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  1. As you know, we've begun handing out Site Awards , and this thread will track the winners of the award(s) as they're given out. This first month, we're giving out performance awards for the month of October. The "Fun" awards will be given out at a later time, and we'll post here when they are. Without further ado, the winners of the Sand Trap Site Awards for October, 2011 are: The winner of "Rookie of the Month" is the member who registered within the previous 60 days and achieved the most reputation points during the month! Congratulations goes out to zipazoid ! The winner of the "Reviewer of the Month" award goes to the member who posts the most reviews in the calendar month. This month, the first Reviewer of the Month award goes to tommygunuk ! The winner of this award is the member who has added the most tags to threads, images, posts, etc. This month, the award goes to namkrats ! The winner of the "Member of the Month" award goes to the member who receives the most reputation points, as voted on by all the eligible members , in the previous month. The winner of the first Member of the Month award is............................................. Shorty ! If You'd Like to Win... ... Rookie of the Month , you may be out of luck unless you've registered recently. ... Member of the Month , then get out there and make some top-notch posts! ... Reviewer of the Month , then write up some course or equipment reviews! ... Tagger of the Month , then add appropriate tags to threads. It's easy! Just click the "Add Tag" stuff on the right-hand side and add some tags! The awards cycle for November has already begun, of course. We'll have November's awards in early December! Thanks! P.S. The awards don't seem to show up properly right now. We're looking into it.
  2. No sense in delaying… let's get right into it! Kickstarter of the Year These members started the topics that had the most posts throughout 2017. I did not count any topics started by myself (like some major championship topics, or "What'd you shoot today?," and I didn't consider wildly off-topic (non-golf) threads, either. These topics that survived and came out on top saw a lot of great discussion. Honorable mentions go to @smellysell for Winter Depression Thread and @Runnin for Is Golf More Mental or Physical?. KOTY #3: TST's Bronze Kickstarter of the Year is… @Wally Fairway, for starting a thread about the British Open. Who could have predicted that Jordan Spieth would take such a meandering route in capturing the title over Matt Kuchar? KOTY #2: TST's Silver Kickstarter of the Year is… @Valleygolfer, for starting what would ultimately become the Tiger Woods Catch-All Discussion topic. Yes, the topic was from 2014, but it received the second-most posts in 2017. This marks the second straight year this topic has finished second. KOTY #1: TST's Gold Kickstarter of the Year is… @dennyjones, for starting one of the more controversial topics of 2017, back in very early April! Was Lexi trying to cheat when she replaced her ball an inch from where it should have been replaced? Careless? Should viewers be allowed to call in? Was it even a viewer? Was Lexi a victim? This had it all… mystery, intrigue, sex appeal (well, as much as we get in golf), tears, a major championship on the line… and so much more. Rookie of the Year These members joined the site within the last month of 2016 or any time in 2017 and amassed the most reputation points while remaining in good standing throughout the year (only points earned in 2017 count). Just as you'd expect, of course! These members have a bright future ahead of themselves! Note: winning Rookie of the Year does not preclude you from also winning Member of the Year awards. It'd be like a rookie in a major sport also winning the MVP - it can happen. It just didn't happen this year… ROTY #3: TST's Bronze Rookie of the Year is… With 54 reputation points… @MarvChamp! Marv joined us on January 8, 2017. ROTY #2: TST's Silver Rookie of the Year is… With a grand total of 76 points, and having joined us only on the very last day of 2016, December 31… @Denny Bang Bang! BTW, this marks the first time two users with "denny" in their name have won anything here! ROTY #1: TST's Gold Rookie of the Year is… With a whopping 101 reputation votes in total, a member who joined the TST community on February 8, 2017, and a guy whose username I mispronounce in my head even after knowing that his last name is Kline… @klineka! Now, it's on to the big one. The one we've all been waiting for. The… Member of the Year These members are the best of the best. They amassed the most reputation points during the calendar year 2016, and remained in good standing throughout the year. Their peers - you guys and gals - felt their posts were worthy of the most thanks, skins, fist bumps, high fives, or reputation, whatever you want to call it. These are the elite. The people who make insightful posts that help further the discussion… even if you disagree with them occasionally. Or frequently. Reminder: staff are ineligible for yearly awards, or else myself, @mvmac, and @RandallT would have taken home some hardware here depending on where the line is drawn for "staff." MOTY #3: TST's Bronze Member of the Year is… This member joined the site on February 26, 2012 and had a down year in posting because his kids are just getting to that age where they require a bit more attention (and coaching, and dropping off, and picking up, and attending activities, and spending nights watching movies, and taking to the golf course occasionally), but aren't yet independent enough to drive themselves, or get a