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  1. Alllright. Iacas told me to post here so here we go. I am very tall and long armed. I've been playing for a year. I've gone through many sets of used clubs learning what works for me.... graphite, steel, blade, cavity back, stiff, regular, senior flex. I've watched hours and hours of YouTube instruction. So I've got some knowledge. I want to know what is best for me in regards to ball position and flex and bounce and all that. Why do Nicklaus and Norman always play the ball off the left instep, but others move it back. It seems to me you'd have to follow through with your right side much more. If I move it back I have to keep more weight back or I dig. If I move it up I have to keep more weight on my left or I top it...Does the lie of the ball dictate ball position and how steeply you swing? I can crank a 4,5,6 iron out of inch tall grass, but I chunk it off a mat or bare lie. Is this normal? I'm sure part of it is my clubs are standard length, and my groove is about 2 degrees upright (some of my clubs are bent up and don't dig as much). I also hit off the toe less with stiff shafts but get less distance....does any of this resonate with you all?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155565805469227 If you're a friend of mine in the "Golf" group on The Facebook, you can see that post and follow the discussion there. I posted something similar on Twitter earlier in the day: Just 18 words. Very simple. Not considering the various things like COM, spine tilt, where your weight is, how far forward your hands are, the lie angle of the club, how far you've gripped down, the bounce you have, the vertical swing plane, your wedge's grind profile… yada yada. Just a simple point that I think most people will get. And, because it's The Facebook, a few people argued. So I filmed myself. The camera is a bit back, so in both shots the ball position appears to be further forward than it is, but I think this is illustrative: A shallower hit, per the first graph, gives more margin for error, even when hitting a chip shot. It's not even, in this case, about using much bounce/glide. It's simply about controlling the height of the wedge to hit the ball on the same place. On the left, the height of the wedge is varying at a faster rate than on the right. One pleasant fella had this to say (over two comments): To that, two things: PGA Tour pros are far better than most golfers at controlling the height of the clubhead. Most PGA Tour pros DO NOT, in fact, play the ball back in their stance for the majority of their shots. Most play it pretty much in the center. The fine gentleman quoted there continued to post, saying that players hit it fat or thin because they "dip" and that if you're not teaching players to chip with the ball back in their stance, you're not teaching them "correctly," and that's the point at which most people stopped interacting with him. @mvmac posted some photos, as did @kroetschypga, showing that a lot of PGA Tour players don't chip with the ball well back. So, I'm not saying that you shouldn't play the ball back, ever, with a wedge while trying to hit a chip shot. There are times for that. But, if you're chipping from a tight lie, and you're not a PGA Tour pro, playing the ball closer to the center of your stance still has shaft lean, it still has a lower launching ball, and it offers added forgiveness over playing the ball well back in your stance. It's just simple geometry. Use it to help you. Original Twitter and Facebook posts were a result of this conversation: Thanks.
  3. Hi everybody and happy new year!This will be my first post and hope you'll get interested in. Please, be patient as for this very first time I'll have to introduce you a bit of my swing characteristics to better get to the point. I want to share with you this sensation of mine, to better understand the subject, and compare on the subject. I am a "mechanic-oriented" player. I like to study my body movements, also without the club in my hand, I spend a good amount of time at home with a mirror checking passages of arms, shoulder angles, evaluating pressure under the foots and staffs like this. Then I try to reproduce this sensations later on, at the range; sometimes I get too tied and prefer to do feeling-oriented range sessions to prepare the swing for the course and also verify how beneficial was the homework I made. Recently, I approach these feeling-sessions like this: I get to the range and start my session with short irons and proceed to long irons (PW, 8i, 6i, 4i on day / 9i, 7i, 5i, the other and so on) with simple thoughts like "release toward the target" or "feel the club moving around the body" and I actually hit good shots up to 6i feeling decent contact with the ball (normally my ball draws). When it comes to my first 4i (less with 5i), I generally hit a low hook feeling poor contact . At this point I try to adjust a bit my posture (generally adding some more secondary axis tilt) plus I try to feel like I keep the club-head going on a in-to-out path even after impact; this generally rewards me with a straight penetrating shot (not the highest I can hit) with a feeling of good contact. Now, my personal idea is that the improvement derives from my arms having more space to extend after impact, not collapsing to the inside of my left side (I'am RH) but I'm not sure at all about