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  1. We'll get to "who will win" and all that stuff later on. You know, when it's actually 2019. What I'd like to talk about right now is who is going to the tournament? I have a specific reason for asking this year, because I'd like to go, and I'd like to take my daughter. PGA members (I am one) get in free, but I'm pretty sure they can't bring a child with them despite the Masters allowing children to attend free with an adult. The rub is that the adult has to have a badge. So, if any TST members are going Monday through Thursday (probably only through Thursday, as I'll want to drive back on Friday), a member I know a bit, who could take @NatalieB in with them… let's talk. Send me a PM or something. Otherwise, I may just have to leave her back at home, but I really think she'd enjoy it as well. And I'd enjoy it 3x as much getting to experience it with her the first time, together.
  2. Discuss Seven Days in Augusta by Mark Cannizzaro here.
  3. No sense in delaying… let's get right into it! Kickstarter of the Year I decided not to do Kickstarter of the Year this year because… the topics in the top ten and even the top 20 were either predictable (the majors, the Presidents Cup, the Tiger Master topic, etc.) or started by staff (Would You Rather…?, 5 Minutes Daily Practice, etc.). I will point out that the NCAA Football topic was fairly well populated, oldies but goodies like the Dress Codes topic were in the top 20, and a few others snuck up there. Let's revisit this in 2021. P.S. Unsurprisingly, the ranking order of the majors was… 2019 Masters, PGA, U.S. Open, and British Open. In order of the schedule. Rookie of the Year These members joined the site within the last month of 2018 or any time in 2019 and amassed the most reputation points while remaining in good standing throughout the year (only points earned in 2019 count). Just as you'd expect, of course! These members have a bright future ahead of themselves! Note: winning Rookie of the Year does not preclude you from also winning Member of the Year awards. It'd be like a rookie in a major sport also winning the MVP - it can happen. It just didn't happen this year… 😄 ROTY #3: TST's Bronze Rookie of the Year is… With 84 reputation points… @Bonvivant! This member joined TST at the late date of July 29, 2019! ROTY #2: TST's Silver Rookie of the Year is… With a grand total of 85 points, edging out the bronze finisher by one point, and having joined us early in 2019 on March 24… @FlyingAce! ROTY #1: TST's Gold Rookie of the Year is… With a whopping 115 reputation votes in total, a member who joined after Tiger won the Masters in 2019 (May 9), and a guy who is not Phil Mickelson… @leftybutnotPM! Congratulations! Now, it's on to the big one. The one we've all been waiting for. The… Member of the Year These members are the best of the best. They amassed the most reputation points during the calendar year 2019, and remained in good standing throughout the year. Their peers - you guys and gals - felt their posts were worthy of the most thanks, skins, fist bumps, high fives, or reputation, whatever you want to call it. These are the elite. The people who make insightful posts that help further the discussion… even if you disagree with them occasionally. Or frequently. Reminder: staff (me, @nevets88, @billchao, @NCGolfer, @boogielicious, @tristanhilton85, @mchepp, @georgep, @Pretzel, @Shindig, @mvmac, @RandallT, in no particular order) are ineligible for yearly awards, or we would have taken home some hardware here. But, moderating you fine folks is prize enough, and we thank you for your contributions to our community here! Without further ado… MOTY #3: TST's Bronze Member of the Year is… This member has a current content count of 4,630 and joined the site on January 14, 2015. He plays about as much golf as anyone here despite having a mostly full-time job, a wife, and enjoying traveling and meeting up with people. He's a two-time Newport Cup participant, and he's made the most of his 4600 posts, and rarely posts something which doesn't stop to make people think, whether you agree or disagree with him. He's been a single digit golfer for a while now, and racked up 438 reputation points during 2019, nearly doubling his 220 from 2018 (and our first repeat winner of the same award)… our bronze award winning Member of the Year is @DaveP043! MOTY #2: TST's Silver Member of the Year is… This member joined on November 3, 2008. He loves chippers, hates Tiger, loves the military, hates practicing, loves playing, hates losing, but loves gambling. He hasn't changed his profile picture since he joined the site, so far as anyone can recall. With 14,285 posts, and 592 reputation points earned in 2019 alone, the silver Member of the Year for 2019 is… @David in FL! MOTY #1: TST's Gold Member of the Year is… Now it's time for the big cheese. When this member isn't shanking the ball (or complaining about shanking the ball), he posts on TST with a little bit of attitude, which is fine. He's passionate about his golf, and he's a lifelong student of the game. He's bald, he joined the site one day after my birthday on March 24, 2014, and he's amassed 5,613 posts in his time here at TST. In 2019, this member blew away earned 2.19 points per day (for a total of 800 points). The best of the best of the best, the Rory McIlroy (?) of TST for 2019, the cream of the crop and our second repeat winner… @Vinsk!
