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Found 15 results

  1. I played my 1st big Charity Golf Tournament today in Dodge City, Kansas. ( Maraiah Hills ) 36 teams of 4 with a shotgun start. It was a 4 man scramble. We finished 8 under with a 63. The winner was a 55 with 16 under. We did, however, finish in the bottom of the Championship Flight. It was a blast. I managed to play very well by keeping my ball in the fairway and letting the others go for longer drives. I also made two birdie putts. We were Doing very well until we stopped for lunch and lost our momentum. It was a blast. I still came away with several freebie gifts. Looking forward to doing it again. Retired Old Man
  2. Hey folks. I am organizing the third S.H.I.T. (slice and hook invitational tournament). It is an 18 hole scramble format, and I am looking for input. Last time we got together, we had a new face, and he is much better than the rest of the golfers. Nice guy, he is just a 3 handicap or something. His team won by 7 strokes. I want to introduce some rules to curb his advantage. The format this time will probably be 3-somes, 15-20 players. I am thinking about simply requiring that each player's drive be used at least twice per nine holes or that the player whose drive is selected can not hit the next shot (maybe both of these?). My fear is that any more will mean annoying record-keeping and diminish the fun. If you have experience with this, what has worked for you? BTW, the date is Feb 23, venue pending. It is a very low-key, fun-oriented, beer-optional affair. At the moment we have room for two more. If you are interested, private message me.
  3. Hello, Is Golf Channel Amateur Champ a good start for beginners? What other (Big, Good, prestigious) tournaments should be a good start?
  4. My golf foursome has been playing together for years (20+). We are in desperate need of a season scoring system, so that we can look back on the season and determine who holds the Golfer of the Year bragging rights. We don't handicap our rounds, as we are all about the same level. We are trying to come up with a system that awards points to individual golfers, so that at the end of the season, we can tally the points and crown the GOTY. We would like the system to take the following into account; 1. Rank for the day (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) 2. Course difficulty (a 79 at an easy course, should not be awarded the same as an 84 at a much more difficult course) 3. Actual score (Is winning by 1 with a score of 99 the same as beating the same guy by 12 with an 88?) 4. Season scoring average 5. Absent golfers (today we only assess points when EVERYONE is there. We had one guy not show up for 3 weeks... should the rest of us not be able to obtain points because of it?) 6. We would also like points given for our "achievements"... e.g. three birdies in a round, the most pars, etc. 7. Any other aspect that would help us improve, and just not award points for winning... e.g. I won, but shot a 102. Just wondering if any weekend group has come up with a scoring system that might accomplish these aspects! Please share. I am tired of spending the winter with each guy trying to make a case for GOTY, only cherry picking the data that helps them do it. Looking forward to ANY input. Thanks!!!!
  5. I have been silent for a bit on this blog. Time to start blathering again. A new tournament season is rapidly approaching for our club-without-real estate. 2018 will be my first season as Handicap Chairman after serving a few years on the committee. We play a 15-event net tournament season so the Handicap Chairman is a somewhat thankless job. There is always a vocal group that believes every winner is a sandbagger and successful players yap about the downward handicap adjustments we dole out. One big happy family! I just got off the phone with one of our members who has been quite vocal about all the sandbaggers shooting net 64 when he has the same index and can barely break 72 on a net basis. I pointed out to him that at our 3-day Club Championship in 2016, he shot a net 64, 79 and 63 and won his Flight. Yes, he had a tough 2017. It was, however, a result of his poor play rather than his fellow flight competitors consistently shooting net 64. Sometimes facts overcome emotions. Our biggest challenge over the years has been to slow down members who, for whatever reason, become overly successful. No one wants to see the same handful of members at the top of every tournament and the final season standings. Generally, the use of handicaps should serve to level the playing field and no one should regularly beat their handicap, with a few exceptions (e.g. a rapidly improving player or a player who has been injured and now is healthy). We have resorted to a number of modifications to our tournament handicapping. I have previously described our Knuth Tournament Point System. In addition to that we have begun to use solely “T” scores in the computation of our tournament handicaps. We do not adjust a member’s GHIN index, just his index for our events. Unfortunately, our use of only “T” scores has its own set of problems. Some of our members only play 4-5 “T” rounds a year. A “T-only” index might use scores going back 4+ years. We are vigilant to members whose games have declined and give them an upward adjustment to keep them somewhat competitive. This year we have 24 new members. Fortunately, only a handful have no scoring history with the Golf Association of Michigan. For those members who are a blank slate, we usually call them and discuss their game. Do they have a league handicap? What was their best round last year (where and what tee)? What is their average score and what score would usually make them happy? We occasionally make an error, like with “J.B.” a few years ago. J.B. was a self-estimated “8.0” index and he won the first event's A flight by 6 shots with a net 64 (74 gross; 71.1/140 rating; 2.3 differential). Of course, that could have been J.B.’s personal best round but it seemed a prudent idea to make an adjustment in his 8.0 tournament index going forward. With a bit of luck this year, we will have a different group atop the flight leader boards each tournament. If we don’t, our committee is ready.
