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  1. Dolch: Justin Thomas’ f-bomb outbursts are becoming too much Justin Thomas is a model citizen and a world-class golfer. The best in the world, according to last week’s rankings. At 27, he already has won 13 PGA Tour titles, a major (2017 PGA Championship) a … Hard pass on this being a "problem."
  2. This thread typically gets started one way or another, so I may as well start it here. When you play a round of golf, pop open this thread and add a comment. Tell us your score, tell us how you played, and so on. I'll kick it off... Today I shot what would have been about a 78 or a 79 at my home course. Tough to say since I didn't putt (I gave myself two putts on all but three holes where I'd stuffed it within 5 feet - any missed I'd have made there I figure would have been balanced out by the five putts I had from 5-10 feet). Temporary greens, you see. A week ago we had a foot or two of snow. Today it was 40-45 degrees and the ground was soggy, but very little snow existed. I was one of about ten golfers out there. The lack of much wind was nice - 45 degree weather plays about a club shorter. I'll write more later. Gonna post a picture or two from my camera phone. Note: this thread should contain only posts about your score. No replies, please!
  3. I'm hitting a ton of pulls. When I hit full shots which isn't that often. Mostly I'm just doing those half swings. I have 2 questions: 1 - My LEFT forearm is starting to hurt all the time. I would think the new grip would make might RIGHT forearm hurt, but it doesn't. I guess that's a statement not a question. But it leads to my next question. 2 - How's my grip. I ask because when I look at picks of myself the down the line looks pretty similar to what I've been seeing for a long time. But my Caddie view looks like there's tremendous tilt in my shoulders. I assume that's because with my new grip and my trail hand being more "under the club" it pulls the right shoulder down at set up. Does my grip look okay? Then how about the rest of my set up? My right shoulder feels like its super low.
  4. Day 5: 15 mins half swings with a 7I, trying to focus on weight forward, especially on downswing. I have an in-built habit of lurching onto my back foot... which I'm trying to reprogram. I found my low point control was difficult, and my brain worries about hitting the ground at all, which contributes to the weight forward problem.
  5. Or does it just look cool? im old school, keep the ball as close to ground as possible and rolling on the green as soon as possible. That’s more accurate and better control than a 100 yard approach shot flying 100 feet high, if there’s water or a bunker in front of the green that’s different, I dont even own a hybrid or a lofted wedge! Old school!
  6. I’ll explain the title. In the final round of a major, or any tournament for that matter, what do y’all think is the maximum number of strokes a player can trail by and still say they have a chance? My dad and I were discussing this earlier. I told him that I thought three strokes behind is the furthest you can be and still have a realistic chance. Four or five behind means you still have a chance, but you need to go low in the final round. Six is on the outside looking in, and more than that is, realistically, out of it, although I’ve heard final round comeback stories from as far back as ten strokes. So what do y’all think about this? I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.
  7. Day 5: still sticking with my primary focus of getting to a good position at the top but today I added on of the weight forward drills (placing a second ball about my foot length behind the ball and slightly closer to me). I had an aha moment watching video of my practice. It seemed I was getting to a good position at the top (I think) but this still caused me to have a severe over the top that had been going away. I noticed that my first move is forward and down towards the ball and I started focusing more on making that first move feel balanced and fully towards the target while keeping my head behind the ball. I practiced some more swings without the second ball. The result was some of the best swings I’ve seen without my head going down and very close to on plane. I think I am close to being able to post a progress video in my swing thread.
  8. Maybe it’s just me but there’s things on tour that drives me nuts, like pga live at the end of the round on Sunday with 2 golfers tied and 2 holes to play says coverage has ended or pga tour live not covering the majors! But thier ads say subscribe and “never miss a shot”! caddies constantly uncovering and covering clubs, and what’s the deal with a cover for the putter? It’s practically indestructible! Or on a par 3 handing the golfer a putter on the tee? and these crazy putter grips, brysons long handle putter? Lefties? There always on the wrong side of the ball, and dropping from the knee is so gay looking? And pink clothes? That’s a violation of man law! Yes wear the stupid pink ribbon to show you really care, “they really don’t” about Breast cancer! Or whatever cause they have pretend to believe in this week! But don’t wear pink clothes, and ugly caps, shoes etc! And marking the ball when your within 5 inches of the cup? Just tap out! Get it over with! Or the guy that has a two foot put and has to pull out and consult the book? Crazy Maybe it’s just me!
