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Found 11 results

  1. I've got an idea, and I'd like buy-in from a good number of people here. I'd like people to commit to doing this every day in April. Since we're all stuck inside (not all, and not literally inside 24/7, but you get the drift), I thought we could use this time to go through a 30-day practice plan. Specifically, my idea is this: Every day I'll produce a video showing you something to practice for five minutes. I'll post the video in the morning. I'd like everyone to practice that for five minutes, in your home, that day. I'd like everyone to post that they did it, and what they thought about it, and if possible a video of themselves doing the drill or game or whatever. I have got a few good ideas for the first four or five days, and will talk with @mvmac and some other guys about what we can do on different days. Some will be putting, short game, full swing… but all will be a drill you can do in just five minutes. They may not be something you specifically need to do, but since rehearsing good moves is a good thing, I'll again ask that everyone sign up and do it. I'm making this a challenge, so anyone who can do 28+ of the 30 daily drills will earn the badge at the end of the month. I'll keep the drills simple - you won't need to visit a range or even necessarily hit a golf ball (the putting things may involve an actual golf ball), so everyone can do them. Why? Again, if we're gonna be stuck inside, or at home, we can at least do some things to improve our golf. It'll help stave off boredom (for me as much as y'all) and give us something to do together. Post below if you're in, and on April 1, I'll post the first video. (Hint: it's gonna be about the first part of the backswing. 🙂) Index: Day 01 - Early Backswing Day 02 - Shoulder Pitch Day 03 - Trail Elbow at A4 Day 04 - Lead Wrist Conditions Day 05 - Delivering the Clubhead Day 06 - Chipping (Leading Edge) Day 07 - Pitching (Sole or "Glide") Day 08 - Putting (Rhythm, Tempo, and Sticks) Day 09 - Snapping Sticks Day 10 - Full Swing Flow Day 11 - Putting Pendulum Day 12 - Trail Arm Throwing Day 13 - High Pitches and Flops Day 14 - Eye-Hand-Club Coordination Day 15 - Putting "Bead" Work Day 16 - Double Stork Drill Day 17 - Double Noodle Drill Day 18 - Swing Path Gate Drill Day 19 - Trail Side Band Pull Day 20 - Lead Arm Throwing Day 21 - Low Point Control Day 22 - Proper Setup Day 23 - Pre- and Post-Shot Routine Day 24 - Trail Arm Pitching Day 25 - Sequencing Drills Day 26 - Turn, Tilt, Extend Day 27 - Early Extension Day 28 - Advanced Shoulder Tilts Day 29 - Advanced Stick Work Day 30 - Swing Mapping
  2. That topic is for discussing golf in this time, this topic is for discussing COVID-19 itself.
  3. Seems like times like these brings out the best and worst of people. The media loves to show the guy with 50 rolls of TP in his cart and even here things have gotten a little tense from time to time, I am a guilty party to that myself. So I will start with something positive from the Covid-19 pandemic. I usually play in the late afternoons at my course and I rarely say two words to anyone because everyone there at that time is in a rush to get in their game before dark. Now though it seems people stop and talk, from a distance of course, and I have met several people and wound up playing with them. You have to walk when I get there so you eventually you are going to run into someone and strike up a conversations. Also, in the neighborhood people are talking and being outside which is way out of the norm for my little corner of the Island. In that way it's a good thing to come from this. What have you seen or done that is a positive from all of this?
  4. I've heard this question on a few radio shows, so I will ask it here. Where is the first place you are going to go have a dine-in meal when this is all over and restaurant dining rooms are open again? For me, there is a little roadside joint called the 571 Grill with awesome smoked wings that are flash fried right before they're served. The have a great selection of micro-brews. That's where I'm headed.
  5. Just for fun, if the COVID-19 pandemic had a theme song, what should it be? If possible, post a YouTube video link. And GO! Stand Back - Stevie Nicks
  6. Heard from someone who would know: four Korn Ferry Tour people* tested positive for COVID-19 and are out at this week's event. * The asterisk is because I don't know if it was players or caddies. I'm also not seeing news of this anywhere online, so I'm hiding the topic for now.
  7. An interesting topic to think about with some courses having moved to walking only. Will players that are being forced to walk now (if they even play) continue the trend once things return to normalcy, because they find that they like it more? Will golf courses end up raising fees if they see revenue fallout if there are less carts being rented? Discuss if you like, I'll chime in my thoughts after a few replies. Edit* This is geared toward American golf trends. I know that most of the world already walks almost all of the time.
