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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone here only carry their bag, no cart, with a less than full set but more clubs than a half set??? Just got done playing with a half set, leaving the push cart at home & found it way more fun, less tiring & avg scoring. I play twice a month at the most, score btwn 78-86. So decided to change my bag to an almost full set, just light enough to carry a full 18 holes with no back issues and sell off my old set (Driver, putter not changing) Here it is Srixon Z-355 10.5* //// M4 3HL 16.5* //// Nike VR Pro Hybrid 21* //// Cally X2 Hot 6 iron 26* //// Cally X2 Hot Pro 7 (31*)-PW (45*) //// Cleveland RTX 2 GW (bent to 51*) & SW/LW 58* & Odyssey Marksman putter. Carry bag- Cally Hyper Lite 1.5+ dual strap I have had for a couple rounds. So since I just play for fun a couple times a month, i don't think this loft gaping will make much of a difference to my game, I mean I am not going pro so do I really need all those clubs to have fun? My goal is to max out fun. With the carry bag it is always easily accessible, my hands are free all the time which is nice. Pushing a cart can get tiring and starts to feel like work after a while, maneuvering it around the green can be a pain, pushing it up hills or pulling it back when walking downhill sucks too. Sharing a driving cart with a buddy when your not hitting the same distance or direction, not getting the same exercise as walking and paying more for golf is not my cup of tea. 11 clubs should about max out the golf bag weight that I can carry comfortably without hurting my back. Love my driver it's head heavy at 211 lbs, D7 sw & can fade/draw it, avg drive 260-280ish carry. M4 3HL should give me enough distance, easier to control/hit than 3 wood because of the loft (since I am not playing everyday) & should stop on the green pretty good. Nike hybrid fits that gaping about right is a smaller head so I should be able to work it left and right with a lower trajectory but give me help in the rough or bad lie as well. X2 Hot 6 iron is more forgiving, longer, higher flight and 1 degree stronger than the X2 Hot Pro 6 iron so it should fit in the gap between hybrid and irons better and blending well into the x2 hot pro. As I said I am a high ball hitter so don't want irons that will balloon on me but I really don't need that buttery soft forged feel on the course. The X2 hot pro irons are cast irons so should feel more solid less buttery but should feel decent enough with the dampening built into them and will not wear out like forged irons. Also I have found I play best with a standard lie in my irons so I don't need a forged setup that allows you to bend them upright or flat. They have flighted Project X 95 shafts and progressive CG (higher in the short irons/lower in the long irons) so this combo with the shorter irons should not balloon on me. Loft gaping expands to 6 degrees between PW/GW and 7 degrees between GW & SW/LW, we will see how that goes. I can manipulate the short irons pretty good with closing/opening the face when I need to depending on the chipping/flop shots I need. I have a love/hate relationship with the lob wedge so a 58* might be a nice sweet spot for me. This set up will also force me to improve my short game I am guessing. Added bonus- these clubs are pretty cheap to buy on ebay. The Callaway Hyper Lite 1.5+ bag is super light, the legs are short so I can leave them kicked out the whole round even when carrying the bag, so I never have to slam the bag on the ground to get the legs to kick out with a normal stand bag. With the bag lower to the ground it will not tip over in the wind and is easier to park on a incline. The bag has a nice handle at the top to grab, tip it up & put the club back in the bag. To keep the bag as light as possible I just carry a small bottle of sunscreen, 6-10 balls, a few tees and a small water bottle. Carry a cheap gps range finder in my pocket to get approx yardage (don't need exact yardage- not on the tour). So this my thinking on a lighter bag I can carry (old man not a college kid anymore that can carry a full set of clubs). Interested to know if anyone here is doing this- carrying their bag in a light weight setup that is not a half set but not a full set instead of using a cart??? Still waiting wedges and irons I bought on ebay. Once I play with them a couple times I will update this on my experience, so if my reasoning works in the real world.
  2. Good Morning Golfers, I've been thinking a lot about the mental side of golf these days and have realized there is not nearly enough content available on routine building, head mechanics and analytical vs. creative mental training as it relates to amateur/professional golf and pressure situations. Although golf is a passion of mine, my background is not in golf. My experiences with mental game training and weapon sports are from playing pool. Being a journey man road player for many years, mental training became more and more important as I progressed as a player. For instance, analytical thought and execution during play with regards to stroke mechanics, is a players worst enemy (at least in pool it is). It is impossible to play at a high level while thing about changes in your stroke or even thinking about your stroke period. Thats why a pre-shot routine is so important in getting your head out of the stroke while performing at a top level. Especially in competition, whether it be tournament play or other pressure situations (I.e, gambling)... My question to you is, what would be a beneficial and entertaining show on the mental game of golf? I'm not talking about speaking to mental coaches or sports psychologists (because that shit is boring), but rather speaking with high level tour pro's and mini-tour amateur's about their experiences in pressure situations where mental training, or lack there of, has either saved or killed an opportunity. Also, what could be done to avoid/ exacerbate failures or successes? What mental or physical routines have been used, whether it be eye patterns, visualization, breathing, swing thoughts and mechanical process, to bring ones mind to peak acuity during competition. What media format would be most beneficial to an amateur player or even an advanced mini-tour player when it comes to learning more about the mental side of golf while in an entertaining setting? For instance a Feherty for strictly stories on mental successes or failures in the game of golf. Let me know your thoughts on this! Maybe I'm way to far out in left field but I would find it very beneficial and entertaining to hear from guys like Kevin Na on mental successes and failures and what causes them. Thanks!! Uncle Tony
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