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  1. In 1958, Arnold Palmer hit his ball over the 12th green in the final round at Augusta National in the Masters. His ball was half embedded, and he asked the walking official for a ruling as he felt he should get a free drop. The free drop was denied. He played out the hole, making a 5, and then, with a defiant attitude, dropped his ball near where it had been embedded and played out the hole again, making a 3 this time. The 3 was upheld, and Arnold Palmer won his first major and first Masters. Ken Venturi was pissed about it. Not because he disagreed that Arnie wasn't entitled to free relief. He was. But because Arnie played a shot with his ball (four, actually) before invoking 3-3: his right to play a second ball.* * It was 11-5 in 1958, I believe: http://www.ruleshistory.com/rules1956.html#11 . Rule 3-3 - http://www.usga.org/rules/rules-and-decisions.html#!rule-03,3-3 a. Procedure for Competitor In stroke play only, if a competitor is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole, he may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. To proceed under this Rule, he must decide to play two balls after the doubtful situation has arisen and before taking further action (e.g., making a stroke at the original ball). The competitor should announce to his marker or a fellow-competitor: that he intends to play two balls; and which ball he wishes to count if the Rules permit the procedure used for that ball. Before returning his score card, the competitor must report the facts of the situation to the Committee. If he fails to do so, he is disqualified. If the competitor has taken further action before deciding to play two balls, he has not proceeded under Rule 3-3 and the score with the original ball counts. The competitor incurs no penalty for playing the second ball. The red part is important. You don't get to decide, after the fact, that you want to try that all again because maybe the committee will rule in your favor about something that happened four shots ago. Just an FYI, should you ever need to invoke 3-3.
  2. The line of scrimmage for extra-point tries will stay at the 15-yard line. Offensive and defensive play callers can communicate directly with players, whether or not they’re upstairs in the coaches’ booth. All chop blocks are illegal. A player who is penalized twice in one game for certain types of unsportsmanlike conduct fouls can be ejected. One year only. The horse collar rule was expanded to include when a defender grabs the jersey at the name plate or above and pulls a runner toward the ground. The spot after a touchback is now the 25-yard line. One year only. There will now be a foul called for delay of game when a team attempts to call a timeout when it is not permitted to do so. No more 5-yard penalty for an eligible receiver illegally touching a forward pass after being out of bounds and re-establishing himself inbounds. Makes it a loss of down. No more multiple spots of enforcement for a double foul after a change of possession. I bolded what I thought were the bigger ones. The NFL is basically trying to eliminate running the ball back, and may be on the path toward eliminating kickoffs altogether.
  3. I could have sworn that, when I was younger, the Rules of Golf specified that a flagstick could only be, say, 0.75 inches in diameter for the bottom 8 inches of the flagstick or something like that (I made the actual inch measurements up), but I now believe my memory is wrong on that, as I can't find anything on ruleshistory.com to support that. In fact, the Rules do not have a maximum flagstick diameter, so in reality you could have a flagstick that's so thick (say, 3 inches) that a ball will NOT fit between it and the cup. Just an odd little quirk. Think about it. You could legally make a flagstick, and hold a valid competition that's supported by the USGA and your local golf association (or the R&A and such), where a ball could never be chipped in, putted in from off the green, holed out for eagle or albatross, etc. Weird.
  4. Many years ago I played a team match format on an odd day. The bunkers were full of casual water, sometimes six inches or so deep. We were only told to re tee if we could not rake it out or certain it was in. A playing compeitior teed off and it clearly went in, he could not rake it out but was entitled relief. I hit next and since it was hazy I could not see my ball land, one competitor thought he saw it hit the bunker. It was possible my ball went into the casual water, but it may have bounced out of the bunker, or landed just beyond the bunker, and into tall grass. We could not find the ball in grass, so I believed it was also in the water. Due to the weather I did not put up much of a fight and ran back to re tee and made a nice round ruining 8. Perhaps I should've called for an official but in the cold and pouring rain I decided to just get on with it. I believe the competitor was right in any case. I think if I am certain it is in the casual water, and my competitor disagrees, it goes to any other competitor or spectator, and then the committee must rule. Now that I see Justin Rose having to re tee because he cannot climb a tree to identify his ball, I am wondering if you must also find a ball when in casual water, bunker or otherwise.
  5. alleztom

    Drop Zone

    I've had a look on the forums and so far I've not found an answer to this. Scenario as follows, par 5 hole dog legs hard left (about 80*), with water on the right and a hill and tree on the inside corner of the dog leg. If you hit in the water on the right there is a drop zone, as designated by the committee in accordance with the rules of golf. The drop zone does not give you a look around the corner of the hill, so there is an advantage of dropping on a particular side of the drop zone (ie as far down the hole as possible) in order to give the best angle around the tree/hill. My question is what are the rules for dropping in a drop zone? Does the ball need to strike the ground inside the DZ? Not roll outside it? Not roll more than 2 club lengths (I assume it's 2 because it's dropping with a penalty for going in the water)? Haven't found an answer anywhere, looking forward to the sage counsel of TST.
  6. In talking with @david_wedzik this morning about a chapter in Lowest Score Wins, I pointed out to him that you could not take an unplayable ball in a bunker and drop within two club lengths or on a line back from the hole to escape the bunker. He was surprised by this, and in thinking about it, it struck neither of us as "right" given the other Rules of Golf. This, I quickly decided (and I may rethink it later, but for now I'm sticking to it and arguing this point), is the one Rule of Golf I would change. Why, should a bunker penalize a player more than a water hazard? I'm aware of the fact that you can play a ball out of a bunker virtually every time, and 98% of the time out of a hazard you can't even find your ball without scuba gear and a few free hours - I'm talking about when you choose to take a penalty stroke. So imagine this. I have a bunch of little bushes. Next to them I have a small creek. Next to that, I have a bunker. Three players tee off and each hits a ball into the bushes, the creek, or the bunker. Each decides to take a penalty stroke and drop back, in the fairway, on the line from the hole through their ball. Except the guy in the bunker doesn't get to do it. If he is a poor bunker player, under the Rules of Golf, he could quite literally never get out unless he opts to re-play his tee shot (stroke and distance), effectively a two-stroke penalty while the other players only suffer a one-stroke penalty. It's still early, and I'd love to hear opposition to this, but I'm seriously considering petitioning the USGA to change this rule. I realize that bunkers are not "through the green," but all it would take is the removal of the bolded lines here: Just remove that paragraph. What's the harm? Bunkers suck. Most players will continue to play out of them most of the time, but if your ball buries under the lip and you want to take an unplayable, why should you be penalized MORE than if your ball buries in the mud of a creek in a water hazard by having to play from the hazard again?
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