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  1. Hi everyone, I would regard myself as a beginner in that I have hit a lot of balls on the range (competently) but have only really played a dozen or so rounds of golf. I wanted to upgrade my extremely basic set of irons and wanted advice between two sets for someone of my level. The choice is between a set of Adam’s XTD clubs (2014, black metal, non-tour) or a set of Callaway Big Bertha (2008, Red coloured heads). Any advice would be Really appreciated please. Thanks
  2. I currently have 13 clubs in my bag. Pretty basic set up I think. I am looking to add a club or 2 to fill some gaps, especially between my hybrid and 5 iron and maybe changing my wedges around a bit to get more consistent loft gaps between clubs. I have attached a pic of what's in my bag. My driver is at the top, it's kind of cut off but it's a cheap basic Tour Edge 10.5° regular flex graphite shaft.
  3. Guy goes in to get a fitting. Warms up, hits his 6-iron. They get some numbers (I'm quasi-making these up😞 171 carry, 176 total. 5780 RPM spin. Launch of 20.1°. Dispersion is about 35 yards. Ball speed is 119.2… whatever. Fitter builds him a club or some clubs, all 6-irons. Fitter is able to get to these numbers: 185 carry, 188 total. 5350 RPM spin. Launch of 19.3°. Dispersion is about 37 yards. Ball speed is 123.4. What does the Guy often see? "Oh my I carry it 14 yards farther!" What should the Guy do? Realize
  4. Hi Everyone, I just purchased a 60* lofting wedge off of Ebay. I tried it out this afternoon and it is going to take some getting used to. However, I love it. It is so nice to chip the ball up to the flag pin and have it take just one bounce and stop. The down side, is you have to hit it pretty hard and follow through or you won't get there. I use it if I am within 50 yards of the flag. One side note is that I don't use it. If I am uphill of the flag. For that I use my pitching wedge. It is Diamond coated and will scrape the outside finish off of the ball sometime
  5. Hey guys, I noticed there wasn't a Mid-Atlantic club here so I went ahead and started one. I invited a handful of guys (@RandallT, @DaveP043, @GolfLug, @jsgolfer) to join already just off the top of my head, but feel free to tag anyone from the area who should be in this group. We can use this topic just for general discussions.
  6. Hey everybody my name is Jay and I wanted to post some info on a new high end club company that I'm working with. The company is called Sub 70 and will produce ultra high end, custom built, direct to consumer golf equipment. Everyone involved with the project loves golf and we wanted to create a golf company, and golf clubs, that other passionate golfers would be excited about. We want the products and company reputation to sell itself. We're focused on the technology + the brand, and we won't be pumping releases out every year in order to chase spent advertising dollars. We're really excited
  7. Hi all.. I've played golf off and on over the past 30 years (more off than on) but I'm picking it up again.. I've always used my Dads old clubs (767 pro series) which are old tech in a modern world, and I want to get modern... All the advice I see on buying clubs talks about beginners.. I'm not quite that.. I can, for example, hit my old 3 iron 180 ish metres, straight, as well as chip, pitch, putt etc...... but I've never bought clubs.. what advice would you give a first time buyer who is not strictly a beginner? NB I live in France, if anyone has any good buying experiences...
  8. I was digging through the basement of my house which is stuffed full of old stuff. While digging through I found these guys. They are Wilson brand - they say Custom - They say "Ed 'Porky' Oliver" - The wood wedges have B4250 - The irons say 1002. I really have no idea what I am looking at but I am hoping you all can help out. Do you know the year? Are they worth anything more then the nostalgia? They are in pretty good condition from what I can tell. Any information would help, or even suggestions on a better place to find the information I need? Thanks!
  9. Hi, this is my first post. I would appreciate some advice please. I have got old irons (Mizuno Pro II t zoids with regular steel shafts) and a Mizuno 600 driver (approx 2009). my handicap is 4.9. my fairways hit with driver is 53% greens in reg 36%. I have a shotscope 2 which is excellent for feedback. i went for an iron fitting but the quote was £2000 which is too expensive for me. The main benefit with the new irons would be 18-20 yards more distance per club. The dispersion was not improved. I have booked a driver fitting tomorrow.