  6. In Lowest Score Wins, we recommend that golfers play from the forward tees in order to experience "breaking 80" for the first time, or shooting 65, or having more birdie putts than they've ever had, or whatever. This year, in 2016, we're taking it one step farther: we're encouraging everyone here to work with the head honcho* at your home course (or, if you play multiple courses, the head honcho at each of them!) and to set up a serious "Forward Tees Tournament." * "Head Honcho" simply means "whoever is in charge of or capable of setting up tournaments at your course." A Forward Tees Tournament (FTT) will be: FUN! Enlightening Unique Challenging I'll give anyone who creates and/or participates in a FTT this year the special achievement/award seen to the left. Anyone with this award will be entered to win a TST prize to be determined at the end of the year (and I'll do my best to make it a fairly good prize, but that shouldn't be the main reason why anyone should do this). You can play: With or without handicaps. With or without brackets/divisions/flights. Stroke play or match play. 18, 27, 36, 54+ holes. One day, two days, three days. No scrambles, please. Consider events in which players play their own ball. Etc. I think golfers will love playing in this type of tournament. I think it will challenge them to think about how they play and score. I think it will result in faster play, more fun, more birdies, more chances to hit 7-iron into par fives and feel like a Tour player for once, and… lower scores (or higher scores for the dumb players!). So there you have it. What can you do from here? Pledge here in this thread to talk to your head honcho. Recruit your buddies and local golfers to play in your event. Work with your head honcho to make the event a success. Play in the event! Post here after your tournament has been played to claim your super-exclusive award/achievement! I'm in. I'll be doing this, hopefully at multiple courses this year. Are you?
  7. Birdies - For me, a golf round never seems very satisfying unless it includes a birdie. My 8-10 handicap certainly attests to the fact that I am no birdie machine but somewhere around 2/3’s of my rounds have an under-par hole. When I am headed to a mediocre score, a birdie at least gives me one hole where I can say I managed to get things right. When I pitch a shutout, it hurts a little. Birds - Speaking of birds, parrots and parakeets often escape from their owners. In Florida, they actually stand a decent chance of surviving. A lone tree on the left of the 3rd hole of the TPC Prestancia (Sarasota, FL) became a haven for many a pet bird on the lam. It became known as the “Parrot Tree.” Any time I played that hole, the racket created by all the birds was amazing. I never heard any English spoken but there was one parrot with a pretty good Spanish vocabulary. I have no idea what it was saying; perhaps that is a good thing. It is surprising that the birds didn’t learn to cuss, what with all the bad examples playing golf nearby. And while we are on the subject of birds, I still don’t really know how to tell an anhinga apart from a cormorant. Both birds are commonly found around golf course water hazards and to my untrained eye, they look remarkably similar. Wind - Ever had a round where it seems like every hole was into the wind? We recently played in Texas and while I am sure there were a few holes where the wind was helping, everyone agreed that well more than half the holes had the wind in our face or quartering into us. I think courses designed for carts are more prone to this. A walking course must allow a certain amount of “out and back.” When everyone is in carts, it is possible to have three holes going east to west and then include a west to east cart ride back to around the starting point. I am sure course designers work to prevent this but there are always days where every long par 4 seemingly is against the wind. Tournament Handicap Index – Our club is going to institute a “Tournament Handicap Index” this year for club tournaments. Our software vendor can extract all “T” scores posted by our members over the past 2 years. In most instances, all the “T” scores will be from our own events as few members play outside tournaments. We know the “T” differentials reported for our events are correct because we post the scores for the members. Our handicap committee will no longer need to badger members to post outside rounds or harp on “ESC”. Our sole concern will be to monitor non-club “T” scores and develop fair temporary indexes for new members. It will be interesting to see how this change affects the results.