  8. I think it could have been, for two reasons: It may have weeded out some of the failing courses. This can be healthy for a market as a lot of these perpetually-near-failing courses will do some last-ditch efforts to undercut competition, providing poor golf experiences at a cheap rate. It may have driven up interest in the game overall, as one of the "relatively safe, healthy ways to get outside, exercise, socially distance but still socialize in person, and compete" types of ways. See the link and quote below (red). Golf course operators have had to get creative. They've maybe learned something about pace of play, as many places are seeing increased pace of play (this in spite of the fact that people should almost be incentivized to stay out and enjoy the course as long as they can when the alternative is going back to "stay at home") with different tee time gaps, different cart or walking policies, etc. Golfers are re-learning in many places that they can WALK and enjoy 9 or 18 holes, hopefully with a push-cart, but sometimes even just carrying a lighter set and a Sunday bag, etc. Many golf courses, given a month or two with limited or no play, but with allowed course maintenance, have been able to really have a great spring, really heal up and become healthier than they have been in a while. Right as the true golf season in many states is about to start, the golf courses are in prime shape, or better than they have been in recent years. (Maybe golfers will appreciate this and do more to take care of their courses, repairing ball marks, etc. Broken windows theory type stuff.) There are probably some other ways. As Golf Courses Reopen, New Players Take Up the Long Walk - The New York Times Every state has opened their golf courses, giving golf a chance to expand its reach to people looking for a safe outdoor respite. This is a quote but because I don't want any of it to be hidden by our quoting plugin that hides stuff after about 50 pixels of height, I've made it red and added my own emphasis. There are more than 16,000 golf courses in America and only a quarter are private clubs. With schools padlocked, fitness centers closed and many parks and playgrounds off limits, golf — with social distancing restrictions — has become a rare outdoor respite that combines exercise, companionship, competition and space. “With so many things you can’t do right now and so few things you can do,” Withington said, “golf has never felt so much like a freedom.” Moreover, golf course operators nationwide said they are seeing something new in their client behaviors and demographics: entire families, cooped up at home, are arriving at the first tee to play together; sales of discounted youth golf passes are exploding; and more golfers are walking the course because usually only family members can share a cart. “I’m also seeing a lot of people who haven’t played golf in a while,” said Scott Krieger, the head pro and general manager at Broadmoor Golf Course in Portland, Ore. “And more fathers and sons, fathers and daughters and husbands and wives, too.” But basically, the last two paragraphs.
  9. No grandstands, spectator tracking among safety protocols at Memorial Memorial Tournament director Dan Sullivan outlined various new social distancing protocols for fans as they plan to host spectators on-site in July. Here's the part I'm not sure I like at all: There are easier and less personally identifying ways to see how many people are "collecting in a certain area." Especially when you have a few hundred staff and volunteers, cameras, a blimp, etc.
  10. My first round of post lockdown golf was scheduled for 7:00am on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. In the Mitten we are currently limited to walking only. I was planning on going solo since my two regular golf buddies had bailed. One friend has a bad back and can’t walk a course. The other has decided to skip golf until the “virus thing” has worked itself out. As instructed, I used the online system to book my solo round. I was lucky and got the first scheduled tee time of the day. The course was limiting groups to three or less and tee times had 12-minute splits. When I scheduled my time, the next group was 7:24am. Unless someone signed up with me, it looked like there would be decent spacing of the groups. As I drove to the course on Tuesday morning, I was excited and a bit nervous. Would there be a crowd of golfers milling around the parking lot and first tee? Did someone sign up with my tee time to make it a threesome? Having not touched a club since March 20, would I be able to hit the ball? I rolled into the completely empty parking lot at 6:45am. So far so good … until I walked over to the fence surrounding the course and discovered the entry gate was locked. Okay, I was a little early so I was prepared to wait a bit. Then another car rolled into the parking lot and it was the course manager. We greeted each other from 30 feet and he said once he got the computer up and running, I could show my receipt to him through a clubhouse window. No one was allowed to enter the clubhouse. 10 minutes later I was standing on the first tee. No one had taken the other two slots at 7:00am so I was solo. While I enjoy having company on the course, for my maiden COVID round I was happy to not need to social distance. A small miracle occurred on the first hole. I striped a drive down the middle and then put my approach on the green, pin high. At that point, I became acquainted with the first of several COVID adaptations: the upside down cup. This course flipped the hole liner/flagstick holder upside down. The result was an extremely shallow “hole”. A putt with any speed often would roll over the inverted cup liner or bounce off the flagstick. Maybe 50% of my putts managed to stay in the “hole”. I decided if I hit the flagstick, I would consider the putt holed unless I really rammed it. Another issue was the bunkers. Naturally, there were no rakes to prevent multiple people handling the same rake. The course had only been open to the public since Monday but there had been no attempt to rake out the bunkers before the morning’s play. Fortunately, on this day, I did not end up in any bunker. If I had, I was prepared to play it as it lay or take relief from severe “damage”, depending on the situation. As a solo golfer with no one in front of me, I finished the 18 fairly quickly. I was generally happy with my ball striking, short game and putting. The course was in decent shape with freshly cut and smooth greens. Their speed was a bit less than mid-season but a few times I was happy about that. The fairways were cut and allowed some bounce/roll and they had also cut the rough to playable height. The course appeared to be mostly open as I toured the 18. After making the turn, I had the entire back nine to myself. I had read some posts that a few local courses were packed and that very slow play was the rule. That was not my experience this day. Social distancing was easy and as the first one out of the gate, pace was never an issue. On my way to the parking lot the manager, superintendent and a worker were chatting together (6 feet apart!). I thanked them for keeping the course in good condition and for making it possible for golfers like me to play. I am scheduled to play another course in a couple days with a foursome of acquaintances. I hope things go as smoothly as my first time playing COVID golf.
  11. Earlier yesterday I received a letter that mandated I close TST due to its status as a "non-essential" business. As many others know, Governor Tom Wolf of PA has closed golf courses state-wide, and now is closing all golf-related activity, despite courses in OH, NY, and WV remaining open so long as they follow the proper guidelines. At midnight tonight, I'm shutting TST down in order to comply with the order from Governor Wolf. This is a sad day, and I can only hope that we will be able to re-open TST at some point in June or July or whenever we finally get the all-clear. In the meantime, please consider signing this petition: Petition · LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF · Change.org LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF Thank you. I'll see y'all on the flip side. P.S. Please check back tomorrow, as I plan to leave at least a comment form where you can sign your name and forward a pre-written email to Governor Wolf or something in support of allowing TST to continue operating. Our server, after all, isn't in PA.
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