  4. Well, there's that… and now that the final major is over (but there are still tournaments Tiger could win), let's get a start on looking at 2019. Vote in the poll above.
  5. Tiger signs as 'Playing Captain' in Prez Cup blog U.S. Presidents Cup captain Tiger Woods may have declared himself a captain's pick for the matches at Royal Melbourne. Hmmmm…
  6. Golf Stats of the Year: 2019 - 15th Club Though the year will historically be defined by one incredible week in April, 2019 featured an enormous array of statistical highlights in… @jamo has something to add to this one:
  7. Anonymous Pro Survey: Players' unfiltered takes on best, worst of PGA Tour In our latest Anonymous Pro Survey, 52 PGA Tour players spilled their opinions on Tiger, Trump, Brooks vs. Rory, best and worst courses and much more. Thoughts? For example, I think the first two questions were kinda funny. 🙂
  8. Like our 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 threads, here's the official thread for 2019! The rules are the same as they've been: Post your goals personal golf-related goals for 2019. Be specific and thorough. Elaborate on how you'll go about achieving these goals. Details, people! Post just once, though if you reach all of your goals, you should quote your post and revise them later in the year. And set harder goals next year. Keep the replies to a minimum. This thread is mostly for the posting of goals. If you want to encourage more discussion of your goals, post a copy of them in your Member Swing thread. If you're looking to recap your 2018 goals, that's over here in this topic. Let's hear 'em!
  9. Let's discuss the 2019 FedExCup playoffs. Will Tiger make it through to the end, increasing his chances of winning a limited-field event again to tie Sam Snead? Or was he done for the year after the Masters, basically? Who will win the $15M? Who will make the Presidents Cup team? Will Tiger choose himself to play?
  10. Here's how this will work. Copy and paste the text here between the lines, and fill out your guesses at who will win each of the six events listed: Players: Masters: PGA Championship: U.S. Open: British Open: FedExCup: Fill in the first and last name of the player who is going to win each event and put their winning score in parentheses. Like this: Tournament: John Doe (-18). If anyone gets all six correct… I'll see what we can arrange as a prize.
