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  1. Per this chart, do you play the correct tees? Here are the tee yardages per the chart above (see the bottom of the chart for 9- and 18-hole yardages): In other words, if you carry the ball 200 with your driver and it rolls out to 215 to 220 or so, you should be playing a course that's about 5618 yards. Carry it 225 so it rolls out to nearly 250, and you can move up to 6276. Only those who carry it 250 (total of 270 or so) should play from as far back as 6830.
  2. PING - Blogs Pretty good article from Chris Broadie, the head of fitting science at Ping, showing the advantage of hitting the ball straighter. Outliers like Bubba Watson (he's mentioned in the article) aside, better players tend to curve the ball less. That makes sense. Straighter shots are more accurate and more predictable, so it would lead to better golf scores. Chris demonstrates the effect of large curves by using a tour pro's impact variability and simulating straight shots ( average of 0° face-to-path) vs a big draw (average of -6° face-to-path) So if the average tour player were to hit drives with large curves, he would lose 24 yards off the tee and gain 12% accuracy. People always like to have the distance vs accuracy debate, but I don't think anyone can reasonably argue that 12% accuracy is worth losing 2-3 clubs for on the second shot. He does point out that the accuracy can be advantageous. I suppose if you hit the ball 320 yards, you can afford to hit it 296 yards to get a better chance at hitting the fairway when you really need to. The 1.1 strokes per round is significant though. That's a lot of strokes the simulated tour player is giving up off the tee with the bigger curve. A more realistic scenario for a tour player looks like this: Here you can see the difference between the straight shot vs the curved shot is negligible. So a curve is not bad in and of itself, but too much curve and you're not getting the most out of your drives.
  3. Greetings, As some of you may be aware, today at 11 a.m. ET, the USGA and R&A will jointly release the Distance Insights Report as well as an accompanying paper with conclusions based on our findings. You and all of our USGA members are central to our organization, and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you directly what we have done and what we have planned going forward. As part of our mission to champion and advance the game, we are determined to lead the way in addressing the key challenges facing golf so that it may continue to thrive for future generations. Recognizing that increasing hitting distance is one of those challenges, the Distance Insights project was launched in 2018 as a joint initiative of the USGA and R&A. The report we are now publishing provides the most comprehensive research and analysis on the past, present and future impacts of distance in golf. It’s clear from our research that for more than 100 years there has been a cycle of increased hitting distance at all levels of the game and, correspondingly, increases in the length of golf courses. We believe this continuing trend is not in the best interests of the game in the long term and it needs to be addressed. As we stated at the project’s onset, we are not proposing any solutions in connection with this report. As described in the accompanying paper (Conclusions from the Distance Insights Project: Implications of Hitting Distance in Golf), we will now begin to work on developing and assessing potential solutions. We intend to continue being deliberate and thoughtful during this next phase while inviting participation from across the industry. I encourage you to visit the Distance Insights homepage if you would like to learn more about the report and conclusions. Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Best, Mark Newell, President of the USGA Mike Davis, CEO of the USGA
  4. I am just not getting the results I want I've been Playing Golf for: 40 years My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: not consistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fading the ball too much Videos: attention grab.mp4 - Google Drive
  5. Before you make a smug comment. Yes, it bothers me too no end. Tired of the male ego. Most amateur golfers averages 220 yards(yes with roll) if they are lucky. I mean just the other day i was talking about this on reddit and some guy said I'd be lucky to hit 260 with my slow looking swing. Hes trying to act like this distance is a bad thing. I'd be in the top 10 percentile regarding distance against amateurs. Seen so many people talk shit on reddit and once i browse through their history i'm able to obtain their swing video and its laughable. Ya right you carry it 280... give me a effing break. Just stop nobody believes you swing 115 too 120 mph bro. Statistic data backs up my point. Most 0-5 handicap only averages 250 distance. I have never ran across someone IRL who hits 300 and i play single twilight heavily and mix up with people all the time. No, that one perfect drive you muscled out their with all your might bouncing off a cart-path doesn't mean you average 300. I've rarely ran across anyone who hit it further than i do. Usually only time this occurs was when i use to play AJGA tournaments as a junior and these guys shoot under par on the regular. Most people also don't even read the articles provided and brush it off stating it has "old people" mixed into it. If they actually read the article it goes by handicap. That "old guy" who has a 5 handicap can out-drive your 30+ handicap ass anyday and i put my house on it. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-your-distance-reality-check/ https://blog.trackmangolf.com/performance-of-the-average-male-amateur/
