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Found 8 results

  1. Having a little issue with video just take frame but frame looking for some advice. Trying to stop lifting my hands at the top and stop the over the top! I've been Playing Golf for: 25years My current handicap index or average score is: 7 GHIN My typical ball flight is: left to right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice my irons
  2. New to the forums and any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm about a 15 handicapper and I've always struggled with slicing my driver. My irons go pretty straight and I can even manage a draw sometimes, but my driver is almost always a slice. At one point, I managed to make it into a nice power fade with good distance, but these days, it's a slice and I lose tons of distance. I know my problem is coming over the top and not rotating my arms enough to square the face, but I've never been able to get rid of it. Recently, I've had a little success with trying to keep my back toward
  3. I've only been playing golf for 2 years but fell in love with the game from the beginning and have put in over 550 hours of practice and many lessons. My goal is to have a fundamental and consistent golf swing. I shoot in the low 90s. My short game is pretty good, but I gain a lot of extra strokes getting to the green, especially off the tee. I know that I take the club to the inside during the takeaway and I hate it. I then come over the top of that plane in the downswing. My current goal is to be on plane during the takeaway. Because of the inside takeaway, I think I also get stuck on t
  4. Hi all, ive post another my swing vid as again I'm massively struggling with the worst shot on golf no matter what I do how I swing it's straight off hosle even with driver it's really pushing me to give up when I'm on I strike as good as any low handicapper is there any solid drill to get rid of this I'm desperate now all advice appreciated thanks??
  5. Since i started playing golf my shot shape has always been left to right, at first it was a major slice but gradually straightened it out a bit. However no matter what i do i cant stop coming OTT, takeaway is good and position at the top of the backswing is good but as soon as i start the downswing i come over the top everytime. A straight drive for me is still about a 10yard fade but a bad one can be a massive slice, when i do try to swing inside out on the ball it hits the hosel and goes about 20yards to the left. What can i do to correct this?
  6. Well I have the disease... Cast out over the top slice divot and nice looking fade.. It's not a 30 yard slice or anything.. Driver around 15 yards on a bad swing.. Few yards on short irons if I don't hit it well. An maybe 5-10 with long irons.. My handicap is a now a 8 and I manage my way around the course with my little slice.. I just would like to see consistency with the driver... More like a 5-10 yard fade. Any thoughts on fixing the over the top motion?
  7. I have been struggling with an over the top swing since i started golfing last year. I had been to a few instructors but the last one i saw really helped me understand it. He put my swing on video and walked me through what i was doing wrong and how to fix it (i think it helped more because i am a very visual person). I know changing a swing plane is one of the toughest things to do in golf but this is definitely frustrating. I feel like i am more comfortable with my wedges up till my 6 iron with this new swing....but when it comes to the hybrids and woods i feel like i fall inbetween my n
  8. Hi There! I guess this has been asked on numerous occasions but I'd like to ask what are the best drills for getting rid of an over the top swing, I attack from the outside and want to swing more from the inside. Also, what are the best training aids for this problem? Is the inside approach worthwhile-or will a box/piece of wood do the trick? Are there any good instruction web sites articles on this swing fault? what has worked for you guys? My divots point well left. I hit the occasional shank and sometimes a pull hook, or a push slice. My quality of strike depends so much o
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