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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, I would regard myself as a beginner in that I have hit a lot of balls on the range (competently) but have only really played a dozen or so rounds of golf. I wanted to upgrade my extremely basic set of irons and wanted advice between two sets for someone of my level. The choice is between a set of Adam’s XTD clubs (2014, black metal, non-tour) or a set of Callaway Big Bertha (2008, Red coloured heads). Any advice would be Really appreciated please. Thanks
  2. I currently have 13 clubs in my bag. Pretty basic set up I think. I am looking to add a club or 2 to fill some gaps, especially between my hybrid and 5 iron and maybe changing my wedges around a bit to get more consistent loft gaps between clubs. I have attached a pic of what's in my bag. My driver is at the top, it's kind of cut off but it's a cheap basic Tour Edge 10.5° regular flex graphite shaft.
  3. Hey y'all! I'm Chris from South Carolina here! Finally bought my first beginner set after years of flirting with game! Can't wait to pick them up this week! I am totally excited to learn from you fine men and women about this great game!
  4. Hey guys, how are you? I am a beginner who is slowly getting into golf and I've been going to the driving range in order to practice some shots. I do not hit well yet, but I would like to know your stories on how did you pass from hitting on the Driving Range to play a course. I mean, I wish to know how you knew you were ready for playing a course and starting the process of getting your own handicap. I get anxious of playing a course! I still haven't got clubs, since I will be bringing them with me on April when I visit Miami, so nowadays I have practiced with clubs borrowed from t
  5. Hello, Is Golf Channel Amateur Champ a good start for beginners? What other (Big, Good, prestigious) tournaments should be a good start?
  6. Ok so I have played golf when I was younger maybe 14-15 years old. I am now 23 and starting to take golf seriously. I have been playing at least 9 holes 3 times a week. For an average I been shooting 47-50 on 9 holes. 98-102 on 18. I been wondering because I play with some buddies that play amateur event and are allot better then me and some buddies that are worst them I am. How are my scores on average. I know I need to practice my short game more as it is one of my faults. I have also improved my short game over the summer drastically.
  7. Hey everyone,Long time lurker, first time poster. Recently fell in love with golf and decided I need to get a set rather than use a hodge podge bag of clubs. I'm trying to decide between the Cobra Max irons and Callaway XRs. 1) Cobra Maxa) I had a demo 7 iron of this set, and it was the first club I ever hit really well. I was hitting it consistently 150 yards straight. At the same time I didnt necessarily love the feel. b)Also had a cobra 5 iron amp cell demo that I hit wellc) $100 cheaper than the XRsd) Rated as "Super Game Improvement" e) Have a draw bias. I tend to hook my shots (rare
  8. Hello all, just got fitted for a set of Wilson staff c300s earlier this week. I was fairly set on getting the SGI d300s as I’m fairly new to the sport (although I think I’m improving steadily) but the c300s felt more comfortable and I was hitting better with them. just wondering now whether I made the right call in going for game improvement over super game improvement clubs and can’t seem to find anything on the internet to really give me an answer to that question!
  9. Ok, let me start off with that I am 100% new to the game. Went to the driving range for the first time today. I have my driver set at 11. Hit 75 balls and maybe 5 got decent loft. The rest were line drives about a foot off the ground. Please, any tips or opinions would be appreciated.
  10. Well I finally did it. After months of lessons and trips to the driving range I finally got up the nerve to go to a golf course. By chance I stumbled on a women's "new to golf group". Non-competitive and very supportive group. I had a great time and can't wait for the next outing. It was a par 3 course that I'm sure many of you would sneer at, but for a first round it was great. I even got a birdie!
