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  1. They can't leave cause it's gated parking lot. Someone has to lock the gate after I leave.
  2. I can't hit both but my 3-5wood is so crazy. why is it more diffcult to play 3wood than a driver?
  3. I like to play golf during late twilight for $22. Starts at 5pm. Question is, it doesn't get dark after 9pm around 9:20pm is when you can't see but It seems like everyone leaves before 8:20pm. I don't want to be the only guy staying up till 9pm. Do you think I shouldn't care even if I'm the only car in the parking lot? Last two times I finished around 8:30pm I was the last car and it was still bright! I asked what time they closed and he said "whenever it gets dark..... well it gets dark AFTER 9pm. I enjoy playing sunset so I want to play till 9pm :D
  4. The class I was referring to was musical and yes I did advance to the advance class. Even the most talented people struggle, tiger, rory, sergio and so on. Ofcourse I struggled with golf. It is the most difficult thing I have ever tried. I don't have exact date but I do plan on turning pro, I just need to work on my short game a bit more. Everyone needs to practice... all I'm saying is it doesn't take 10,000hrs to be good at something when you have talent. Yes, anyone can improve grammar, math, cooking, social skills....... but compare to people who are naturally good with numbers or an
  5. practice 3times per week. Hit about 2-3 medium buckets each visit. I get holes in my fingers and not in the palm area. I was just complaining so manufacturers could read this and make the gloves more durable.
  6. "200hrs to realize who have talent"........... LOL. It doesn't even take 5hours to see who have raw talent. I remember as a kid taking classes and in 2-3 session you could tell who was the top 3 out of whole class. By end of the year I was so ahead of everyone so I was put in more advance class. 10,000 is a JOKE. People are dumb thinking if they spend 10,000hrs they will achieve something. Anyone who spends 10k hrs doing something they're good at will go somewhere but it doesn't take 10k hrs to get to professional level if you have talent. I honestly spend about 1,400hrs playing golf and I'm a
  7. I like having soft hands. I guess 6weeks ain't so bad.
  8. that theory is bs though. if everyone spend 10,000 at the gym could we all be professional bodybuilders? I Haven't even spend half of 10,000hrs and planning on turning pro. It's all about talent.... Even if he makes it, he chose something he was interested in. How about letting the users choose which profession to master to prove that theory. This has nothing to do with theory, he's just a guy wanting to turn pro and milking every penny. GOOD FOR HIM.
  9. I replace my gloves every 6weeks or so. I get a hole in the exact same spot. Why don't they make these more durable?
  10. I'll learn it if the job requires it. I like golf! IT I just don't care for, I see it as a job that pays the bill. I'm going back to school next year or going to get certificate and find me a job
  11. Posting in a thread about computers/IT that you know nothing about. Are you stupid? why are you posting in my thread? Yeah because you sure know what it takes to be a professional golfer. I never said I was stupid, reported you for calling me stupid. How does it feel that no matter how hard you practice golf you'll never beat this stupid guy. Getting beat by a stupid guy. what does that make you? a retard? never said I was giving up. Just need a career since there's no guaranteed of me turning pro anytime soon. I'm unhappy with my situation and I want to
  12. like I said I don't really want to join the AF. You take the ASVAB and they choose the field. You have no idea how long you'll be working or what you'll be doing. I can't join anyway.... I'm positive I rather get a degree and work in a office.
  13. That's why I chose golf. I know I'm talented but I'm having some serious doubt. When your hitting balls couple hrs a day for couple yrs it's no longer enjoyable. it sucks when your not where you want to be. only military I would join is air force and I already looked into it a year ago. I can't join and to be honest I don't wanna join. I know couple network admin who tells me they don't usually do anything unless the network goes down or they have project to do. Project which they are given 6-8weeks that doesn't take that much time. Just wanted to make sure if that was tr
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