  8. Hello all, I am here to ask for some advice on conducting a golf tournament. We are conducting this tournament for the first time in our club, so I am not really sure about the game, and its rules. We are planning to give cash prizes, and planning to get the trophies and awards for the winners. It would be great if anyone could give me a quick update on how to start planning things. Also, I would like to know more about the game. Thanks for helping.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I am new to both this site, and game of golf as I only picked up a club for the first time 6 and a half months ago. I believe I belong to a small group of gifted golfers, as I have a 4 handicap and am regularly just barely off of par on a par 72 course. (Yes I understand the claim I just made. No I am not a troll.) my goal is scratch or under by the 10 month mark, as it's currently below zero where I live which makes it difficult to get out and continue my progress. I am an extremely long ball hitter (at 6'5" 260 pounds and 24 years old) and regularly hit 300+ on my drives with a longest personal drive of about 340 yards, and start hitting my sand wedge at 150 yards. I believe I can make money playing golf in the near future (3-4 years hopefully), but how do I get to that point? My state doesn't have much for big amateur tournaments besides your average run of the mill club house scrambles and the like, and traveling to different states to play in amateur tourneys isn't much of a possibility right now. Any helpful tips or ideas are more than welcome. Thank you for your time.
  10. I just competed in my 26th consecutive City Championship (one year the tournament was not held as the course was undergoing renovation). It is a three-day stroke play tournament with the final day flighted (8 flights) based on the prior two days’ results. At no time during those 26 tournaments did I ever have a chance to win the championship; I continue to play as a challenge to myself. We get all kinds of players looking to see how they will do under three days of tournament pressure. This year’s winner, a former pro baseball pitcher, shot +3 over the three days (70/71/78). Last place was +91 (118/92/97). I finished in the middle of the 3rd flight (88/81/85). At nearly 64 I could be some of the entrant’s grandfather. As such, I had relatively modest goals: keep it under 90 every day, finish in the top half of the field, beat my two senior friends, Marty and Pat. I accomplished all my goals but not without some stressful moments during the opening round. My swing pretty much abandoned me on day one and I had to put up a furious rally on the last couple holes to scratch out some pars and finish a miserable 88. Pat decided the course/event was too tough and did not play this year. Marty and just over half of the field played shittier than I so my mission was accomplished. I am mildly disappointed in my play. I did not come close to my personal best in either a single round score (78) or total (240) from 2010. Oh well, there is always next year. A few observations: · We used to get much greater participation, 156 players in 3-somes going off 1 & 10 in a morning and afternoon wave. Plus, there was a waiting list. Now it is hard to get 100 players interested in competing. I suspect we have a few things at work here. First, our local newspaper stopped publishing 5-6 years ago. There was always a big spread on the tournament but now there is very little public information out there without actually going to the course or website. Second, younger players seem less interested in committing to the time it takes to play in a 3-day tournament. Last, there is more competition from “amateur tours.” Also the state association sponsors more events that are played on a “net” basis and are open to everyone. These events typically are 1 day so the commitment is not as great. · There are quite a few players out there that can really hit the ball, 300 yards and mostly straight. I need to figure out a way to squeeze a few more yards out of my game (without moving to AZ!). · Many players are clueless about even the most basic of Rules. I don’t understand why someone would enter a tournament and not know the most common Rules. One member of my threesome had no idea how to take a drop for an unplayable. He neither knew the difference between a water hazard and a lateral water hazard nor the options available for relief. This was not his first tournament; he had participated in another City’s championship for 10 years. One can only wonder what Rules he trampled in the past decade. · In golf nothing quite feels as good as playing well in the heat of competition. On the flip side, nothing is more agonizing than to see the stroke count keep going up as one collapses under competitive pressure.