  9. Yesterday I hit a beautiful sand wedge into a par 5 and it is obvious that it will be stiff for a birdie. But it bounces a foot from the hole, hits the pin, bouncing 12 feet away. I miss the putt, make par and half the hole. Very next hole, my opponent and I are both about 15 yards short of the green. I hit a great pitch to five feet. My opponent totally bones his pitch and it's headed off the back of the green. But it bounces once and flies in the cup for a birdie. My putt doesn't even matter now. I hate when that happens. Anyone else got one?
  10. My Dad showed me this video: The presenter argues for "pushing off" from the back foot, using legs and glutes. What are folks' thoughts about this? I instinctively didn't like it, because I've been taught "hips tucked", with the rear foot banking rather than pushing off.
  11. No that wouldn’t change it at all, in fact that is basically exactly what happened. The kid was doing his own thing prepping for the shot and did not have anything to do with the caddy (caddie??) doing what he did. Whoever originally saw him do it called it quickly before the kid had any idea what has happening. I believe that it’s explained that the caddy is simply an extension of the player so communication between them does not matter. Speaking of noticing, if you watch it, you can tell that Bones realizes the mistake as it’s happening because he has an awkward pause mid sentence right as the guy does it. You know as a pro caddy, his mind is going “uh, oh shit, did he really just do that???” Edit: that doesn’t show up on Dans video above, it picks up right after what I described happening, Justin Leonard is already talking.
  12. Justin Thomas is the world's best player and is competing at the highest level. He's a fully grown adult male. There's your context. Oh brother. Not the spitting take(s) again… I don't agree that swearing ≠ unprofessional within the context of a high-level sporting event. He isn't playing a high-level sporting event. I'll be honest: there are some students with whom I'll swear a little, and some with whom I don't. It's never out of frustration, but sometimes I'll be like "man you hit that one like shit!" (often sarcastically when they've finally done as I've asked and are staring in awe at their shot). The actual cursing isn't "unprofessional" (nor is it "professional") — it's just a word. Like you said, you have to consider the context, and the person in that case wouldn't down-grade me for saying that. I don't down-grade JT for saying it, either. In fact, I think a bit more highly of him. I like seeing who people are, I don't like robots. I'm not offended by someone saying "f***." Swearing ≠ "unprofessional" in all contexts. Athletes shouldn't be role models for how they are as people. They can be role models to show that hard work can pay off (i.e. JT has worked hard at his game for 20+ years, and he's now the top-ranked player in the world), but they're just human beings. They're not inherently better than anyone else at being a person. I might go so far as to say you're failing as a parent if you think that PGA Tour players should be role models as human beings. Arnie cheated on Winnie, Tour players cheat on their wives all the time. Several do drugs. Many drink excessively, many are assholes, many are selfish, some are even Ian Poulter. And like someone said, they'll hear 10x worse on the school bus than an adult occasionally saying "f***" on the air of a PGA Tour event. Let's not bring up the spitting stuff again please. Swearing does not show a "lack of control." Parent your children, then. Heck, my wife and I actively encouraged our kid to learn to swear. They're gonna do it; may as well do it properly. Done properly, swearing can play an important role. Especially in golf. Better she learn to practice it and get good at it rather than f***ing it all up trying to hide it and never getting to practice it. 