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Found 11 results

  1. After a year or two of coaching my college golf team, I came up with a challenge for them, as they would make too many stupid mistakes on the par fives in particular, and on too many par fours trying to hit a hero shot when they got into trouble. The challenge? It's simple: don't make a six (or higher). Despite many, many rounds in the 70s or low 80s, and 75 rounds played in total, we have still only had about seven successfully completed rounds. I almost never have a six. Greater than half of my rounds are played without a six. I'll take a bogey on a par four, and I rarely bogey par fives. I understand my Shot Zones, the Penalty Buffer, and Decision Maps. So, let's have this topic stand as an ongoing one. When you complete a round successfully without a six (or higher), post here and tell us about it. P.S. If you're an 18 handicap index or higher, you can post if you complete the "Seven Challenge." That means no sevens or higher.
  2. I posted this to my college team on Slack today, but thought it might benefit some of you to read and see this type of stuff. Consider this my top five list of things that college players can generally do a LOT better to shoot better scores. These don’t ALL apply to ALL players, but… they all apply to all of you as a group for sure. In no particular order, the errors I regularly see: 1. Full swings almost all the time. There’s tremendous benefit and control from hitting partial shots inside of even 160-170 yards. You take off a little spin, hit it more solidly, and control distance and trajectory better. 2. Missing in the right spots. When the entire world exists to the right of #3, far too many of you miss in the left trees/rough/OB. When going long on a green is dead… too many of you miss long. You generally take on too many tucked pins instead of playing for the center of the green, and you take on too risky of a short game shot (leaving the ball in a bunker or still in the rough) when just chipping it to 15 feet and giving yourself a par putt will suffice. The latter in particular is a killer: I’ve seen so many of you make double after you miss the green because you won’t just put the ball to 15 feet instead of trying to hole it or something. 3. Lack of imagination when in awkward situations. Ball below your feet in a bunker? Ball on a downslope with a pitch to the green? I see too many people freak out and not be flexible, creative, etc. enough to find a way to utilize their club as a tool, and their body as a tool, to hit the necessary shot. Clubs are just piece of metal - make them do what you need them to do… and spend time practicing weird shots from time to time. They’re often the difference between 74 and 77 or something, even with only 1 or 2 per round. 4. Poor distance control putting. Often it’s from an accelerating stroke (short back, long through) or one that’s wristy, but if you can develop good speed, your reads improve from consistent speed, and your putting (both one- and two-putts) improve as well. Spend more time working on the “speed” aspect of putting, and less time when you practice putting just hitting the ball toward a hole and trying to make it. And if you think you’re bad at five footers… just leave yourself fewer five footers per round because of poor distance control! 5. Lack of a “B” Swing or a “Get it Around” swing. This one’s admittedly the toughest here, but when things are going awry, many of you just continue to bleed out all over your scorecard. Spend time on the range developing some sort of “cheater” swing - a shorter, more controlled swing, possibly without much weight transfer back and forward, where you can hit the ball solidly and control the clubface pretty well, to at least keep the ball between the ropes and near the greens.
  3. PGA Tour Working On Program to Provide Access For College Stars | Golf Channel The PGA Tour might soon have a new feeder system – college golf. Two quotes stand out to me. … and… Making the leap from college to the pros often happens at a terrible time of year. Either you bail on your team mid-way through the season (in November or thereabouts), or you are stuck trying to make it as a pro with status on no Tour after the NCAA tournament in May.
  4. Just say what you want after you answer the poll. I have degrees in French, medicinal chemistry, and computer science. Though I still use my CS degrees, and my scientific background (both daily), they're not really close to what I "do" most days.
  5. I have been enthralled with the Golf Channel's coverage of the NCAA Championships for the last several years, and I imagine this year will be no different. This year, they are hosting it at Eugene Country Club (just off the campus of the University of Oregon). For those who haven't watched, here's a quick rundown of the format: Days 1-4 - 72 hole individual stroke play to determine the individual National Champion, as well as (and more importantly) the eight teams who will compete in the team match play finals. Each team has 5 players competing and the 4 best scores for each day count towards the cumulative team total. Day 5 - Quarterfinals and Semifinals of the team match play. 5 singles matches. Day 6 - Team match play finals. First the women, who started Friday, with the first day of TV coverage being yesterday, or the final day of the individual. The individual championship is one thing (a Freshman from Duke ran away with it this year - winning by 7 or 8 shots), but the team fight for the final eight is the most intriguing. It's so easy to make up or lose one, two, three strokes in a matter of minutes. Yesterday there were 4 or 5 different teams holding down that 8th spot throughout the day, which ultimately went to home team Oregon after Oklahoma State and Arizona had chances on the last few holes to catch or pass them but fell short. The final totals from yesterday: Anybody who is watching, feel free to discuss it here (I'll probably disappear until late tonight because I'm recording it all and will watch later) ... and if you weren't planning on watching, I recommend you give it a try. It's a lot of fun! Here's a few random photos: Individual champion, Virginia Elena Carta (will also be competing in team match play) The #4 seeded Washington University team. This was the pivotal moment in OK State missing out - that girl went bunker-bunker-bunker on her last hole, leading to a triple (I believe) and they fell 3 shots short.
