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Found 2 results

  1. Are Golf Rangefinders a factor in slow play? Unlike a gps watch which just needs to be glanced at to get an approximate distance. I have been noticing some novice golfers getting so engrossed over every shot that it may be leading to slowing down the game. I appreciate that a novice will be looking for anything to improve their handicap, but wonder if the hype of Rangefinders is over done?
  2. Happy new year folks I got myself a set of (half decent) clubs about three month ago to learn with after receiving an absolutely terrible set a couple of year ago as a gift(I know that sounds ungrateful but these hurt my poor little hands when I tried them on a range, skanky Dunlop 65i's ?). Anyway now am obsessed with learning how to play well, not great as I am well late to the game, (mid 40's so not about to give up reasonable IT career for a shot at the tour!!!!) but wanted to get a solid grasp of fundamentals to ensure if I carry on the obsession I can do so without fear of humiliation. Have taken a few lessons from pro at local course and am enjoying immensely. My question is fairly broad, where does one start? I am hitting a range up to 5 times a week and feel am getting better at recognising a decent hit of a ball and the awful shots are ever so slightly becoming fewer and fewer but this is on a range with a target as wide as a small village to go at, no trees in the way obviously. Went to a local 18 holer, all par 3 bar 1 par 4 and the difference a) on grass as opposed to mats b) with pesky things in the way was a real eye opener. Lost balls a plenty, birds disturbed in their natural habitat was the norm, virtually no decent shots at all. Is this the norm for someone coming from 12-14 weeks of learning to grip/present/swing/hit on range to jumping into where the fun is? Also, how does one decide what is a good course/club to become a member of? There are a few round my way with varying costs from £450 for a 9 hole "normal" course with another 18 hole par 3's to £900 for a course which is a full 18 hole course. What should a newbie be identifying as must haves at a potential club/course? Some have driving ranges, some don't. Some are more closed in, like the 18 hole par 3's I played for instance, not much forgiveness for someone who isn't yet the straightest hitter consistently, some are more open targets due to being built on more space. This is North Manchester, England, and it has been known to rain occasionally, some look like swimming pools when a downpour occurs, some seem to drain the wet stuff away. I'm really struggling to identify what would help me get the most pleasure/enjoyment and help develop a game that I'm, at some point, not afraid to start registering scores to understand my personal handicap and maybe even to enter a local competition in future maybe?,(Which I also had a question surrounding, at what point does a beginner golfer become confident enough to enter a local competition, how much of the rules does one need to know off by heart, what are the musts and must nots of local comp play, do you need to be a certain level to enter etc...)? Any advice is gratefully received ladies and gents. Cheers Paul.
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