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  1. I'm not selling anything on my site. As for revealing what Greg has taught me, I don;t really feel that is an option. Moe made Greg promise to not reveal his information as long as he was alive. Greg kept his promise. I will trust his judgement on dishing it out. That's what Moe wanted and told Greg so. He sat in the wings for years while the so-called experts rattled on and on about Moe's swing, without the faintest clue what they were talking about.It wouldn't take you 20 years to learn Moe's swing. I spent almost 6 years working on it because that's how careful the information was revealed to me. I believe the average golf would benefit very quickly. As a side comment,you could have just as well asked the question "why aren't more people copying Ben Hogan's swing". This is regarded as "the" best swing ever, but not one person since Hogan's day has been able to accurately reproduce it. Why? If it's so good why doesn't every instructor teach it and every professional copy it. It's because Hogan didn't tell anyone. He took his knowledge with him. The golf guru's will argue forever what and how he did it. They can't even agree. The difference is that Moe did tell someone. Again,I'm not trying to sell you anything. I am just letting know about my journey and that I believe if the information Greg has revealed is put into practice, it will change the game. Remember that the conventional golf instructors have had a hundred years to figure it out and the average HDCP has not dropped by a single stroke. You simply can't fix something that bad. Give Moe's method a try. I promise you great things will happen to your game.
  2. The answer is very simple.Moe Norman revealed his swing method to only one person during his lifetime. Greg Lavern. It would be impossible to copy Moe's swing unless you fully understood exactly what he was doing and thinking. Since Moe became popular to the general public around 20 years ago, the so called golf guru's have thrown out their theories and interpretations on what he was doing. Any fool can see that he stood with a wide stance and reached for the ball, but beyond that, it was 100% speculation....all of it wrong. Their is only one way you could possibly understand Moe's swing and that is to be in it. Why I say that is because for more than 5 years I have dedicated myself to learn the swing Moe used in his early years. Not that half backswing, 65 year old swing that is the general depiction of Moe Norman. Do you look at the Nicklaus swing when he was 65 and say that is a good representation of how he swung the golf club in his prime. Of course not. The swing Moe taught Greg for almost two decades and the swing that Greg taught me is completely different in every respect to what is being pedaled today.
  3. If you are a fan of Moe Norman or want to find out how to strike the ball "pure" as Moe called it, then this book is for you. It gives a great history of the long relationship between Moe and his only true friend and student Greg Lavern. In it, Greg reveals to all of us the mechanics of the swing, Moe taught him and him alone over the many years they spent together. This information is truly game changing. Enjoy.
  4. Moe Norman's secret is very simple. He understood his golf swing better than any other person living or dead. His understanding of what was required to strike a golf ball "PURE" was absolute and unparalleled. Just because he didn't share his knowledge with the general public, it became common thinking that Moe was unable to explain his method. He simply wasn't going to just give away, what he alone, had the brains and determination to figure out. The good news for all of us is that Moe did share his swing secrets with one young Canadian club pro. Greg Lavern won the lottery when Moe took him under his wing and mentored and taught him for more that a decade. Greg recently released his book "Finish to the Sky". Do yourself a favor and pick it up. You will learn exactly what Moe taught him during their many years together. Its simply amazing stuff.
  5. leftofmoe

    Moe Norman

    The book is finally out!!!! For any Moe Norman fan or any golfer, this is going to be the best golf book you will ever read. http://www.therealmoenorman.com
  6. No contest. Jack by a mile. Look what happens when these guys revert to a softer ball to hold the greens with V grooves. They hit the driver all over the map. Jack used a ball that spun much more but could still hit it 300 down the middle. If jack was given the modern ball he would have won 30 majors.
  7. I think the best shot from my last round was my opening Tee shot. 310 dead center.
  8. Well, it was a month back, but I shot 75 with 3-3 putts.
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