  10. So I am 21 years old, and never had a set of my own clubs, I’ve always used clubs that have been passed download. Currently I am using a set of Ping Eyes from 82 and a TaylorMade Ti Bubble driver from 96. What clubs should I look at? I’m not very good, but when I make solid contact I can carry the ball well, so I would like something that’s pretty forgiving. I’ve been thinking 5-Pw, maybe a Gw, 3 wood and 5 wood, and a driver. Please tell me what to look for and what to avoid, I’m dealing with about a $1200 budget. Any advice would be great
  11. I was curious how many people leave their clubs in the car all season long. It gets pretty hot up here in the summer and I don't like leaving my clubs in my car because I am always worried someone will steal them and I wonder the effects of the heat on the glue, grips and any other issues that might arise from sitting in the car in the hot summer months. When we pulled into the hotel at Myrtle Beach and unloaded our clubs a few older guys asked why we were bringing in our bags. I said two reasons, 1 - I don't want our clubs stolen, would ruin our vacation and 2 - I don't think the h
  12. I bought a set of these just for the heck of it on eBay about a year ago, and I have no idea what they are. Looking them up online I can't find a picture or anything about them. Anyone what what they are or when they or made?
  13. Q. How are clubs and grips fitted for the individual golfer?
  14. We are renting a house in Ireland and will play golf for 2 weeks next July. We will then take a cruise ship from Oslo to St Petersburg. What is best way (reasonably priced) to ship clubs from Ireland to Florida
  15. I just received these clubs for a Christmas gift and I can't find any information about them. I know that Merit is no longer in busniss but not much else. The club set is single length, 2 tru pw, sw and 60. Anyone know age, retail cost when new, today's value, any history? Thanks for anything you might have.
  16. When we upgraded the site to IPS 4.2 a few weeks ago, it brought with it a number of great changes and new features. One of those was the introduction of "clubs." Clubs are basically sub-sections of the site that groups of people can form and control. A regular member can create a club, invite people to join, and post their own images in their own galleries, have their own topics and discussions, etc. Creators of clubs can assign leadership roles, can limit the club to privately invited members or make them public, and many other things. They're uniquely customizable and controllable, by
  17. Hi guys and gals! As of recently, I am in the market for a new set of irons and am looking for your help. In the past I have been hitting Callaway's XR irons that provide a lot of forgiveness but am now looking to make the transition to a club with a little less forgiveness and more precision. I am currently an 8 handicap. Any thoughts?
  18. New Callaway Customs Announced Callaway Golf today announced the launch of their Callaway Customs program. All of these Callaway Customs Options will be available for purchase as well starting today. This is the premier custom shop in the golf industry, and the new line of Callaway Customs includes our GBB Epic Drivers, Mack Daddy Forged Wedges, select golf balls, and great Callaway merchandise. We initially launched Callaway Customs last year for our MD3 Milled Wedges, and are now greatly expanding the program. Drivers GBB Epic or GBB Epic Sub Zero - Pricing: $550 - 8 col
  19. How are golf clubs refurbished? What does a Golfer do to maintaine their clubs?
  20. IPS 4.2 is going to introduce something called "Clubs." We had "groups" or something similar on Huddler, and now it's coming to IPS in a more powerful way. https://invisionpower.com/news/new-clubs-r1017/ There's some information on it. My question for all of you… how would you like to see this implemented? Let's use this topic to brainstorm. What kind of club would you like to create? To join? Clubs don't have to be strictly golf-related.
  21. I do like a rusty wedge,they just appeal to me visually.I suppose it's the patina,old school look I like. Anyone else out there have a similar view?
  22. Turkey day is here! While we all enjoy quality time with family, friends, pets, food, or any combination of them, there are plenty of golf deals all around us today and in the month to come! Just wondering: What are some areas of your bag that you're hoping to upgrade, add to, or simply something to purchase in excess this holiday season? And what are some sites and stores you'll be keeping an extra eye on? Personally, I've been able to get a hold of a Wilson FG Wedge last week that went on a pre-black Friday sale and it was something I've been eyeing for awhile. On the same note, my fath
  23. Hello, I'm Jack, and I'm an intermediate golfer. I know how to play the game and I'm just working on improving my mechanics and such. However, my clubs are a clear beginning set and are absolute crap and I need some suggestions on clubs. I have a budget of about $400-500. I am fine with a complete set, or a mix of wood, iron, and wedge sets and a driver. I'm looking for whatever gets me the most for my money. For irons, I'd prefer graphite, but I'm fine with whatever. Please send me either a complete set or parts to make a set and the total price. Thanks, Jack
  24. Hello everyone, I recently got a fitting and looking to get new irons. During the fitting a tried out a couple clubs(ap1, ap2,t-mb,callaway Xr,). I didnt really like the feel of the ap1 or XR(ap2 was a little better) but as soon as I started hitting the Titleist t-md I immediately felt a great connection. It wasn't the farthest hitting club out of all tested but it really felt like butter and I was hitting it the best out of all of them. Unfortunately its a little too expensive for me. I was wondering if anyone has some alternative suggestions that would have the same feel, even if its 1-2 yea
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