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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, sorry for being spotty with my presence here. Quit teaching high school after 7 years and entered a good law school. Finals are pretty tough. What little time I have had I've been able to swing on my gc2 a little bit and I've gained a lot of ballspeed in a year. I attribute it mostly to my strength level increases from powerlifting. Also, due to the long lay off, I don't have any swing thoughts or anything to bog me down. I just swing the clubhead like Ernest Jones talked about- just feel the clubhead throughout the swing and a freewheeling sling of the clubhead in the downswing. My average ball speed has gone up about 5 mph across the bag. Ok, here's my question for you guys. Do you prefer to 1) swing away from trouble and bend it back OR 2) swing at the trouble (or just inside it in case you straight ball it) and curve it away? I know there's a lot of variable like wind, pin location, sloping of the green or fairway, doglegs, etc. Further, I understand that many generally play one go-to shape (for me a draw, but i can fade it as well). I haven't played golf on a course in over a year, just 3 times on the sim (law school...) so was wondering what you guys think. I have a copy of LSW, but can't remember if it talks about this topic. When answering the question you can consider a tee shot or approach shot where there's absolute death on one side and the other side is fine. Further, assume for this question that you can draw/fade equally relatively fine. What do you do- aim at/just inside the trouble & curve it away OR aim away and curve it toward the trouble? Thanks guys.
  2. 2 weeks ago I bought a new set of irons, the last one where 15 years old so i didn´t know how far i would hit my 9 iron with the new ones. With the last ones i hitted 140 yards with the 9 iron. Here in Argentina I think trackman exist but if it does it´s really expensive to purchase for and hour to check distances. So i went to the course on and try to figure my distances through the round. The result was that i end up shot of my target most of the time and a few short of the green, never miss in the back. I think there is no worst feeling than hitting a really good iron rigth to the flag and ending way short because of bad club selection. Next day i open and excel and start writting down every hole, with distance intended to shot, iron selection and the result distance. well the result was not good at all. In average i hit 9 yards less than i spected. Thats exactly one club less on each hole. That would not be a problem, to solve it I just need to club up. But that´s not the case, some shot pass the hole 5 yards so if i club up there i´ll be off the green too. What worries me the most is that my deeph dispersion was 30 yards long, from -25 yards short of my target to 5 yards past my target. Im a pretty good striker, my misses regulary are rigth or left not long/short of the green. So there was something that i was missing. That´s when i realised i was not taking into account other factors than distance and wind for my club selection. After online reseach i gather more factors and add them to my excel and how they will afect the distance in yards. With that i could see cleary that my club selection was really poor. I group the factors in categories. Ball Factors: Lie (Tee, fairway, flyer, sand, rough..etc) Ground (Dry, normal, wet) Slope (Sidehill,uphill,downhill) Air factors: Wind speed and direction Temperature Height over sea Green Factors: Height Roll Then i set average yardage of impact on every item... for example.. in ball factors: Lie: A tee up ball on a Par 3 will make in average better contact strokes so i´ll need to hit 5 yards less, so Tee = -5. Fairway is the best lie no efect takes 0 yards. Flyer lies will add distance to a shot so a have to hit 5 yards less, so -5. Sand or rough depending on the length of grass/sand deeph i will reduce distance so i have to hit more, so you have to decide how much, from +5 to infinite. At my home course the worst rough will take 20 yards of a shot. So deep rought will be +20, light rough will be +5.. average rough will be +10. Did the same with the other factors, a mix of online research and 15 years of experience playing golf. Now a real example of that round: Hole 5, 145 yards to the hole (to the middle of the green). I was against the wind but it was a little breeze, no more than 5 yards. So what i did then ?? My 8 iron hits 150 yards so was the rigth club to hit to reach my inteded 145 yards. Hit a decent shot and i end up 15 yards shorter into the bunker. What happened? well, didn´t take into account the other factor´s. Lie was ok in the fairway (0). Slope was flat (0). As i said wind was against (+5). Height over sea, im´practically 1 to 5 meters over the sea so no effect (0) Green Heigth was at the same heigth as me (0) and the green are really soft so the ball stops right away even with a 4 iron with the wind, so no roll (0). At that point of the analisis every thing was OK, the count was +5. 