  6. So for some back story I had played a little golf here and there up until januaty 2016, it was my junior years golf season start and I wanted to be good. I was a 100s golfer in 2015 and these were my 2016 results thus far 101, 98, 95, 93, 93, 90, 87, 91, 85 each new score is one week later and new tournament. I have started practicing everyday and now work at a golf course and have improved vastly (partly thanks to my swing coach Mark Gray I highly recommend his website www.theprozone.net) as of today my handicap calculated from April 25th to may 22nd is - 7.4, today I played 9 holes and was only 2 over. I plan to keep practicing every day this summer and am playing on the STPGA Junior Tour and the Beltway Jr Golf Tour, I will update yall with each tournament. I hope to earn a spot on a college team, scholarship or not, and eventually move up to a bigger school. I want to either be a tour pro/pro am player or a PGA caddie. I hit about 50% greens in regulation and 80% fairways and these numbers are growing higher every time I play. I can make all 10ft> putts basically and many 15ft and some 20ft. I have basically dropped 20+ strokes in 5 months and am only getting more into golf daily. Any advice, tips, recommendations, etc. Are appreciated! PS I'm 17, going into my senior year, and live in the Austin Texas metropolitan (between Driftwood and westlake).
  7. Not sure if any of you guys are keeping up with college golf, but the Men's regionals are underway. Today was day 2 of 3. The top 5 teams from each region will advance to the National Championship Tournament being held in Eugene, OR. You can keep up with the current scores from each regional on Golfstat.com. I'm watching the Stillwater regional closely since that is where Clemson is. Clemson currently sits in 4th place after a tough start yesterday, but they bounced back today and are in pretty good position heading into tomorrow.
  8. Scott0305


    My name is Scott. I'm about a 2 handicap and play as often as I can. I say that because I've been in the airforce for 4 years since I graduated highschool and have 2 years left on my enlistment. I plan to get out after that and go to school using my GI Bill. I've been looking into play college golf but there's not a lot of information about people in my situation. Basically I've gathered this: I'm eligible to play, I don't really need a scholarship(GI Bill for that) but that I don't have any kind of resume for my playing ability. I've worked hard at my game to get to a 2 handicap, and I think I can play with anyone competitively, and if I had access and the time that some kids have I know I would improve greatly. I guess my question is how do I get noticed and would any schools actually want me on their team. Any advice or info is welcome. Thanks,Scott
  9. http://www.vice.com/read/talking-to-american-debt-dodgers-who-moved-to-europe-to-avoid-paying-off-their-student-loans-111 So, the debt problem is getting bad, and some people are moving to Europe to dodge their educational debts. I had student loans, but paid them off years ago when I re-financed the mortgage on my house, which (except for a 0% interest loan on a car), is the only debt we carry. And it'll be paid off ahead of schedule, and is financed at a pretty darn good rate itself.
  10. My men's golf team won the AMCC Championship this past weekend with a two-day score of 637 (keeping the best four out of five scores). That works out to 79.625 on a fairly difficult layout at Avalon Lakes Golf & Country Club. ALGCC is a Pete Dye course that, like many Pete Dye courses, is very target-golf oriented. Dye seems to love to use visual trickery to goad players into going for more than they can handle. Sure, it rewards the long drive into the very narrow alley way between water and bunkers, but it punishes a slight miss more heavily than the reward of being 20 yards closer to the green for the approach shot. So, my guys worked their butts off during the practice round(s) to learn a few things: How far was it to the various hazards and things.What lines should they take off the tee that kept them short of those kinds of things.Which side of the hole do you favor with your second shot, even if you're going for the green.How did the greens react to shots:From around the greens.From the fairway.From the rough.That's all we did. We didn't keep a score. We didn't talk about which pins to attack, or which holes to attack. In our minds, every hole presented the same opportunity: a chance to get a Green in Regulation (GIR is King, after all) and a chance to make a two-putt par. Occasionally they'd hit one close (even if aiming for the center of the green), and occasionally they'd reach a par five in two, and sometimes they'd make a longer putt for a birdie. When they were out of position, I stressed getting an nGIR and playing to give themselves a reasonable par putt. Sometimes reasonable was 30 feet. Other times it was four or five. I don't think that my team necessarily hit the ball too much better than the other players on the other top two or three teams. I got to see a fair amount of their players, and they hit a lot of good shots, too. They certainly weren't 21 strokes worse (nearly three shots per player per round), or worse - the winning margin the men created for themselves. I think it came down to the GamePlan, and that is the only credit I'll take in helping them win their fifth straight AMCC Championship, earning an automatic bid to the NCAA finals in May (in Rochester, NY).
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