ride with a friend, or think that their parents are "weird" and "would embarrass them" (oh, it's coming!). With 16,674 items of content (total, not in one year, that'd be crazy!), 123 days won (total), and a now 0-1-1 record in the Newport Cup following a crushing defeat at the hands (or clubs?) of the dominant East (Blue) Team, and a grand total of 475 points won during 2017, the bronze award winning Member of the Year is @Golfingdad! MOTY #2: TST's Silver Member of the Year is… This member has a current content count of only 3,452 and joined the site on January 14, 2015. He plays almost as much golf as @kpaulhus, despite, like Kyle, remaining employed. He's made the most of his 3500 posts, though, and rarely posts something which doesn't stop to make people think, whether you agree or disagree with him. He's been a single digit golfer for a while now, but achieved his career low handicap index for several months throughout the summer of 2017. With a 1-0-1 record, a victory as a member of the East (Blue) Team over the Evil Empire from the West, 61 days won in total, and a rather massive 582 reputation points earned during 2017… our silver award winning Member of the Year is @DaveP043! MOTY #1: TST's Gold Member of the Year is… Now it's time for the big cheese. Unlike the previous two members, despite qualifying on handicap, this member chose not to attempt to participate in the Newport Cup. Despite taunting some of us northerners during the winter months, this gentleman usually has nice things to say and does so well enough and often enough to garner the most reputation points in 2017. He joined the TST community a few weeks days before my daughter @NatalieB turned six, back on November 3, 2008. Since joining, he's won 81 days since, has posted 12,674 items of content, and blew away the competition with 758 points amassed in 2017! WOW! The best of the best of the best, this year's cream of the cream of the cream (yuck?!) of the crop… @David in FL!
  3. Tomorrow, I'm going to post the yearly awards for our three main awards: Member of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Kickstarter of the Year. Winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level will be chosen. If you'd like to increase your odds* of winning and you're not already a Supporter of the site, there's still time to become a Supporter. * If there's an exact tie, and one member is a Supporter and the other is not, I'll choose the Supporter to win the award. 2014: 2015:
  4. Awards are now available! In fact, if you check out http://thesandtrap.com/awards/, you'll see the ones I've created. Later tonight (or, more likely, tomorrow) I hope to wrap up the Member of the Year/Month, Kickstarter of the Year/Month, and Rookie of the Year/Month awards. I've divided the "awards" into two categories. First are "Awards" which are more site-specific types of things. Like the "Rookie of the Month" award. They are seen under the signature on the forum. Second, we have "Achievements." These are going to be golf-specific things, like for those who have made a hole-in-one. I also plan to make achievements for breaking 100, 90, 80, and par. What other types of awards or achievements do you think we should have?
  5. On the Huddler site, we had awards for things like Member of the Year or Month, Kickstarter of the Month, and even silly things like "Stupid Monkey" or "Lowest Score Wins" reader, etc. The new site hasn't had them yet because the plugin/application is still being developed. It's in beta stages now, but rather than just use the old images, I'd like to consider standardizing. Is there anyone out there who has some experience with graphic design (and by some I mean more than me - I like to say I know enough to be dangerous) who is interested in helping me by designing some new awards? They'll probably be about 64 x 64 (so when they display at 32 x 32 they will ideally look good on both hi-res displays as well as normal displays), and fairly consistent, except for the obvious "mark" on them which shows what they're for. But, they can be any size/shape rectangle, and aren't limited to squares. They can also go in two areas: beneath the signature or in the "info pane" (which is where the avatar, username, etc. are). I'll probably keep them all beneath the signature, but I'm open to making some of the awards smaller, probably black, for just the user info area.
  6. 2015 Member Awards Big congrats to our Yearly Award Winners! These are given to active members of the site that have excelled in each of these categories. Appreciate all the great contributions to the site. Kickstarter of the Year Gold - @colin007! Silver - @RussUK! Bronze - @Mjrowe1! The dispute has been resolved. @colin007 was actually the gold medal winner here, with everyone else down one spot. Rookie of the Year Gold - @DaveP043! Silver - @Gator Hazard! Bronze - @Duff McGee! Member of the Year Gold - @Golfingdad! Silver - @saevel25! Bronze - @dkolo! Congratulations to all of the winners! I'm looking forward to an awesome 2016!
  7. Site Awards for 2014 Big congrats to our Yearly Award Winners! These are given to active members of the site that have excelled in each of these categories. Appreciate all the great contributions to the site. Reviewer of the Year Gold - @Dave40 Silver - @Ernest Jones Bronze - @cipher @meenman @CarlSpackler Kickstarter of the Year Gold - @saevel25 Silver - @phan52 Bronze - @FireDragon76 Rookie of the Year Gold- @Patch Silver- @isukgolf Bronze- @RJH999 Honorable mentions, @Gunther and @vangator Member of the Year Gold- @Golfingdad Silver - @David in FL Bronze - @Ernest Jones

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