🙂 That has more to do with the FCC and the wusses out there who are offended than anything else. They don't really care. The site automatically censors the words. I can remove the filters if I want, but because everyone knows what is still actually being said… who cares? It's like… why have an "Explicit" podcast if you can just bleep out a few words now and then; the adults still know you said "f***ing Jason Day" but the podcast doesn't get limited to a smaller audience. Cursing ≠ professional. Nearly every professional athlete curses. Period. It's not just a game for them. It's their livelihood, and so very nearly is life and death. It's what they've given 10 hours a day for 20+ years of their life to. Why? Because you said so? Maybe they should just say "f***!" as loud as they can, and that's the most effective way for them to relieve some stress. If parents are stopping their kids from watching the PGA Tour because of swearing, those are some f***ing sheltered kids, lemme tell you that. No. Goes way too far. Bullshit. Also, maybe people can work harder at not being offended by everything? You didn't look very hard. Cursing can be good for your health — here's when to let that four-letter word slip Go ahead and let that four letter word slip. Here are five scenarios where you should channel your inner sailor. You're in the wrong here on that one. Hell, even Bobby Jones (about throwing clubs) said something like "Some emotions cannot be endured with the club still in your hands." Who has said JT drops it "repeatedly"? Again why does swearing mean "your emotions take control of you?" 3) Stop being so offended by f***ing swearing. 🙂
  13. It drives me nuts to see a pro hit a ball 4 feet past the hole on a 4 or 5 foot putt! Have they never heard of “die at the hole”? I know there’s a novel theory these days about putting 18 inches past the hole, but I’m old school and follow Harvey Penick’s putting style, “die at the hole” It means the back of the hole! The ball should run out of energy at the back of the cup and never run past it! This style causes more balls to fall in the cup even from the side if your off line than any other style! Thats my experience playing and watching golf every week.
  14. Hello fellow golf enthusiasts. I'm Trevor, a relatively new golfer who has become addicted to this great sport, and I've been working really hard the past few months to improve my game and become more technically sound in all aspects. I'll be updating this thread along the way as I journey toward becoming a better golfer. In the past week I've just recently switched from a 10 finger baseball grip to a more conventional overlap and I love it so far. I think I'm starting to get the hands working together as a unit and as a result I think my mis-hit numbers have been falling pretty quickly. This shot was from a par 4 where I decided to tee up with my 3w that I'm in love with (especially when compared to my decade+ old driver with almost no grip left which will soon be replaced). So here's a video from earlier today with the 3 wood off of the tee. I've been hitting the range a lot and I think it is showing? Here's what I'm noticing: firstly, my grip doesn't look great but I think a big part of it is how incredibly far in front of my stance the ball is and in response how I address the ball. To that effect I think my back angle at the start of the stroke isn't great since I'm leaning forward pretty heavily which I believe starts a lot of the weight on the front foot. This probably inhibits good weight transfer. I will probably start having the ball slightly farther back in my stance. Thank you very much for any comments/critiques and happy golfing! I've been Playing Golf for: a few months My current handicap index or average score is: low 100's My typical ball flight is: high / fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: a weird one where with my driver I actually hit the ground like a full foot before the ball. Videos:
  15. The rear foot and leg does almost nothing in the golf swing. It's extended, so it can't "push." If you look at just about any good golf swing, the trail leg regains flex early in the downswing. The opposite of "pushing." The core can move your hips forward a bit. Maybe your glutes (though probably not because, again, you're regaining flexion)… So, not a fan of this video. It's not what actually happens in the golf swing.
  16. I am not saying we should expect perfection or for everyone to sound like they came out of the "Good old days". My initial post included "we need to consider context and frequency." I'm not sure how often Justin curses and that is not relevant to my opinion. My opinion is on overall usage and if it becomes "Routine". Many a golfer, at any level, will occasionally curse (myself included). The the issue I have is if it become normal for them and at what point does it begin to hurt the ability to grow the game. One dropped F-bomb on occasion I have no problem with, but if it is happening frequently then I have the issue. I realize that is a fine line and hard to define but all I am saying is they should try not to make it a habit, try to understand it may offend some people and try not to be the guy known for dropping the F-bomb.