  11. Hypothetically, a player in our club has failed to post scores from past Tournaments. He plays in events at two clubs and doesn't always post his tournament results from the "other" club. We post Tournament scores for our members to eliminate this potential issue. In 11 consecutive "net" events dating back to July, 2015, he has won his flight 5 times, come in second 5 times and placed 4th once. A flight typically has 20-30 players of similar handicap indexes (9.0 to 14.0). During this same time period, we have posted 5 scores for this player and he has posted 4 (one "T"). Nine rounds posted in a 12 month period. He failed to post 5 "T" scores in that time period. None of the scores he failed to post are exceptionally good but they are somewhat better than the 20 scores in his current handicap calculation. 1. Is there any conceivable way that record is possible without some degree of handicap manipulation? 2. What excuse, short of a claim of Alzheimers, would one accept for the failure to post? 3. What sort of penalty would be appropriate? I understand that some do not play in "net" events because of issues like this one. That is certainly a personal solution but not for this situation.
  12. So for the past two years I have started what I call the "Annual Cracked Open" where I get 12-20 friends together and we have a weekend of golf. We are, for the most part, based in the Southeast, and mainly in the NC and SC areas. The first year we had it at the Furman University Golf Club in Greenville, SC. Last year we played at Rocky River in Concord (right outside of Charlotte). So I am starting to brainstorm for next year's location and didn't know if you guys might have any ideas. Here are a few things to help with what we are looking for: 1) Fairly accessable for folks that live mostly in the Southeast, spread from Birmingham, to Atlanta, Greenville SC, Charlotte, and Charleston 2) We are all in our late 20s and consider this a weekend to get together and enjoy each other's company while also playing some golf, so locations that either have cabins or the like, or are near cities/towns with some good bars is a plus. 3) Pretty reasonable cost-wise. As much as I'd love to do a full weekend at Pinehurst or Harbor Towne, that just isn't in our wheelhouse just yet. Here are the locations I am currently thinking about: Athens, Savannah, Raleigh, Asheville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, or Myrtle Beach.
  13. Today was round 1 of my country club's match play and Arkansas Cup qualifier. Talk about an up and down kind of day. The match play is the top 4 golfers after two rounds per flight ( I'm T-3 after day 1), so I need to shoot a good score tomorrow. The Arkansas Cup qualifier is your best 3 rounds in Stable-ford after 7 qualifiers, but I only had 6 points today despite 4 birdies. Lipped out a 5ft putt on #9 for Birdie, so I think I played well, despite the 5 double bogies. Day 2 tomorrow. Here's to shooting something in the 70's!
  14. I just found out that the tournament I am playing in two weeks from now is sponsored by Maserati. That's not a big deal, what is a big deal is that the hole in one prize is going to be a Maserati Ghibli Q4. Are you kidding me? Entry fee into the tournament is a little over $50, what a deal.. The best part about it is that the hole in one prize is usually on the hole that I hit my one and only hole in one. Can I do it this time? Wouldn't that be something? I would just sell it, and take the cash! The tournament is going to be a two ball texas scramble, but I guess it doesn't really matter since the prize is an individual one (i.e. hole in one). Go ahead and share with us the best tournament prizes that you have played for? Was it a trip? Cash? Car?.. You can include the best thing you have won if you like!
  15. There's been a lot of talk around the golf world, and in other threads on here, about the eventual move to an International handicapping system. One that will, perhaps, meld some aspects of each the current separate ones. So us Americans might see a drop off in casual rounds counting (read: new rule discounting solo rounds), and thus handicaps might trend up, and those in other parts of the world might see the opposite effect. (The best part is that @Shorty will have one less thing about us sandbagging Americans to complain about. J/K buddy. ) So it got me to wondering what is everybody's current handicap most made up of, and consequently, how much do you think it might be affected in a few years when the changes (granted, we're just speculating what those will actually be so this is only a guess) are all in place? My current last 20 are made up of 5 Tournament rounds, 4 Home rounds, and 11 Away rounds. So where do you stand? Do you exclusive compete? Or are you just a weekend casual player at your home course? Or somewhere in between?
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