145+5=150, it´s 8 iron!. But now let take into account the last 2 factors: Ball Factors - Ground: the day before rains a lot so the ground was way too soft and the club takes a lot of divot in every shot reducing club speed so the math in there told me that this will reduce my distance in 5 yards so i need to hit 5 more yards. 145 yards + 5 (wind) + 5 (wet ground) = 155 yards Air Factor - Temperature: I measured my distances in december when i started to play again and it was summer with 30 to 40 degrees Celsius ( 86 to 104 Fahrenheit) so the ball flew more. That morning after the rain it was really cold 10°C (50°F). As i read ball flying will reduce 2 yards with a drop of 10°F, so 50°F was arround 5 times that gap so 10 yards less. So temporature = +10. So the final numbers are: 145 yards + 5 (wind) + 5 (wet ground) + 10 Temperature = 165 yards to reach my intended spot in the middle of the green. Now i know why i hit it decent with my 8i (150 yards) but leave it 15 yards shorter into the bunker. Instead i yould hit a 7 iron (160 yards) o 6 iron(170 yards) to be closer to my target, maybe a soft 6 iron. The numbers that day were: Average distance related to target(ADRT): -9 yards Longer miss(LM): +5 yards Shorter miss(SM): -25 yards Deep dispersion(DD): 30 yards. Miss average Ratio(MAR): 10 yards Last weekend applyed this analisis before every shot for 2 rounds and the result where really encouraging. Here I compare the 3 rounds Item 1St 2nd 3er ADRT -9 1 -1 LM 5 15 10 SM -25 -10 -10 DD 30 25 20 MAR 10 3 4 ADRT tells me that my shots now average my intended yards, some longer and some shorter. LM/SM how far o short my worst shot was. DD is important because I norrowed my gap from 30 yards to 20. MAR is very important because my average yards from my target in deeph reduces from 10 to 3,5. Thats 6,5 yards closer to the hole in deeph in average. If i hit it right to the ping I´m going to be in average 3,5 yards away of it, thats 10 feet over the 10 yards (30 feet). If i hit it 10 yards left or rigth i´ll be (using math) 10,6 yards to the hole (31 feet) (missing 3,5deeph X 10width) witch is closer than 14 yards (42 feet) (missing 10deeph X 10width) I hit my irons good all three days´s but the result were better the last 2 day´s. In the first round I shoot a 76 with 10 GIR, in the second shoot a 72 with 12 GIR and the last one shoot 74 with 14 GIR(poor putting). All missed greens where left or right, knowing that i could miss +-10 yards away frmo my intended target i always aimed +10 from the front of the green or -10 from the back of it. My greens are 20 to 30 yards deep so i aimed to the middle of the green or 5 yards away from it if the flag were in the front or in the back. That garanteed me to hit the green at least in deeph. Left or rigth missed could happend. Hope this help you hit more greens and make better club selections.
  3. Note: Apologize for my english.. Hi all, here is my method to decide where i yould aim in an approach shot based on my shot dispersion to minimize the average score for a hole in the long-term. Let assume we are on a Par 3, 100 Yards long to the middle of the green. To simplify the explanation let´s assume we hit the Sand Wedge always exactly 100 yards all the time so we can focus in 1 dimension only (left/rigth misses). Now im going to describe a hole with easy referencies. Each letter represent 5 yard of the element . References: G green, F Fairway, S Sand, R Rough, W Water, O OB, H Hole. Hole: RRRRR SS GGHGG F RRRRR So the flag is in the middle of the green, we have 10 yards of green left and 10 yards of green to the rigth. In the left there´s a bunker 10 yards width, and after that just rough. In the rigth we have no bunker, just 5 yards of fairway and rough beyond that. The green is 25 yards width. Where do you aim? well this is an easy one, i assume all of you would aim for the center of the green towards the flag. me too! but why ? Well i know that the dispersion of my shots are abount 10%. What´s this? Is how much i can miss a shot either to the left