  17. Maybe in your mind, but maybe not in Justin's mind. His mind is not yours. I learned how to curse from adults. So, I would say i was behaving like an adult. They didn't have to, but I am sure they were trained to do so. Just because they did doesn't mean Justin was out of line. So you want robots with no personality on the course? Honestly, I never got the opinion you are presenting here. Also, there are plenty of professions that are way more meaningful than street gang punk and cursing is all over the place. Please don't generalize. For some athletes it is life and death. Read Andre Agassi's book. He had nothing but Tennis. Not saying it is prevalent, but i am sure that there are people who would struggle greatly to make a living if they were not playing a sport. It happens all the time in the NFL. How often does Justin actually curse? Is it after every bad shot? If it's two to three times a round, so what? I bet you want everyone to sound like Matt Kuchar, "Oh dangit Matty!" It's fine for him, but it would super annoying if every golfer sounded like Kuchar. Again, it's not Justin's fault the announcers feel like like they need to apologize. The announcers have their standards (not necessarily correct) versus Justin. Maybe they need lighten up?
  18. Yeah, this area is sloped from front to back so that could be something. These are also some of my first attempts at adding flow and feeling the lead foot pressure spike trigger so I think it's more likely I'm just overdoing it a bit. I do really like how the trail hip is loading and how it looks at A4 in these swings so I'm glad I devoted even a little bit of time to it. I think working a little bit on flow pairs well with the lesson at the outing in that it is crucial towards developing a more aggressive and athletic swing. I'm going to get another net session in today and get back to the soft lead knee feeling/bump in transition. This was my key feel from my lesson, so it's really no surprise that it's what I need to be focusing on. I think the softer lead knee + the bump is precisely what allowed me to work down to the ball a bit more. I just need to reign myself in a bit and focus on what the golf professional, @iacas, taught me. Hmmmm, who would've thought... In the near future I'm looking at a few purchases, which are: Evolvr subscription (will probably do this in the next week or so), SuperSpeed set, and potentially a Mevo.
  19. Hover your club a foot off the ground. Swing back, taking your hands higher up (left shoulder down, right shoulder up, hands go back and up). Swing down and out to the right.
  20. Sorry for asking dumb questions, but I have no shame 😉 Can I just clarify what you mean here? "a foot off the ground" -- I take this to mean imagine the ball is on a 12 inch high tee "higher up" -- relative to what? I think you mean start the swing hovering 12 inches above the ground, but I am not sure what higher up means - relatively higher than the backswing? "and then out to the right -- I think I understand out to the right - I can imagine that by thinking of the vision track thing. But "and then" suggests that there was a preliminary swing that wasn't out to the right. Do you mean first swing straight along the target line, like croquet? Again - sorry for not quite understanding, but I figure better to ask the questions than get it wrong, or suffer in silence!
  21. You've got your work cut out for you. Make swings a foot off the ground trying to swing higher up and back and then out to the right.
  22. I'm going to say it isn't a problem in and of itself. For example, I don't think they need to go to Justin, or whomever, and ask them to stop swearing. Having, typed that, I wouldn't mind at all if the broadcast had a person with the button to "drop" the curse word. Not "Beep" it mind you. I've always thought "beeping" it makes it worse. It seems to draw attention to it. I prefer when they "drop" it. They just put in a little natural background noise in place of it. For me, I'd prefer that. But, again, I wouldn't say it's a "problem" if they do nothing about it.
  23. New practice setup: starting getting an alignment stick between my legs to constantly be cognizant of ball position. I think I've been hiding behind the crutch of a back ball position for a little bit of time especially when I get on the course. I want to be forced to get more weight and pressure forward. The one ball on the left of the alignment stick is a rough reference point for an appropriate lateral shift away from the target (1-2 inches). The two balls on the right are a rough reference point for appropriate lateral shift towards the target (4 inches or so). These are mainly reference points to give a bit more data when doing video analysis. Swing setup: slightly wider. This felt good. I also need to be getting into a more neutral spine position. I have a little bit of a forward press that I'm not a huge fan of. This should help with my upper body lateral shift towards the target being a little less extreme. A little bit of focus on that with these new swings but not too much. The main piece and feel I was working on here was the lead foot pressure spike that is beginning to serve as my swing trigger. This seems to be a popular swing trigger, and I can see why. Other than that, I was also working on the look/loading of the trail hip. I wasn't a fan of how my right leg looked at the top of the backswing in my last video (didn't seem to lose much flex), and I think I did a bit of a better job with that here. It looks much more in line with a few low handicapper/pro swings I've taken a look at.