this, it's just a sensation. You can understand that, in such sessions, I don't pay much attention to club-head path (unless I want to draw or fade) as I'm focused on the target and this works fine with short (and, in a good part, also with middle) irons. I find it reasonable since (with short irons) low point is well further ahead of the ball and the club-head is still going outward after impact (besides downward). So I think that "the good" outward club-head direction comes for free with an 8 or 9i as opposed to a 4i shot where the low point is just after (or at) the ball with the club-head proceeding more inward (or straight for a very few time) after impact; look, I say "good" since resulting ball flight is a baby draw, as expected addressing the ball with the clubface facing the target or just a tiny bit open. So I feel like I have to force a bit this outward impact direction, this pushing sensation (I actually try to visualize a small straight blur through the ball which is inclined just a bit towards the right of the target) to hit long irons properly (at least for my actual level / 22.8 index); doing this I generally hit a pretty straight 4i, which carry about 170y, not as consistently as the i7 but with good confidence, with occasional pronounced draws or small fades. While I can quite easily adjust my setting on the range after such bad shots, I do hate the fact that my first long iron ends up hooking during a tournament (or simply practicing on my course) just because I forget to preset my self properly. I wish it would be more automatic, as the short irons, to focus about strategy or desired ball flight only. I am sure that part of my inconsistency with long irons depends on the fact that the ball is moved ahead (1 or 2 inches) in my stance respect to my more usual middle stance position (I play PW, 9i and 8i with the ball at about one inch ahead of the center of my sternum). As I hit more frequently short irons than longs or woods, especially on the course, I suspect I might be a bit polarized to that ball position. I can't still precisely understand how much this is influencing my movements but I do feel like I am not completely convinced with my ball position yet. Should I move it back, more to the middle, also playing a 4i? or... should I move it forward also with 8/9i? (e.g. I remember a video where Nicklaus suggests to keep the ball just inside the heel of the front foot, with all the clubs, to better exploit club-head low point..) maybe the latter would improve my weight shift, allowing a more "automatic" swing also with a 4 or 5 iron?!. But probably this would need a separate post.. forgive the extension on the ball position subject as I wanted involve you well in the context of this post. BTW, consider that > something similar happens with woods (I use 3 and 5) but that's a different story since with woods I try to sweep the turf below the ball (hence I use different feels) > I am used to setup with a close stance with long irons, sometimes even with middle irons, to favorite and in-to-out clubhead path; sometimes this happens in an almost unconsciously manner > I swing back my left arm at shoulder (or just below shoulder) height... let's say more of a one-plane / flatter swing like. > My miss-hits are generally fat shots I cannot even exclude that my 5/4i are hit too much in-to-out (due to the hooking result) and that my blur drill helps me to arrive less from the inside (in the past, I suffered a bit of shanking when I was learning to come more from the inside to eliminate the slice; that time also happened to hit the inner part of the hosel ... the exposed part, not the one which connects with the club face). What do you think about this? Any similar sensation out there? Thank you in advance and best regards!
  4. I am 47 years old and my ball flight is very high and I seem to get very good distance out of all my clubs , but I always see other descent golfers playing their ball I different positions than I do for example my driver is off the inside of my front foot sorta the same as everybody. But when I get to my wedges and short irons my ball position is slightly behind center and they r centered or slightly forward and I notice on my days when I am struggling I usually hit a little fat could this be ball position and is it ok to hit behind center
  5. Where do you have your ball in your stance for these clubs: Driver Fairway woods/hybrids Long irons Short irons wedges
  6. How stupid are these two Laney and Steve? What kind of wacky tobacky are they tokin? I checked this video was not published on April 1.
  7. ugottabjoshinme

    Ball position with irons

    Hello All, I have a question about ball position with irons. I feel the reason I might be stiking the ball better with long irons than I do with short irons is becauise I have incorrect ball position with my short irons. I was told to set up 7 iron in the middle of my stance and starting working the ball backwards 1 ball diameter for each shorter club. Also, I would move the ball 1 diameter forward for each longer club. Is this a general rule to follow (or a different one), or is ball placement different for everyone depending on where the bottom of the swing is with each particular club? If the latter is the case, is there an easy way to determine where the bottom of the swing is for each club?

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