or rigth. So if i have like this shot 100 yards to the green i can either miss rigth or left a maximum of 10 yards (10% of 100 yards). So if i aim for the flag (H leter) and miss 10 yards left or rigth i will still hit the green both ways. Lets say i play this hole 100 times, 20 times i will miss 10 yards rigth, 20 times i will miss 5 yards rigth, 20 will go around the hole, 20 will miss 5 yards left and 20 will mis 10 yards to the left. This is because yo never know where the ball is going to go. You just can know how far you can miss rigth or left in your worst shot and work with it. (this is asumming equal dispersion) Now let´s apply some numbers, let´s use the average scores the pro does from an specific distance and lie. Let´s say that the balls witch lands in the hole area are on average 2,5 yards to the hole, thats 7,5 feet. From that distance a pro average 1,48 putts. The ones 5 Yards away have an average of 15 feet and 1,79 putts. The ones 10 yards away (30 feet) average 1,98 putts. So we have 40 balls landing 30 feet away, 40 balls landing 15 feet away and 20 landing just 7,5 feet around the hole. We sum up each score per ball and divide ir by 100. (20*1,48 + 40*1,79 + 40*1,98)/100 = 1,8. 1,8 is the average score for all the ball shot to that green, let add the approach shot aand our average for that Par 3 is 2,8. (in this 1 dimensional world) What if im 50 yards to the hole ? my dispersion drops now to 5 yards (10% of 50 yards). 33 balls will end 5 yards left from the flag, 34 will end up around the hole and the other 33 will end up 5 yards rigth. Same math as before: (66*1,79+34*1,48)/100 = 1,68. Now our average from that distance is 2,68 shots. What happens if we aim 5 yards left to the flag?? 33 balls will land 10 yards left, 34 will land 5 yards left and 33 will land arround the hole. Same numbers... (33*1,98+34*1,79+33*1,48)/100 = 1,75 ! yes, our average raises from 2,68 to 2,75 with the same green, flag and distance. To make the numbers easier, as we are hitting 33 balls per letter, let just shot one to each one. The formula of the last hole will be like this. (1,98+1,79+1,48)/3 = 1,75 What happens if the flag is 5 yards left to the middle of the green from 100 yards (10 yards dispersion)?? let´s see the hole: Hole: RRRRR SS GHGGG F RRRRR Now where do you aim ??? Some will say they aim for the flag, some will say aim at the middle of the green. Let try hitting towards the flag. We have 1 ball landing near the ping, 1 landing 5 yards rigth, 1 landing 10 yards rigth, 1 landing 5 yards left and 1 landing 10 yards left. All the analised balls landed in the green but this last one landed in the sand. Same method, a pro from 10 yards to the pin and with a lie of sand scores 2,39 shots. let´s make the numbers.. (2,39+1,79+1,48+1,79+1,98)/5 = 1,89 (2,89)--> Witch is higher than the 2,8 score calculated with the flag in the middle of the green. Yes, generally as the flag is farther from the middle of the green the hole get´s harder. Let now hit it to the middle of the green. 1 wil land 5 yards left, 1 near, 1 5 yard rigth, 1 10 yards rigth and 1 15 yards rigth. A pro from 15 yards / 45 feet scores 2,09. Same formula: (1,79+1,48+1,79+1,98+2,09)/5 = 1,83 (2,83). In this case aiming to the middle of the green (2,83) is better than aimning to the flag (2,89). It´s 0,06 shots better per hole, multiply that by 18 and just aiming a little better will reduce 1,08 shots per round in this easy scenario. Away from the numbers, what we do is to try to hit the green with all our balls avoiding shots that in average are harder to score than a ball in the green. In this case we prefer aim a little rigth and accept to putt from 15 yards if we miss rigth and making our worst left miss still hit the green avoiding the sand trap. This is easy math to understand our chances in a hole a where do we should aim for better score in the long term, but I just talk about an easy shot, with a green with just a bunker an plenty of green to be safe with every shoot. (Moreover i´m just appying this approach on 1 dimension (left/right miss), it´s get harder when we analise 2 dimensions (left/rigth and long/short misses combined)) What happens if i hit the same green from 200 yards ? What if the green is thinner?? what if is guarded by Water hazard or OB or both ??? What if the green is huge ? when is better to layup?? where to aim in any other scenario you can imagine ?? Well there´s a lot to talk about if you want to, i´m open for questions or dabate. Abrazo de Gol! (Goal hug)
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