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Found 6 results

  1. Sun Mountain Contest/Giveaway Win a Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT or Micro Cart GT! https://shop.sunmountain.com/push-carts.html Howdy forum members… Sun Mountain has partnered with us here at TST to offer up a nice little giveaway. Unlike the other contests we've done where you're asked to make a prediction, this one is going to be a randomly drawn raffle, and you can enter in three ways, multiple times: Post here in this topic. Limit of one post of this type for the month of June. Post on Twitter, and then share (by embedding) the Tweet in a separate post here. Limit of one every three days. Post on the Facebook, and then share (by embedding) the post in a separate post here. Limit of one every three days. Basically, when the contest ends, either myself or a Sun Mountain representative will randomly choose a number between 2 and the number of posts in the topic. If that post is a valid entry post from a user who has not invalidated his entries, that member will win! If the post is not an entry or is from an invalid user, they'll try another random number and repeat the process until a winning post (and member) is found. Entries - whether made on Facebook, Twitter, or here at TST - must contain: A link to this topic (https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/94053-win-a-new-cart-from-sun-mountain) A link to the cart you'd like to win (choose either the Speed Cart GT or the Micro Cart GT from the push carts page here). An image of the cart you'd like to win in the color you'd like to win. An enthusiastic and/or promotional phrase like "I'm hoping to win a Lime Speed Cart GT from @SunMountainGolf and @the_sand_trap" or something like that. (For Facebook and Twitter, please mention or link to the appropriate user/page - the links are below). Be creative! For your one non-Twitter/Facebook post here in this topic, write a short paragraph about what winning a cart would mean for your golf game and how you're looking forward to using it. In other words… Everyone gets one free entry here. Just follow the rules above, reply to this topic, and post. You can post on Facebook and Twitter as much as you like, but you can only post a unique link here (so it embeds, which should be automatic) each once every three days (three days must elapse between entries). You have to post and embed the Tweet/post here for it to count. So you can make a post here for the month. You can also post one tweet and one Facebook post today, three days from now, three days after that, etc. through the end of June. Sun Mountain is on Twitter at @SunMountainGolf and on Facebook at SunMountainSports. The Sand Trap is on Twitter at @the_sand_trap and on Facebook at TheSandTrapGolf. This contest ends June 30th, 2017, at midnight mountain time (U.S.). Winner will be notified by a private message by July 7, 2017 and will have 24 hours to respond to the PM or we may select another prize winner. Violating any of the above rules invalidates all of your entries. Winner must live in the United States, or be able to ship the prize to the U.S. TST reserves the right to further clarify the rules in any subsequent posts, but really, we're trying to keep this pretty simple and straightforward. Use some common sense. If anything's unclear, ask me. Choose from either the Speed Cart GT or the Micro Cart GT at https://shop.sunmountain.com/push-carts.html.
  2. I'm apparently getting a new bag for Fathers Day, which is good because my current bag is definitely FUBAR. I know this because the wife told me so and she wanted to make sure she didn't buy me something I didn't like. Right now I'm leaning towards a Sun Mountain C130s, though not necessarily this year's model. I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with it or with other bags that are comparable. I like that it's got more storage than I need even though I'll still manage to stuff it to the gills. I also like the 14 way full length dividers (my current bag has them as well), but it doesn't have a putter well which I'm kind of disappointed in. I know it's a bit heavier than most stand bags but I don't care about the weight because I don't carry - I walk with a pull cart that I'd like to upgrade in the near future. The biggest draw for me is that it's basically a cart bag with legs. My current bag doesn't have legs and it sucks when I go to the range. I hate putting my bag on the ground and I have to because it falls over so easily. I didn't put too much thought into this when I got it and now I know better. I guess that's pretty much it. Please offer any advice, experiences, or suggestions you may have, thanks.
  3. When did your children begin driving the golf cart? Alone? Assisted? @NatalieB has been driving the cart (steering, mostly) from about age six. It was part of what made golf fun for her. As soon as she could reach the pedals and steer enough (a year or so later), she's been driving the cart herself. For the first year or two we'd assist by having our foot on the brake or near the wheel, but for about four years (age 9 or so), she's pretty much been trusted to drive it herself. At first, not near dangerous areas (just fairways, not bridges, near steep slopes, etc.). I let her drive the Smart Car on private property last year by herself (I was in the passenger seat). I think she'll be a good driver.
  4. I am looking for a push cart that can hold two bags, but after a few hours of searching, I have been unable to find one. Does anybody happen to know if they do actually exist, and I'm just looking in the wrong places, or is this just something that they do not currently offer?
  5. With carts with bluetooth technology, speakers, and such, more and more people are cranking up (their sh*ty) music and drive right up the front group's tee box. Many of them have no sense to turn their music down, or ask the front group if it bothers them. What's up with that? Turn that sh*t down or off, or ask if the music bothers others. No one wants to hear your rap, country, new wave, punk rock when he is just about to tee off.
  6. OK looking to get a new bag soon .. i think i want a cart bag . my budget is 250.00 usd or under . my putter has a midsize grip . my question is there a big difference in quality between bag manufactures . i was looking at callaway org 14 bag as all my clubs are callaway at this time .but sun mountain bags look very nice and ogio bags also look nice and look a little cheaper . i want whatever bag i buy to hold up. as i currently have a maxfli stand bag that i like, but when i remove my clubs threads are coming out. and also wrap around my grips. .... also i walk about half the time and use a two wheel pull cart when i do. will a stand bag or cart bag be better for the pull cart ? thanks for any answers .
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