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Found 7 results

  1. Matt Parziale has been celebrated a bit recently as an amateur… when really, the guy is a former (and failed, you could say) pro golfer who got his amateur status back. Many in golf feel that these "lapsed pros" shouldn't be able to get their amateur status back, or if they should, they should have to wait longer than a year or so. I don't really care too much myself, but I care enough to start the topic, and to discuss it. What do you think the rules for regaining your amateur status back should be? How long - or how much success - at being a pro should make you ineligible? Where do you draw the line between golf professionals and professional golfers? Just to give it a bit more space - so that people can enter their own posts instead of immediately debating whatever I end up posting as my take - I'm going to hold my take for a bit and just leave it as an open-ended question for now.
  2. PGA Tour Working On Program to Provide Access For College Stars | Golf Channel The PGA Tour might soon have a new feeder system – college golf. Two quotes stand out to me. … and… Making the leap from college to the pros often happens at a terrible time of year. Either you bail on your team mid-way through the season (in November or thereabouts), or you are stuck trying to make it as a pro with status on no Tour after the NCAA tournament in May.
  3. Section 3-2 of the Rules of Amateur Status says: 3-2. Prize Limits a. General An amateur golfer must not accept a prize (other than a symbolic prize) or prize voucher of retail value in excess of $750 or the equivalent, or such a lesser figure as may be decided by the Governing Body. This limit applies to the total prizes or prize vouchers received by an amateur golfer in any one competition or series of competitions. Exception: Hole-in-one prizes - see Rule 3-2b. Note 1: The prize limits apply to any form of golf competition, whether on a golf course, driving range or golf simulator, including nearest the hole and longest drive competitions. Note 2: The responsibility to prove the retail value of a particular prize rests with the Committee in charge of the competition. Note 3: It is recommended that the total value of prizes in a gross competition, or each division of a handicap competition, should not exceed twice the prescribed limit in an 18-hole competition, three times in a 36-hole competition, five times in a 54-hole competition and six times in a 72-hole competition. http://www.usga.org/rules/rules-of-amateur-status.html#!rule-03,3-2 Earlier today some of my students (aged 13-15) won a scramble tournament, which paid out in pro shop credit or something for about $100 each or something. They also got a skin on a hole, and thought they would get $240 ($60 each) in cash. They were stopped from accepting the cash value by a parent who knew of rule 3-2. Initially I thought that a skin might fall under the same type of ruling as a hole in one prize. It's also not like the tournament said "enter our event - first place is $700 cash!" But the rule only mentions hole in one prizes as the exception. It doesn't mention skins, and it specifically mentions things like longest drive and closest to the pin. A skin would be more like those. So I don't think I need an answer here, but in case anyone wants to clarify anything, please feel free. P.S. I don't think people gambling with their own money for skins is included here at all. That's not prize money at all; that's just gambling. And this is why a lot of junior events, etc. give out pro shop credit, not cash.
  4. Hi there everyone, Hopefully, it is ok to post this here. If not, please let me know. I am looking for some feedback on a fun golf side project called Golf World Rankings. Basically, it is a no frills and zero red tape way of getting a fun world ranking from every round of golf you have, whether in an official competition or just socially. The idea is to give everyone something to play for, aim for and measure against. Been something I thought about for years but finally got the courage to create it and put it out in the wild :) If you don't mind taking a look and letting me know your thoughts, that would be awesome. I think it could really be fun if a lot of people got involved. Link is below. (removed) All the best, Steve London, UK
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, I am new to both this site, and game of golf as I only picked up a club for the first time 6 and a half months ago. I believe I belong to a small group of gifted golfers, as I have a 4 handicap and am regularly just barely off of par on a par 72 course. (Yes I understand the claim I just made. No I am not a troll.) my goal is scratch or under by the 10 month mark, as it's currently below zero where I live which makes it difficult to get out and continue my progress. I am an extremely long ball hitter (at 6'5" 260 pounds and 24 years old) and regularly hit 300+ on my drives with a longest personal drive of about 340 yards, and start hitting my sand wedge at 150 yards. I believe I can make money playing golf in the near future (3-4 years hopefully), but how do I get to that point? My state doesn't have much for big amateur tournaments besides your average run of the mill club house scrambles and the like, and traveling to different states to play in amateur tourneys isn't much of a possibility right now. Any helpful tips or ideas are more than welcome. Thank you for your time.
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 11 months My current handicap index or average score is: 101 My typical ball flight is: High Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: High Fade, Fat Shots, Shanks Videos: http://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/noMyANFm?e=5552281 Hey all. This is an afterthought, so I don't have a face-on view of the swing yet. The below swing is pretty ugly, so beware. On this particular day, I felt as if I was rushing my hands to impact'. There are days where I have solid contact and have a high ball flight, with a slight (2-5 yd) fade, and I feel as if I only take a partial backswing and my hands are forward at impact. I'm planning to schedule lessons with a local pro in my area (he does do video analysis, but I'd love any drills or tips I can work on in the meantime. I play used Adams Idea irons, standard flex, an Adams 16 degree fairway wood, and a TM 9.5 580 driver. Thanks! -Klossy
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