  11. As in 2017… @mvmac and I are going to use this topic to gather applications for the 2019 Newport Cup. Those of you with Newport Cup Candidate badges (and if you're interested, this year you can add your own… we just ask that you're below a 13.0 index, or will be), we've got another very simple video survey. As in 2017, the video helps us (and your prospective teammates!) not only put a face to your name, but to learn a bit more about you than what we can discern from a username, an avatar, and what you have to say in your posts. The questions are almost the same as last year. VLog a Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5. Talk as little or as much as you want. Narrate your strategy, describe the hole, tell us about your best shot ever there, whatever you like. The only requirement is that you Include your full pre-shot routine and the shot itself, but you can trim (or keep) anything else. Shoot from whatever angle you want, too, so long as we can see you the whole time. Pretend you just holed a bomb to win the Newport Cup for your team, and show us how you'd react: a fist pump, a leap into Poppy's pond… something. This was a bit of a dud in 2017… we want to see something entertaining! Play it up a little. It's all for fun. Why do you want and deserve to be chosen to play in the 2019 Newport Cup? (No more false modesty about how you don't "deserve it" but you "want it" - be bold and talk yourself up and tell us why we should pick you.) What is your best competitive golf memory? Your greatest sporting achievement? When did you join TST, why, and what have you enjoyed about it since joining the most? Tell us something about yourself that a prospective teammate or captain might not want to know. Who is the person on TST - regardless of location - you'd most like to have on your team? Who is the person you'd least like to face on the opposite team? (You must choose different people.) Why? If you had to invent a slogan or a team motto for your team (East or West), what would it be and why? If you were hosting the champions dinner at the next Newport Cup as the prior NC's MVP, what would be on the menu and why? Some basic rules: Production quality counts, but only for a little, and only to the point that it may demonstrate a little bit about how much you'd like to make the team. It's not a video production contest. Repeat the question (at least enough of it so we know what you're answering), then give your answer. Smile. These videos should be fun - to make, to view, etc. Be creative. So long as it's not offensive, have fun with it and be creative. Just because there's a list of questions up there doesn't mean you have to just repeat them and answer them. Have your wife interview you. Shoot it Barbara Walters style. Whatever tickles your fancy. Elaborate. Entertain us. Don't just say "I'd like to have so-and-so on my team because he's a good player" or "My best sporting achievement is when I won the city ping-pong championship in 2003. That was fun." Upload and embed. Upload your video to YouTube (or Vimeo) and embed it here in this topic. Make it unlisted if you want, that's fine. Title it something like "@iacas's 2019 Newport Cup Application Video." Other rules may follow if necessary. We'll append them to this first post. So… let's see 'em! Start planning and, for those of you with lower handicaps in particular, start filming your videos! Please also add (in text, to your post here) this information and anything else we may need to know: Shoe size(s) Shirt size(s) Pant size List the brand names for the sizes in case any adjustments need to be made. Note: Not listed here but very important is the amount an applicant posts here on TST. We want to get to know people before we meet them at the Newport Cup. That's part of what has made every prior Newport Cup so successful - we already felt like friends because we already were, and we'd gotten to know everyone already. Someone with only a few posts per week is unlikely to be chosen. And seriously, guys, do this ASAP. Teams will be chosen by mid August, so do not procrastinate.
  12. The 2019 Newport Cup Las Vegas, NV* So, just a quick note to say that @mvmac and I are looking at having the 2019 Newport Cup, a six-on-six Ryder Cup-style event in mid- to late-October, 2019 in or very near to Las Vegas, NV. Follow this topic if you'd like to stay apprised, and begin thinking of what you might say in your candidate video. * The event as a whole and the location are both tentative but likely at this point. All are encouraged to apply, but teams will likely still be comprised of 10 handicappers or less (it simply makes everything easier). While we'll encourage as many new players, we're not opposed to players making their second or third recent appearance. Costs will likely be the same as the last time - about $750-800 plus however you choose to get there. Regarding "goodies" we're not looking to top what we've done in the past, but Mike and I like goodies too. 🙂 Competition time frame is mid- to late-October, 2019, with teams chosen by mid-August. Format will likely be similar to 2017, with some small changes likely coming to the "Challenge Ball" idea. I may update this bullet list as I think of other things, or things change. That's all I have for now. You can't officially begin applying now, but you can denote your interest, and you can "follow" the topic so that you get instant updates. https://thesandtrap.com/newport-cup/ Edit: Add the appropriate "Candidate" badge/award to yourself here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/99617-2019-newport-cup/?do=findComment&comment=1421967 Thank you!
