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Found 6 results

  1. Distance control is an "athletic" thing for most golfers. Unless you're Bryson DeChambeau, who knows that a 12" backstroke makes the ball go 15.739 feet (or whatever), players tend to putt best when they tap into their athleticism. That's why studies will point out how golfers putting from 25+ feet with their eyes looking at the hole often have better distance control (even though they slightly mishit some putts) than golfers looking down at the ball. Combine both: do what Tiger Woods learned to do from his dad. When taking his last look at the hole, he'd take a mental "snapshot" - a picture - of the hole, the green between him and the hole, his putt. Then, when he looks down at the ball, he sees the ball but he also sees the "photo" and then, per his dad's instructions, he "putts into the picture." I do this, and almost always have, even though when I started playing golf it didn't have a "title."
  2. In another topic, the idea that the arms contribute (significantly) to clubhead speed was discussed. Some feel the arms are "passive" or exert no "effort" while others feel they are anything but passive and exert a great amount of effort. The video and the discussion below is meant to continue that conversation. Is this scientific? No. Am I able to do each of the three variations perfectly? No, but I tried as hard as I could, and was completely willing for the "turn only" swings to demonstrate a higher speed than they got (and, TBH, I was surprised at how much speed I could generate with just the arms). Does it make clear that the arms contribute (and significantly so) to clubhead speed with a golf club? I think so, yeah. I tried my best to make three different kinds of swings: All arms, and not an exaggerated one, but one where the left arm goes across the chest, the right elbow folds to about 90°, the wrists hinge a normal amount, etc. Very little to no torso rotation. Speeds were 87 to 102, with a 100 and a 95 on the "short" swing thrown in at the end. Body turn only. I tried to go 90°, and then to pivot as hard as I normally would. The wrists, due to the acceleration of the pivot, do "load" slightly, but I got speeds of 52 MPH, 63 MPH, and 59 MPH. Body turn only with loaded arms. I tried to let my arms be "loose" here and you can see that they lag well behind - the left arm stays loaded across the chest, the right elbow gets pushed behind the shirt seam, etc. Speeds were 63 MPH, 66 MPH, and 74 MPH when I turned well beyond the 90° that I'd normally turn. Bonus of "wrists only" showing about 44 and 45 MPH. For the purposes of this and any similar discussion, unless otherwise noted, I consider the wrists part of the arms, just like I consider the muscles that move the arms to be part of the "arms." Again, these aren't "additive." I don't swing 100 MPH + 66 MPH because I use my arms AND rotate my body. But I do think this video demonstrates that the arms "do" things in the golf swing. That they're a key and significant source of power and speed. That, quite often in my teaching, I have to tell someone to "swing their arms down faster," because they aren't doing enough with their arms: And yes, there are times when the body lags (though quite often when the body isn't working properly, it's because the player needs more time to drop the clubhead down or they'd just wipe across it… so they stall out so they have a chance of hitting it a little more from the inside than they otherwise could) and I have to teach them to swing with their body more. Those times are much more rare, though, in my experience. I put two other golfers through the same tests. The third golfer kept rotating even when he was just trying to do the arms thing, and when he did the arms thing, he was much slower than I was. He was still faster than his body rotation only motion, but because he also bent his elbows during that drill, I can't really vouch for any of his results as they were not very well done. The second golfer swung with the arms only test in the mid 80s. With the body turn only, he was in the upper 60s. So, closer than I was. The loose arms and turning only was about the same as his arms only - mid 80s. This golfer, I would suggest, derives more of his speed from his rotation than I do, but the arms alone were still the highest speeds, so they still contribute quite a bit to even his swing. Now, there are golfers out there and worse yet, instructors out there teaching that the arms do nothing on the downswing. That they just get dragged along by the body's rotation, that they're "passive" and that the arms are not supplying any "effort". I've seen a bunch of actual scientific studies which show the folly in that line of thinking. Heck, consider a kinematic sequence - each segment further out accelerates and reaches a peak speed later than the segment prior. If you truly just moved your arms to the top, and then just spun your body… your arms would lag WAY behind. Kinda like this: On the left, one of my attempts at using just my arms. On the right, my attempt to make a normal backswing and then swing down with just my body. Guess which was faster? The left, by a lot. This isn't "proof" and it's not scientific. I'm sure I didn't do any of the things I attempted to do perfectly. However, I do feel that this illustrates just how much speed the arms alone can generate. Now… Here's what I'd like: try to swing each of the three ways yourself: Only arms (in front of you, no turning). Body turning only (backswing and downswing). Body turning only (downswing only). Report back. Have a friend record you (because he can also tell you whether you cheated and turned when you weren't supposed to, for example).
  3. I'm not sure I agree. It's differences in green speeds that affects people more. If your typical muni stimps 8.5, the golfer who is used to that will struggle when they play somewhere where the green stumps 11. But the reverse is true, as well. People used to 11-12 are going to struggle when they play an 8 green. Tour players complain when the greens are slow (sometimes we see this with American players at the British Open, for example). It's not just Tour players who play fast greens. Most of the private clubs I have played at have faster greens (though my munis are actually pretty good TBH) and the members of those clubs would be used to that speed. You don't just automatically become a better putter because the green is slower. You'll under-hit your speed and over-read breaks until you adjust. False
  4. I have been playing golf for about 5 years now but never really invested time into equipment or training but that has all changed. I got a deal on basically mint JPX 800 pro clubs with KBS Tour X shafts. I had my swing speed clocked around 110 at about 90% effort so I was told the X shafts would work for me but I have some worries. The other day on the range I was hitting shots at about 70% effort which I was spreading the ball (slice/hook/fat) but when I bumped up the effort to 90% I was hitting straight screamers that had penetrating flight with fades. Obviously distances between the 2 efforts were incredibly different (50+ yrds) as well. My worry: at 70% I felt more in control of my swing and more consistent with my technique but at 90% I felt that though I maintained my technique I had little control/stability; yet the ball flight was the complete opposite for the 2 efforts. Was this due to the shaft stiffness and slowing my swing down or was trying to slow my swing down throwing off my timing/ tempo causing my troubles? Or is this just a simple case of needing my practice so that I become comfortable swinging my club at 90% effort? What should I do?
  5. Hello everyone, Im new to these forums. Little bit about myself......haven't been playing golf consistently for very long(sixth time at the range in about 3 years) but iv. I went to the range today and a lady had a trackman setup. Asked her if I could try it out and she was hesitant at first(was wearing gym shorts and shirt) but she agreed. I only got 1 swing in but it felt great even though i have been hitting the same driver(cobra ss 350) since highschool....currently 28yr. Anyways after looking at the numbers she was pretty surprised and told me my swing is very fast. A pro instructor came over and looked at the numbers and explain with a correct fitting and updated drive I could hit it 300+ no problem. My question for you all is what driver would fit best?
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