  11. Hi, My daughter is interested to be golf team in her high school - 9 th grader. She wants to take private lessons, please suggest for the references for the private lessons in and around Alpharetta. Preferrably over weekend
  12. Hello everyone, New to the forum and new to the game, just picked golf up about a month ago and I picked up some cheap Wilson Ultra blk clubs new for 130 bucks. I've been to the driving range every other day and I'm looking to go ahead and upgrade the clubs. The driver for the Wilson is horrible for a weak. Looking at the Taylormade AeroBurner for a driver at my local Taylormade outlet on sale for $100. What do you guys think of this driver as it was released in 2014 is it too old should I wait and get a newer driver any opinion is greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  13. What was your handicap when you first registered it? I have just made my resolution on 2017 goals thread and it's to get a handicap then start work on shaving it so was wondering what is a starters handicap? Spoke to a chap at driving range today who started on 19 handicap 3 years ago, and still there, but 19 sounded a great handicap to start with to me(in fact I don't mind admitting I was a bit in awe of that number)?
  14. Evening all, I'm relatively new to the world of golf and it's fair to say after 6 months I'm hooked. The biggest problem I'm finding is hitting my 3 wood off the tee, im very inconsistent and my pro has reccomended a driver instead of my Adams tight lies wood, I have hit the g30 and like it but was really after something cheaper but still forgiving. My pro has recommended the titleist 917 that he can do me for at half price with the new model coming out, i have no idea and would appreciate all the help I can get, thanks in advance wilf
  15. There will always be good and bad teachers as long as there is no standard lesson plan. I'm going to keep pounding this drum until I get a decent hearing. The Professional Ski Instructors of America twenty-five years ago had it right. There was a way to teach skiing which could be standardized and mastered and anyone can fit somewhere on the learning curve from absolute beginner to the bumps and race course. I could teach someone to bring their skis parallel from a wedge, taught by someone who got them up on skis the first time. Then another pro could take them and teach them how to start
  16. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: 105 My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push New to posting on this forum but have been avidly following this forum for some time! This is my first year playing golf, and I am absolutely obsessed. Aside from not being able to put the golf club down (I even swing at home), I love to read about technique and watch hours and hours of instructional videos. This has been a fantastic forum to read! Lately, I've been working on a revamp of my
  17. So I just played my round best yesterday and only lost 2 golf balls! Which is really good for me because the course I live on has so much water and narrow fairways. The first time I went I lost a 24 pack of laddies.... so this made me happy in the wallet to say the least haha. anyhow I'm not sure where I should spend more time practicing so I wrote down my score into 3 different sections shots to get to pitching or chipping distance. pitching and chipping. putts. my score was a 100 with a 45 on the front and a 55 on the back... (I smoked on the back and I blame
  18. I've been trying to determine the correct ball I should be playing. I don't know my clubhead swing (where do I get that clocked?), but I am a high handicapper and have never shot below 90. A lot of resources I've consulted have suggested 2-piece balls are good for beginners, but I also have a hard time keeping balls from rolling off the green. What is the common wisdom in this type of scenario? When is it time to start playing higher quality 4 piece balls?
  19. So for some back story I had played a little golf here and there up until januaty 2016, it was my junior years golf season start and I wanted to be good. I was a 100s golfer in 2015 and these were my 2016 results thus far 101, 98, 95, 93, 93, 90, 87, 91, 85 each new score is one week later and new tournament. I have started practicing everyday and now work at a golf course and have improved vastly (partly thanks to my swing coach Mark Gray I highly recommend his website www.theprozone.net) as of today my handicap calculated from April 25th to may 22nd is - 7.4, today I played 9 holes and was o
  20. You meet someone at a party and they mention they are taking up the game of golf. They tried doing some research on the golf swing but found all the conflicting information too confusing. They ask you for your best "tip" or the one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started playing golf. What do you tell them?
  21. Hi, (Skip to final paragraph for main topic.) So I'm new to golf, but not completely. I do have some experience at the range and used to play about 4 times a year whilst in high school, I don't have an official handicap either. Since the end of last year I have been very interested in golf and enjoy the sport way more than I used to in the past. Going to the range and hitting a few balls feels relaxing and enjoyable thus I want to get more into the sport. Now, gear...I went for a club fitting (irons) at my local golf shop (Cape Town) where we tested a few brands, shafts ect. H
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