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Found 8 results

  1. Here's the deal, folks: I'd like to play enough golf and birdie every hole at Whispering Woods in 2020. I'd like you to join me on this quest. So, I've set up a spreadsheet here: 2020 TST Birdie Challenge - Google Sheets Welcome to the 2020 TST Birdie Challenge. Rules? There are no rules. Just fill in your best score relative to par on the holes as you achieve them, and let's all have fun and cheer each other on in 2020! Please click through, add your name, home course, and location, and when you make a par or a birdie, add that score to the sheet, with the idea that you're going to birdie all 18 holes on your home course this year. If you're above a certain handicap and would like to make it a par challenge, go for it! Just add that note to the Notes column. We can all cheer each other on and see where this takes us! Edit: if you truly play a TON of different courses, then follow these two guidelines: If you just play a lot of golf, but still get 20 or 25 (or more) rounds in on one course, consider making that your home course and just doing the birdie challenge there. If you truly play only 20-40 rounds per year, and never more than a handful at the same course, consider trying to birdie holes numbered 1 to 18 across all of your courses. Or even doing it twice. Yeah, some hole #17s will be easier birdies than others, but that's why you might do it twice. Edit 2 (2020-02-13): I added a second tab called "By Hole" for those who, when not playing their home course, want to keep track of the holes they birdie or par. If you birdie the fourth hole at some course that isn't your home course in the first tab, put your birdie in the second tab on hole four.
  2. After a year or two of coaching my college golf team, I came up with a challenge for them, as they would make too many stupid mistakes on the par fives in particular, and on too many par fours trying to hit a hero shot when they got into trouble. The challenge? It's simple: don't make a six (or higher). Despite many, many rounds in the 70s or low 80s, and 75 rounds played in total, we have still only had about seven successfully completed rounds. I almost never have a six. Greater than half of my rounds are played without a six. I'll take a bogey on a par four, and I rarely bogey par fives. I understand my Shot Zones, the Penalty Buffer, and Decision Maps. So, let's have this topic stand as an ongoing one. When you complete a round successfully without a six (or higher), post here and tell us about it. P.S. If you're an 18 handicap index or higher, you can post if you complete the "Seven Challenge." That means no sevens or higher.
  3. Based on discussion in a previous topic… I'm happy to introduce the official Flop Shot Catch Challenge topic! I've created an award (you can see at the top of the Site Awards) and will grant it to anyone who films themselves hitting a flop shot above head height and catching the ball before it hits the ground while still holding onto your wedge, then posts that video here in this thread as an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video for all to enjoy. Hopefully the rules can stay that simple. Please be careful, though, as we do not want anyone injuring themselves trying to do this. Attempt this on flat ground and do not throw your wedge. I'll try to film myself doing it later this afternoon.
  4. In a different topic, I said this once: I could have sworn I started a topic specifically on this. Turns out, after ten minutes of searching for it, it was a blog entry, and it's here: So, rather than just being a challenge in a blog, I'm making a real challenge. You can win a badge for your account: https://thesandtrap.com/awards/category/5-challenges/ To complete the challenge: Get an 8-iron. Film a video of yourself with a ridiculously strong grip hitting the ball at least 85% the normal distance of your 8-iron. In the same video, show yourself with a ridiculously weak grip hitting the ball at least 85% the normal distance of your 8-iron. Both shots should clearly be straight and toward the target. Post the video in this topic and claim the Challlenge flag for yourself! Here's mine. These were the first two swings with these grips that I made this day, and they were consecutive swings, as @saevel25 can attest (I forgot to tell him to keep recording). The second one was a half a groove heavy (with a bigger divot) but the ball still went 140 yards.
  5. I'm blatantly stealing this from elsewhere (with some modifications). Here's the situation. Someone offers you the following wager: if you can make a hole in one on a regular par three green the length you hit your full 8-iron (so, say, 135 to 165 yards depending on your own personal abilities). If you succeed, you win $5M. If you fail, you go to jail for 5 years with no chance of early parole. Some other details: You have 30 consecutive days to complete the challenge. You get to hit up to 250 balls per day (so, up to 7500 balls). There's nothing tricky about the green or hole or anything - it's a regular hole, a regular green with regular size, firmness, stimp, etc. The hole location will change daily (and the tees will be adjusted so the yardage stays within five yards of your full 8-iron distance). Balls you previously hit magically disappear so you can't bank a ball in or something. Nobody else can play the hole - it's magically placed in your back yard or something. Do you take the bet?
  6. With the six-foot-putt challenge, we also have the "opposite swing" challenge (kinda), and the flop shot catch challenge. So I'm thinking maybe we should have a separate awards category for "Challenges." I'd like to create a standard background for the award (a circle or square, probably) on which we could put an image showing the specific challenge. The standard background would make it obvious that it's a challenge, with the unique part highlighting what specific challenge it is. Any ideas?
  7. GIR is KING! Yet I still go for pins when I shouldn't. I recently received a GameGolf Live and have enjoyed analyzing the stats the website provides (it's a good distraction from my swing). So I decided to give the "Challenge" feature a try to help me keep GIRs in my sights. I've started two challenges that will run June 1-30; highest GIR% overall, and in a single round. Tie-breaker for both challenges is putts-per-hole. The challenges are open to everyone on GameGolf, but if anyone here is interested, I'll spring for a nifty TST-logo ball marker for the top-finishing TST member in each challenge (if @iacas will "drop-ship" them for me ). Good luck! Highest GIR% Overall - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11194 Highest Single Round GIR% - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11195
  8. I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm issuing a challenge to everyone here that can get out to a practice putting green and do this. Warm up putting around the green to get a feel for the speeds. Find a hole with a little slope to it. Not flat, but nothing crazy either (3% or so is fine). The putt should have 4-5' around it in all directions on the putting green. Put 12 balls down at the 12 clock positions and 4-5' away from the hole. Putt them toward the hole and count how many of the 12 you make. Put the flagstick in. Go to another hole and hit a few putts to get used to how firmly you can hit the putts and how little break you have to play.* Try to hit the ball with enough pace to go about 4' past the hole only. (Make sure the flagstick is pretty straight up and down, and ideally, it's somewhat like those available on the course. Bonus points if you can borrow a flagstick like those used on the course for your tests. Ask the head pro or superintendent.) Put 12 balls down in the same spots and repeat the process with the flagstick in. Count the number of putts you make. Repeat once or twice if you're not bored. This will get you 12, 24, or 36 putts of each type. Post your results here in this thread. Be honest. Also post your observations, like "I found it difficult to play so little break and missed a few putts high with the flagstick in." Or whatever you feel or think or observe. * I am allowing a brief amount of practice before both types - warm up (practicing) before you putt without the flagstick, and then warm up (practice) just how firmly you have to hit putts and how little break you have to play with the flagstick in. Again, 4' past the hole only. My advice is NOT to hit the ball with 10' past capture speed. Even if a bunch of you hit 72 putts each (36 to each configuration), this won't be too much more than anecdotal evidence, but I'm pretty sure that we'll find - within the limits of people's ability to quickly get comfortable with the break/speed of the flagstick-in method - that the flagstick in will noticeably increase the make percentage. I'll have a few of the kids do this downtown and will chart their results for them in this thread. Give every putt your best effort. Post multiple times if you like - if you try this several times, or if you get some buddies to do it, etc. I'll assign every entry a number and will draw a random number at the end for a small prize.
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