  13. But still have complexities. I noticed yesterday there is an illustration that indicates that a ball in the wall or face of a bunker is not in the bunker, but no clear discussion of what this means. To be clear, the illustration has the ball clearly in the sand of the bunker wall, not the grass/lip area,
  14. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization.html http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/text/an-overview-of-the-rules-modernization-initiative.html Now that the finalized 2019 rules are out, we'll use this topic to take over for the previous one, which was here: Here are the major changes: Ball at Rest Ball in Motion Taking Relief Areas of the Course Equipment Playing a Ball When to Play During a Round Player Behavior
  15. Seemed like we could use a thread for the Euro Tour, but not a thread every week. Anyway - I watched the end of the 3rd round of the Saudi International event. Haoton LI finished the round eagle/eagle; giving him 4 eagles for the day. 3 of them on par 4's, 2 of them chipping in. So his 62 puts him into a tie with DJ, going into tomorrow; that's a 62 with 2 birdies.
  16. The 2019 Rules of Golf were pitched to many as not only a “modernized” version of the Rules, but also a rules package that encouraged faster play AND were simpler. I don’t think they’re that much simpler. Nor can they be, really. A few of the disparate penalties were coalesced, others changed… otherwise, not much simpler. Again I don’t think they CAN be much simpler. The NFL still may not know what a catch or roughing the passer is, the NHL can’t define goaltender interference or “head shots” very well, etc. Rules are complex especially when you play such varied fields, formats, etc. as golf.
  17. Questions: 1) How many penalty strokes did this player incur in 2018? What are they? 2) How many penalty strokes would this player incur in 2019? What are they? Notes: Don't look at the answers before giving your own answer. Here (below) or on Twitter. I think that the drop he takes to start the sequence is allowed in 2018 (and 2019). I'm not sure why he's dropping, though; maybe the ball is embedded in a closely mown area? Every answer I've seen takes no issue with that part.
  18. https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2017/rules-modernization/downloadable-material/Certain Topics or Proposals Not Addressed in the Proposed New Rules of Golf for 2019.pdf That may be one of the easiest to read and best documents out there. It casually bats away a number of assorted complaints and things about "why didn't they change this" or "why can't I drop from a divot hole," etc. I encourage everyone to take ten minutes to read it.
  19. I've been Playing Golf for: most of my life My current handicap index or average score is: 1.4 Hey everyone, I am starting this thread primarily with the intention of updating my goals from the 'My 2019 Goals' thread. This is a cool way for me to document progress and share with all of you my progress on the 2019 goals. I read the instructions and it said to post continuing replies or updates to that thread here. Thats obviously the original goal post above. Basically to get my game down to the point where consistently my worst day is a 75 and when Im on its sub 70. Not quite there yet but very close!! Today I went and played 9 holes. (i actually played 12 holes because i missed a short putt on 9 for par and had a sour taste in my mouth so I wanted to close on a happy note if possible haha.) The goal for today was to hone in my longer clubs. what i mean by hone in is to get my shot dispersion tighter. My ball flight is always a falling or sliding to the left, little fades. so i tend to play it as such. 6 iron down I have a lovely amount of control. I haven't quite worked with the longer clubs yet on that, So that was one thing today. missed a few that were too far left for my liking. Its coming along, its about trusting that i am square and letting it fly. Which leads me to the next thing i was working on... ...ALIGNMENT. for a few rounds I was thinking i was square.. but i was in fact a hair closed with my feet, which compromised shot quality for sure. when this happens my shot results are never what i would like them to be... i might get away with it sometimes but its rarely a solid strike. when I'm square I'm loving life out there. Again, made progress on that today but still not automatic. But close. Thats basically the main course of my practice today. But always working on distance with the wedges, having a lot of fun with that. I eventually want to count on the fact that i will have 3 kick ins per round at anytime, Iron or wedge. Putting was just fine... right where it needs to be. ......I plan to update this with tournament progress and overall progression.... But I'm very easily distracted. ***I will be back to edit this and post a little clip of my swing a little later tonight, After all that is the main point of this thread. I just have to go have dinner I am super late for meeting a friend!
