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Found 6 results

  1. Over the course of the last year, based in information gained from this site, from LSW, taking lessons, and from data about my own game learned from 9 rounds with my Arccos, I have become a much better and golf. Furthermore, I have become much better at understanding how to improve my own game. I know what a good full swing both looks and feels like for me. when it's not right, I know how to use video to understand where I'm off and how to correct it. My full swing still has a very long ways to go, but at the same time, It has come a long ways. Additionally, I feel that I have the information, tools, and understanding of how to continue to bring it along it along further on my own. Additionally, I have come to understand that I am a much better putter than I had originally thought. It is the aspect of my game that is the closest to scratch. Additionally, as we know about separation value, it's the easiest to improve in a short amount of time. Gonna take Aimpoint express to tighten up my reads a bit, but other than that this aspect doesn't need a large % of my practice time. --but, here is my flaw-- My pitching/chipping is terrible. It is very bad. I mentioned this in my "what I've learned from Arccos" thread. From inside of 40 yds, I am averaging 26.3 ft to the pin. I'm only getting up and down 18% of the time. This is just really bad. Basically, If I can't hit a GIR, I can't Par. I need nGIRs to be worth something to me. I need a tool that allows me to tun nGIRs into pars. This problem is really stunting the ability of my much improved full swing to reflect dramatically in my final scores. I'm looking for help or swing thoughts here. I don't need to become a great chipper. I don't need to have all the shots. I just need a way to become consistent. no more chunking the ball 3 feet in front of me. No more blading the ball across the green. consistent solid contact every time. If I can learn to make my contact consistent every time, then I can learn how to get better and better at putting it close to the hole with practice. But, If I can't consistent make solid contact, then it's a guessing game and the practice is worthless. Seriously, I haven't had a complete mis-hit on a full swing sand wedge all year long. Wrong line or wring distance, sure. but, at least, it solid crisp contact every time. If I can do this with a full swing, there should be absolutely no reason I can't do it with a chip. It's silly. anyone have any good thoughts, or links to a good youtube video or whatever?
  2. My shoulder isn't 100% and it's going to rain, but f*** it I'm going golfing tomorrow.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155565805469227 If you're a friend of mine in the "Golf" group on The Facebook, you can see that post and follow the discussion there. I posted something similar on Twitter earlier in the day: Just 18 words. Very simple. Not considering the various things like COM, spine tilt, where your weight is, how far forward your hands are, the lie angle of the club, how far you've gripped down, the bounce you have, the vertical swing plane, your wedge's grind profile… yada yada. Just a simple point that I think most people will get. And, because it's The Facebook, a few people argued. So I filmed myself. The camera is a bit back, so in both shots the ball position appears to be further forward than it is, but I think this is illustrative: A shallower hit, per the first graph, gives more margin for error, even when hitting a chip shot. It's not even, in this case, about using much bounce/glide. It's simply about controlling the height of the wedge to hit the ball on the same place. On the left, the height of the wedge is varying at a faster rate than on the right. One pleasant fella had this to say (over two comments): To that, two things: PGA Tour pros are far better than most golfers at controlling the height of the clubhead. Most PGA Tour pros DO NOT, in fact, play the ball back in their stance for the majority of their shots. Most play it pretty much in the center. The fine gentleman quoted there continued to post, saying that players hit it fat or thin because they "dip" and that if you're not teaching players to chip with the ball back in their stance, you're not teaching them "correctly," and that's the point at which most people stopped interacting with him. @mvmac posted some photos, as did @kroetschypga, showing that a lot of PGA Tour players don't chip with the ball well back. So, I'm not saying that you shouldn't play the ball back, ever, with a wedge while trying to hit a chip shot. There are times for that. But, if you're chipping from a tight lie, and you're not a PGA Tour pro, playing the ball closer to the center of your stance still has shaft lean, it still has a lower launching ball, and it offers added forgiveness over playing the ball well back in your stance. It's just simple geometry. Use it to help you. Original Twitter and Facebook posts were a result of this conversation: Thanks.
  4. lets say i putt and chip for an hour to 2 hours every single day for 60 days straight, and lets also say that i am a relatively new golfer that started this summer and shoots around a 55, do you think doing this would increase my scores pretty drastically? and if so by how much like how much would it really help and be worth it? i understand that putting/chipping makes up for half or even more than half your strokes so it basically makes it the most important part of the game. So how much would doing this much practice really help and lower my scores?
  5. So I just played my round best yesterday and only lost 2 golf balls! Which is really good for me because the course I live on has so much water and narrow fairways. The first time I went I lost a 24 pack of laddies.... so this made me happy in the wallet to say the least haha. anyhow I'm not sure where I should spend more time practicing so I wrote down my score into 3 different sections shots to get to pitching or chipping distance. pitching and chipping. putts. my score was a 100 with a 45 on the front and a 55 on the back... (I smoked on the back and I blame the 10 extra strokes because of this.) shots to chipping and pitching: 18 F 22B pitching and chipping: 9F 8B putts: 18 F 22 B Penalties: 0F 2B so in my opinion I think my distance with my long game is there I just need to work on my accuracy to lower my chips and pitches. my pitching chipping and putting all go together because I've already used my GiR so my first chip or pitch is actually counting as my first putt (if I'm going for scratch golf. my putting is horrendous because of the amount of pitching and chipping I had there should be no reason for any 3 putts at all. The only time I should 3 putt is if I hit an iron to the green. tell me what u guys think
  6. I've seen several videos and read several articles of instructions (and yes, even watched the instruction on the golf channel) for chipping and there is this pretty well known rule of flying the ball about 1/3 and letting it roll the remaining 2/3 (I may have those backwards). So my question is actually not about that. My question is that for many, many rounds now I cannot seem to get the ball to roll out at all. I have to fly the ball at LEAST 80% and might get 10% roll (leaving 10% putt). Granted, this is with my 55 SW. But even if I play the ball on my back foot, feet very close together, and a good amount of forward shaft lean (and even flopping the ball) the freaking ball doesn't roll. It there a smoking gun for this type of problem? Is my angle at impact or some swing mechanism generating a ton of spin that is causing the ball to stop on a dime? Or fly too high? Alternatively, my approach shots are almost always < 12-inches from my ball mark. This can be a 4-i down to a SW. I typically can't see the ball land because my eyesight isn't stellar, so I don't know if it's hopping forward and spinning back or not. But I'm really thinking not. Not sure if one has to do with the other. Now, the courses I play on are pretty darn soft and slow... so maybe that's just how these types of greens play? You just never see that on the PGA tour.

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