  24. So I spent yesterday morning watching through the video content on key 1 - steady head. I did a bunch of slow practice swings in front of a mirror, to A3, watching my shoulder and hip and head. I'll try to get some video on this, but at present I'd say I get good shoulder and hip rotation on the backswing, and my head stays pretty still. I did the "coke bottle" drill, albeit without hitting a ball, but with shadow swings, and my focus stayed on the front of the bottle. I also watched the first of the covid training plan to validate my setup. My grip is as described - in fact from day one I learned to take my grip in the air, and check I can support the club with my index finger and heel pad. I noticed my setup tends to be a good inch or more space than a thumbs up from my belt. And my trail arm is definitely not soft - it's straight and tense! I went onto the left hand and right hand hinges, and again, they feel pretty ok. I then played the front nine, with my partner as supporter / caddie / cameraperson. She managed to take some videos of various swings. Here is the first! I then loaded it into Analyzr and had a play. I'm a bit slow at using it, but I plan to write up my observations, but first things first, here we are, in all its horror. Have a guess what happened to this shot?
  25. I've got an idea, and I'd like buy-in from a good number of people here. I'd like people to commit to doing this every day in April. Since we're all stuck inside (not all, and not literally inside 24/7, but you get the drift), I thought we could use this time to go through a 30-day practice plan. Specifically, my idea is this: Every day I'll produce a video showing you something to practice for five minutes. I'll post the video in the morning. I'd like everyone to practice that for five minutes, in your home, that day. I'd like everyone to post that they did it, and what they thought about it, and if possible a video of themselves doing the drill or game or whatever. I have got a few good ideas for the first four or five days, and will talk with @mvmac and some other guys about what we can do on different days. Some will be putting, short game, full swing… but all will be a drill you can do in just five minutes. They may not be something you specifically need to do, but since rehearsing good moves is a good thing, I'll again ask that everyone sign up and do it. I'm making this a challenge, so anyone who can do 28+ of the 30 daily drills will earn the badge at the end of the month. I'll keep the drills simple - you won't need to visit a range or even necessarily hit a golf ball (the putting things may involve an actual golf ball), so everyone can do them. Why? Again, if we're gonna be stuck inside, or at home, we can at least do some things to improve our golf. It'll help stave off boredom (for me as much as y'all) and give us something to do together. Post below if you're in, and on April 1, I'll post the first video. (Hint: it's gonna be about the first part of the backswing. 🙂) Index: Day 01 - Early Backswing Day 02 - Shoulder Pitch Day 03 - Trail Elbow at A4 Day 04 - Lead Wrist Conditions Day 05 - Delivering the Clubhead Day 06 - Chipping (Leading Edge) Day 07 - Pitching (Sole or "Glide") Day 08 - Putting (Rhythm, Tempo, and Sticks) Day 09 - Snapping Sticks Day 10 - Full Swing Flow Day 11 - Putting Pendulum Day 12 - Trail Arm Throwing Day 13 - High Pitches and Flops Day 14 - Eye-Hand-Club Coordination Day 15 - Putting "Bead" Work Day 16 - Double Stork Drill Day 17 - Double Noodle Drill Day 18 - Swing Path Gate Drill Day 19 - Trail Side Band Pull Day 20 - Lead Arm Throwing Day 21 - Low Point Control Day 22 - Proper Setup Day 23 - Pre- and Post-Shot Routine Day 24 - Trail Arm Pitching Day 25 - Sequencing Drills Day 26 - Turn, Tilt, Extend Day 27 - Early Extension Day 28 - Advanced Shoulder Tilts Day 29 - Advanced Stick Work Day 30 - Swing Mapping
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