  20. Callaway Golf today officially announced their new Big Bertha Irons and Big Bertha Hybrids, which are available nationwide on January 18, 2019, and available for pre-order starting November 30th. Both are designed with advanced technologies to deliver long distance and easy launch. Big Bertha Irons Callaway is calling these their easiest to hit distance iron. They feature a new technology called the Suspended Energy Core, which they say is the engine of the Big Bertha Irons. Per Callaway: The Big Bertha Irons also feature the 360 Face Cup which combined with the Suspended Energy Core produce higher ball speeds and longer distance than the Big Bertha OS Irons. A stock set is 4-AW. MSRP will be $1,200 for steel and $1,300 for graphite. Big Bertha Hybrids Callaway's new hybrids will feature their Jailbreak technology with adjustability for the first time in a hybrid with a new OptiFit Hosel system. Per Callaway: The Big Bertha Hybrids are progressively shaped to be both appealing and forgiving, and are packed with high MOI technology. Hybrids are available 3H-8H. MSRP will be $269.99 per club.
  21. Greetings ... While the PGA Tour's 2018-19 season schedule is not yet available, there are indications that some events are getting moved, revamped or else put on the chopping block. Small hints of what may be coming are given in the following articles 2019 Schedule Could End Before Football - Rex Hoggard Golf Channel (2017) WGC-Bridgestone could leave Firestone after 2018 -- GolfNewsNet (2017) RE WGC Bridgestone leaving Firestone -- The word here is that as part renewing sponsorship of the FedEx Cup race, the FedEx company wants to upgrade the Memphis-St. Jude event to a WGC. Meanwhile, it is suggested that Bridgestone would give up the event at Firestone to sponsor an official PGA Tour event in Asia. In return, Firestone would get a Champions Tour event. If someone has more recent information about any 2018-19 schedule changes, please post here and include source links. Thanx-A-Lot
  22. The Midland Country Club will help the LPGA make history in 2019, providing the backdrop for the first official team event in the tour's history. The Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, a 72-hole team event, will become part of the LPGA tour July 17-20, 2019, at the Midland Country Club, LPGA officials announced Thursday at the Midland Country Club. Dow Chemical Company agreed to sponsor the event for its first five years. "Dow is a company about innovation, and they wanted to do something new and innovative," LPGA Chief Commercial Officer Jon Podany said. "There has been interest from the players to participate in a team event. They see the men on the PGA Tour playing in a team event and having fun doing it. "When Dow approached us about doing something unique, it was a natural fit." The stroke-play tournament will feature 72 two-player teams competing in both foursomes and four-ball for a $2 million purse. The format is similar to the one used in the Solheim Cup. LPGA golfers Juli Inkster, Katherine Kirk, Brittany Lincicome, Jenny Shin and Angel Yin helped make the announcement Thursday in Midland, holding a brief golf clinic before the press conference. "It's super exciting," Lincicome said. "We're thrilled this event is coming to the LPGA. Best ball is the easiest of the formats. Alternate shots are a little more difficult. My (Solheim Cup) captain Juli Inkster would tell me to stop saying sorry." The 2019 event is the first official team event in LPGA history, but the tour has included unofficial team events dating back to the Hot Springs 4-Ball Invitational (1955-58) and Women's World Cup of Golf (2000, 2005-08). The tour has partnered with PGA and PGA Tour Champions for the Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge (1992-2013) and Hyundai Team Matches (1994-97, 1999-2002). The tournament is the first Tour event at Midland Country Club, which was originally designed in 1928 by Gilbert Currie. It was redesigned in 1970 by Larry Packard, in 1990 by Jerry Matthews and in 2009 by Craig Schreiner. The LPGA has two other stops in the state with the Volvik Championship at the Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor (May 24-27 this year) and the Meijer Classic for Simply Give at Blythefield Country Club in Belmont (June 14-17).
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