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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone im new to the site and ive recently made the decision to start playing golf everyday, have stuck to it for 2 weeks and plan to carry on. I really want to improve my game alot so came here to see what drills everyone recommends which will dramaticly improve a specific thing in my game rather than me just going round everyday not improving too much. For example, the drill where you place two tees either side of your ball on the putting green, i was wondering if someone could clarify that one up for a start so i know what it improves and how to do the drill talked about. If everyone can let me know some drills like this in that format, it would really improve my game and i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. 🙂
  2. Hi, does anybody have a good drill for consistency? I am a 12-handicapper who am pretty satisfied with my swing. Even my pro agrees that I am in good positions in my swing. I have improved my "best game" a lot last year, BUT also lowered my "worst game". Today I had 8 pars (good) but also 5 double-bogeys or worse. "Only" 5 bogeys. I had 8 shots that were at least 30 yards off my intended line And these misses were typically pull-draws or push-fades. (Not a lot of side-spin but started very off the line.) So what to do? How can I practice on being consistent? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone. Brand new to the Sand Trap, but have been golfing steadily since 2013 (at least once per week). I have a serious problem with consistency and keeping the ball on the fairway in general. Beginning to get worried I may just not ever be a good player. I average in the mid-90s, and very rarely hit the upper 80's, but still struggle with keeping my scores under 100 from time to time. Lack of consistency has lead to me feeling insecure who I golf with. I know that my partners won't say anything, but I think they are judging me on the inside. While some of my friends who have been playing for the same amount of time are seeing their handicaps lowered to the mid teens, mine has remain unchanged for the better part of 3 years. It stands at a whopping 21! Generally its the drive that causes the most problems. A tee shot that slices 10, 20, or even more yards right lands in the deep stuff (or OB) and sets the tempo for the remainder of the hole. Next thing i know i am hitting an iron fat or shanking over to the other side of the fairway in attempt to correct myself. As a result, I often find my self struggling to a bogey or worse. Its not uncommon for me to have 5 or 6 double and triple bogeys a game. What's sad is that I have about 6-8 holes where things are going good (hitting deep drives down the middle, landing a GIR , 2-putts or less, scrambling for Par, etc.), the constant theme though is sloppy golf and not playing up to my potential. People have told me its practice: Not taking as many opportunities as I should to hit a few buckets or practice my short game. I can't say that's not entirely true, but I don't think that's the whole piece to the puzzle. Something just feels terribly off. For example I played several weeks ago with a relatively new player (maybe a year tops worth of experience). We both had a horrible front nine on a local course, but he finished the back nine 5 strokes lower than me. Plus, I lost about 8 golf balls and he hadn't even gone through a sleeve. If I can't blow away someone new to golf (no offense newbies), its a pretty big kick in the stomach to my confidence. My question is, is there a bigger force at play? Do some people just take longer to progress at the sport? Is it uncommon to have a handicap this high after 4 years and what should I do to correct it? Someone once told me it takes the average golfer about 5 years of steady play to develop consistency. I surely hope that's true. I am finding it harder to want to go out and play the sport I love the most. If anyone out there can share similar experiences it would be most helpful. Driver and woods: TMD Rocketballz Stage 2, Hybrid: Adams Idea A12OS, Irons: TMD Rocketbladez, Wedges: TMD ATV. Putter: Cleveland HB-1 Ball: Prefer Bridgestone E-6 Soft, but overall doesn't seem to matter much, if it flies, its lost.
  4. First time posting on sand trap, I had to vent/pour my soul out somewhere where people maybe able to sympathize, understand and maybe help. This is fresh from a range session which is also probably why I'm posting. I started golfing ~4 years ago and love it. I became hooked after the first good golf shot I shot I hit. I'm infatuated by the game now. I have really worked on my swing from the ground up. I started with the 5 lessons from Mr Hogan. After I established the foundation he teaches in the 5 lessons and got a basic idea of how the golf swing works, I started working on smaller but game impacting issues. For example, I had the club going to far inside on take away. This cause the club to get trapped behind me and I'd have to chicken wing to save it. I worked on this by keeping the club out in front of me longer, using alignment rods and a golf tee in the bottom of the club grip. Tee should follow the belly button the first quarterish of the swing. So for almost all my clubs I was able to focus on particular traits in the issue I was experiencing, research what could be causing them, and work on correcting them. If the issue came back, I had an idea of what I was doing wrong. This applied to all my clubs except one... the driver. I have not spent more time on any other club than that #$@%! !#%!%! !$@%# ing club! I have watched numerous videos , I have bought a swing trainer (kind of like the Orange whip but a cheaper version), I have slowed down my swing, I have tried half swings, I have assessed myself in videos, I have seen an instructor and I am more lost than ever. For the longest time my miss has been a smother duck hook which i would stave off with a chicken wing. After seeing an instructor he said I am taking the club too far inside and that at the top of the back swing, my shaft is coming over the target line. I worked on this for a while with no results. I loosened my grip to get the maximum hinge and "whipping" effect. Thought I had something, tried repeating it the next day, nope, back to square one. I tried combining the previous, results one day, nothing the next. I recently increased my grip size from standard to a mid size grip hoping it would stave off my hook. Welp, I'm going the other direction now. My miss is a slice. I am hitting it dead center of the face. Noticed this today after I put tape on the head. My "power fade" is in the middle of the face and goes farrrr. I tilt the shoulders by angling the torso so they are parallel to the target line, I try and keep my arms together, try and initiate the backswing with my shoulders, I work on starting the down swing with my lower body, keep the head behind the ball, play the ball off arch of my left foot (right handed golfer). Nothing seemed to stick or at least be a general direction to head in. When I thought I had something, it would vanish the next day like some magical unicorn. I am so lost and so frustrated.... I recently started to hit my irons really really well, compresing the ball, and taking divots. My wedges are my confidence club. I feel great when im 90 yards out and a 56 degree in my hand. 5 and 3 wood i am getting better and more confident at the more I practice. My putting I've been working on ALOT. Alignment, rolling it consistently, follow through etc etc. But none of this matters if I can't hit a fairway. I played at one of my favorite courses the other day and shot an 88 but hit only 2 fairways. If it wasn't for my irons I would have shot a 108. If I could have hit a couple more fairways, I think i could have been in the lower 80s if not even have a shot at breaking into the upper 70s. I have dedicated alot of time to breaking down my driver swing and practicing to get it somewhat consistent and it's affecting my other clubs now. So not only is my driver crappy, its indirectly affecting my other clubs! I post this not necessarily for an instant fix or tip because that doesn't happen in golf, but to see if anyone (and I'm sure plenty have) has experienced this in their golf life, their story if they're will to share and how they dealt with it. Don't get me wrong though, a tip or suggestion won't fall on deaf ears. I'll try and post a video here some time. I look forward to reading people's responses!
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