's the US Open. Our Open. And I like the 18 hole playoff much, much more than any of the other tournaments. 2) I wanted to see Rocco win, but to watch Tiger win with a busted knee is pretty impressive, regardless of whether you like the guy or not. 3) Pelz - Can't say as much about him as I'd like. He's got some good research into the short game though. 4) Harmon - Playing it safe isn't Phil's game. He flies by the seat of his pants and t
  4. I also ditto that. Besides, that's an extra 50 pounds you're not hauling around on a daily basis, which saves gas.
  5. Never up, never in. (That also applies to another fact of life...)
  6. I voted Vice City Stories, but I have a better idea. Buy a case of beer.
  7. I'm jumping in on this a bit late, but here goes. I think they were in the wrong at first, especially by playing slowly and not having the decent etiquette to let the faster player through (skill is irrelevant--I've seen bad slow golfers and good slow golfers, and vice versa). You were in the wrong to simply launch one over their heads - did you ask them if you could play through? If they refused then I say fire away, because they're just being complete jerks. (That statement is only assuming that the course has a pussified ranger who's more like a public relations guy. Or no ranger at all.) I
  8. I selected "Driving" and "Long irons" because my favorite shot (read: one I screw up the least on) is a 2 iron off the tee, especially on a tight driving hole when a longer club could go God knows where into some serious trouble. The driver itself, while there's nothing quite like hitting a ball 300+ down the middle with a little draw, there's also nothing quite like ruining your entire day, score-wise, before you even get a ball in play. And I don't trust the 2 iron off the grass. Just off the tee for me.
  9. I'd love it if a course got everybody's butt in a cart. As in, a cart for every golfer. Consider this: After getting the tee time, you wait 20-30 minutes for your turn to tee off with three or four groups ahead. You and I are in a cart, and two of our buddies are in another. You pull-hook one about 310 down the left, and I hit a weak slice about 200 into the garbage on the right. (Or vice-versa.) Meanwhile, the other two guys in our foursome have done the same thing. So all day long we're driving zigzags across the entire course chasing down each other's golf balls, and in the time it takes
  10. I wouldn't say "hate" but Tiger's caddy has a serious attitude problem. In fact, so does Tiger. As someone said before golf is about entertainment, not letting out a string of words that would make even me proud while on camera (he leads the tour in fines for dropping the F-bomb on live TV). Everyone gets mad at themselves about the game and we all have the same problem, but keep a lid on it. After all you're on national TV.
  11. lamebums - 90 Dent - 92 srjorion - 93 bFlat450- 94 Craig Mac - 94 BritBoy - 95 Bump-n-MI - 96 blurry - 96 ERC7.5-97 bogeyhitter25 - 98 underparnv - 98 Cizzle - 99 x-forged- 100 michaeljames92 - 100 Pinseeker81 - 101 AceDunk - 101 i-Guy - 102 Wisco-Kid - 103 MCRhea - 103 Klew - 104 rudygu - 104 harrinjj - 104 GoingfortheGreen - 105 Rusty2228 - 106 geezer -107 JeffG - 107 mphsglf - 107 Wilsh99-108 Alex B - 108 AmenCorner 108 iacas - 109 BigAl5150 - 109 Finn07 - 109 Leonardite - 110 Atltony - 111 Rx Phoenix - 112 Three Putt - 112 TheGolfingDetective - 113 Gol
  12. I don't care what I wear. As long as it isn't too constricting. Most often it's just a t-shirt with shorts, jeans and a wind breaker if it's cold outside. In other words, the same way the $20 hack weekend golfer looks like. I've found that nine out of ten guys who look really good, professionally dressed with shiny new clubs and balls can't golf worth a ****. They'll act like a big shot, try to give me all sorts of pointers and stuff, then challenge me to a bet, and I'll make a lot of money. I don't look good on paper but I'd probably take down 95 out of 100 people who play out there witho
  13. 44 on nine holes, with a big fat nine on the last hole, a par 5.
  14. I'm not 100% on this, but I believe the Tour only measures driving distance on two or three holes a round. And if they hit an iron off the tee, that's counted in the driving distance.
  15. I get one of those holes every so often, especially if I'm cruising right along with a string of pars. It'll often happen so quickly that I don't even have a chance to even go into damage limitation. Usually where I play, that means shanking a ball into the woods, or a huge slice (or duck-hook) off the tee which goes OB or hopelessly gone in the woods. Thing is, once I'm racking up a big number, my heart's no longer in for the hole. I just want to get out of there, since it's going to be an ESC 7 anyway. (This is a major problem I have, because bad play then spills over to the next hole, and
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