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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys what's up. Have you ever thought about the importance of the golf ball and being fit for it? I would like to start a discussion on this topic. Let me know. If you don't yet know the difference between different balls I suggest taking a look here: https://www.golfgalaxy.com/s/golf-ball-comparison-chart It merely scratches the surface but it is very helpful in my opinion.
  2. A couple of weeks ago, Bobby from Carve On (carveon.com) wrote and asked if they could send me a customized leather scorecard holder or yardage book. I said yes, sent them the artwork and confirmed my name, and waited. While I waited, I perused their selection. You can see their golf selection here: https://www.carveon.com/collections/golf-accessories. I watched a video: I perused their story. I took a tour of their workshop. I read their FAQ. I downloaded an image of their "weird" bird logo: (Seriously, what is that thing? I like it.) And then the box arrived, all of four days after they shipped it, and I got to see what they'd sent. Here it is. The package is basically the Tan Personalized Golf Gift Set (https://www.carveon.com/collections/golf-accessories/products/golf-gift-set-tan). It sells for €99, and includes a Personalized Scorecard Holder (https://www.carveon.com/collections/golf-accessories/products/scorecard-holder-tan) and a Personalized Golf Bag Tag (https://www.carveon.com/collections/golf-accessories/products/golf-bag-tag-tan). I'll post more after I've had a chance to use these, but I'll leave you with a list of the things that impressed me most: The packaging is fabulous. The smell, so good. The fold is perfectly square. Nice. The stitching is flawless. The bag tag has a screw, not a snap. Great touch. The logo is GREAT, as is the name. Nice detail, particularly in the sand particles. The leather is soft and supple, but firm enough that it's not going to crumple when you shove it into your back pocket. The box, seriously… I don't want to have to recycle this thing. But alas…
  3. Hi there, thanks for reading also, I signed up specifically to seek help with this unique issue so I am grateful of any feed back. Okay so heres some background, Ill try to not be overly wordy. I am 28, not the best at golf and was given a set of taylormade R7 irons years ago. I usually shoot 105-110 but I hit pretty decent shots and 3 putt or lose a ball and 1 putt. I have started golfing more and wanted to get a newer (used set under 250) of irons. Hit a few dif 7 irons, jpx-800, tm 2.0, ping g15 and liked jpx's the best. So I found a set on ebay, ordered them, they were supposed to show up today and I got a CAR DASHBOARD. Thats a whole nother thread. So ill get my money back, no big deal but heres the dilema. I went to play it again sports (sporting goods store that pays cash for unwanted gear) and I sold my R7 Irons today. Needless to say, ebay turned me off bc I am just frustrated (more at USPS) but what are thoughts on getting a few brand new custom irons aand slowly piecing together a bag. I am 6ft 7 and big hands, so maybe a custom fitting would benefit me? I cant afford a new set of irons custom, but I could work with my Driver, 3 wood, SW, and putter. If I pay 80-90 for a custom ping g30 for my 'bigness' as my friends put it, would that benefit more? I can stock the rest of the bag with a set of spalding something or others that are at my parents. Was thinking a 6, 7 iron (can hit that off the deck about 150 with my r7) and possibly a 9? Anyways thanks for any input. I really appreciate it.
  4. New Callaway Customs Announced Callaway Golf today announced the launch of their Callaway Customs program. All of these Callaway Customs Options will be available for purchase as well starting today. This is the premier custom shop in the golf industry, and the new line of Callaway Customs includes our GBB Epic Drivers, Mack Daddy Forged Wedges, select golf balls, and great Callaway merchandise. We initially launched Callaway Customs last year for our MD3 Milled Wedges, and are now greatly expanding the program. Drivers GBB Epic or GBB Epic Sub Zero - Pricing: $550 - 8 color options - 2 paintfill zones - Includes Callaway Customs headcover Wedges MD3 Milled and Mack Daddy Forged - Pricing: +$15-$45 over standard wedge price - Stamping options: 3 character stamping (basic), 10 character stamping (advanced), or scatter stamping - Paintfill: 7 different areas, including weight ports Golf Ball Pricing: Dependent on options Chrome Soft, Supersoft, Superhot, Warbird Personalization: - 20 characters, 3 lines - Alignment line and initials - 10 character stamping - 4 colors - Custom numbers: (00-99) Callaway Customs Merchandise Mack Daddy Forged Belt Callaway Customs Hats (Pricing varies)
  5. Now that I've finished up a bunch of home DIY projects primarily in anticipation of our WHOLE family coming to our house for the Thanksgiving holiday, it is now 1. cold outside, it came quickly, 2. I don't have many projects left and I'd like to do a fun one. I have a 14 x 21 ft. office that is basically an office/man cave all-in-one. My wife and I have no kids yet but we may have one soon. This would be a good opportunity to create something in the house that I can relax and do while still watching the baby. I started my research and found some awesome custom indoor practice greens with fringe and everything... check the price tag and nearly fell out of my chair! $3,000-$6,000 for something like what I was thinking. I would say my budget is < $1,000. It would be built over the existing tight berber carpet. My main focuses are: 1. A quality, durable, even putting surface. My NC greens are bentgrass. They play slow (stimp 9 to 11 if I recall). If I can get something similar to this that would be excellent. I don't mind spending more for higher quality here. 2. I would like fringe around the majority of the perimeter because it should look a little nicer and it would be good practice putting from some fringe (which I often do). Our fringe is typically bermuda - so something like this would be great. I believe my initial design has some good space to include some larger sections of fringe. 3. I do not care about adding break components in this project. I'd rather focus my indoor practice on getting putts on line and some distance control with good, straight and flat feedback on my stroke. 4. I want it to have real holes. I'll also get short flag sticks. I've attached my rough draft I just whipped up of my initial design thoughts. It should be relatively to scale. Rough overall dimensions would be 7' x 17'. Right now I'm thinking I'll make the base out of 2x4, 3.5-in height + 1/2-in drywall is about ~4-inches tall plus putting/fringe surfaces. I'm worried though that because of the overall length of the green that it will flex under the padding of the carpet. Maybe not a big deal though? I might be overthinking that one. For the various more rounded edges I'll just do multiple cuts at varying degrees of edge cut to make a turn and then just cut a more rounded fringe? Or maybe find a more creative way? I think the areas I need the most help with are the surface materials, what type, where to get them, how to apply them best, and also some design components for good practice. Should I make a larger chunk of it fringe? Maybe the first 3-5 ft from the top area all fringe? Hole locations? Different fringe area cutouts? What would you do to maximize practice/drills (but without any break ) Here's some stuff online that I really liked: http://www.carolinacustomputtinggreens.com/indoor-putting-greens I would likely start this build in late February 2017. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. TIA!
  6. I have decided to upgrade my clubs. I live in Jacksonville, so I visited MasterFit in Orange Park. The person I talked to in the store said they have been in business for over 20 years. He showed me the swing monitors, a whole bunch of charts and graphs from the previous fitting session, showing clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, the flex in the shaft, so on and so forth. It appears to be a very professional and experienced fitting company. The prices seem very reasonable for a set of irons, ranging from around $400 to around $800, depending on what kind of shaft, head, etc. Here is my question. What they sell is their own private label club heads. They aren't Mizuno, Titleist, etc. clubs. They are MasterFit clubs. Are these private label clubs as good as brand name clubs?
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