  6. Here's Mike Bender, otherwise a good instructor, doling out some misguided information. First, let's see how accurate that is: At 100 yards in the rough, PGA Tour players average 3.02. At 175 in the fairway, they average 3.07. Close enough. At 80, it's 2.96. At 155, it's 2.97. Close enough. At 120, it's 3.08. At 195, it's 3.17. That's not super close - it's a tenth of a stroke, or 1.4 strokes in favor of being in the rough per round. At 140, it's 3.15. At 215, it's 3.3. Not really close. Over a round with 14 driver holes, that's 2.1 strokes. Here's the other problem, and it's one commonly made by people who make comments like "distance sounds great but I don't want to play every drive from the trees." This isn't how it works. The longer hitters are not "hitting from the trees" all that often. In fact, despite what Mike Bender says, they're not hitting from the ROUGH much more often, either. Look at the 2017 driving accuracy stats. First place: 72.73% (by absolute world-beater [sarcasm] Ryan Armour). A player who hits 2 fewer fairways ranks all the way down at almost 125th place (at about 58.44% fairways hit). Those people are Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Rose, and Branden Grace. Being as little as 20 yards ahead on EVERY tee shot OFTEN outweigh the disadvantage of being in the rough one to two extra times per round. (72.73% of 14 is 10.18, 58.44% is 8.18.) It's not like short hitters are gaining strokes with every drive. Truth be told, they're only gaining strokes on about 2 to 2.5 drives per round. On the other 12 or so, they're losing strokes to the longer hitters: they're losing strokes on the 8.18 fairways the longer hitters also hit, and the 3.82 fairways that even the short hitters miss. Mike Bender should know better. One of his students, Zach Johnson, would absolutely take an extra 20-30 yards, even if it came at the cost of a fairway or two per round. After all…
  7. http://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/driving-distance/2018 Annual Driving Distance Report.pdf This is from the press release: LIBERTY CORNER, N.J. and ST ANDREWS, Scotland (Jan. 29, 2019) – The USGA and The R&A have released the 2018 Annual Driving Distance Report, containing driving-distance data from seven men’s and women’s professional golf tours around the world. This is the fourth annual distance report issued by the game’s governing bodies, completed in an effort to monitor current trends in driving distance. The 2018 data show that driving distances on these seven tours increased by an average of 1.7 yards, beyond the previous year’s gain of more than 3 yards. The full report, which can be found via this link, summarizes data provided by the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, PGA European Tour, Ladies European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, Web.com Tour and PGA TOUR Champions Tour based on available data at the time of publication. Introduced in 2015, the report includes data starting with the 1968 PGA TOUR season. The average driving distance is typically measured on two holes at each tournament and usually results in nearly 40,000 shots being measured over the course of a season on some tours. The USGA and The R&A continue to be diligent in studying the long-term effect of distance on the game of golf, a global focus first expressed in their Joint Statement of Principles delivered in 2002. In that document, the organizations reinforced their commitment to ensure that skill is the dominant element of success throughout the game, and that all factors contributing to distance would be considered on a regular basis. The 2018 report represents one set of data among the already substantial collection of information currently being studied within the context of the ongoing Distance Insights project, which was launched last May to provide a comprehensive and definitive study of the past, present and future impacts of distance at all levels of the game globally. A progress update on work conducted to date on the Distance Insights project will be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2019. The USGA and The R&A remain on target to distribute the comprehensive Distance Insights report in the latter half of 2019.
  8. Update (9-19-18): https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=153511775654 <---- Visit that URL and complete the survey, please! http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/advancing-the-game/distance-insights.html Many of you have shared their feedback here (the topic below), but the USGA is courting it at the URL above: Have at it! The USGA and The R&A Launch Golf's Global Distance Insights Project LIBERTY CORNER, N.J. USA AND ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND (May 15, 2018) - The United States Golf Association (USGA) and The R&A have launched a comprehensive project to analyze distance in golf and gather perspectives from the worldwide golf community. The Distance Insights project will examine distance through a multi-pronged approach that includes global stakeholder engagement, third-party data review and primary research. Focus groups and discussion forums will play an important role in the project, to secure a broad range of perspectives throughout golf. Beginning today, anyone interested in the topic can provide feedback by visiting usga.org/distanceinsights or randa.org/distanceinsights or by emailing either association directly. “The topic of increased distance and its effects on the game have been discussed for well over a century. We believe that now is the time to examine this topic through a very wide and long lens, knowing it is critical to the future of the game,” said Mike Davis, CEO of the USGA. “We look forward to delving deeply into this topic and learning more, led by doing right by golf, first and foremost.” Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A, said, “Distance in golf is a complex issue which is widely debated at all levels of the sport. It is important that we collate all of the relevant data and hear the many different perspectives on this issue that exist in the international golf community. We intend to conduct this process openly, comprehensively and promptly and will work with all of the key stakeholders to ensure we have a fully rounded view of distance and its implications.” Stakeholder groups invited to participate in the project include amateur and professional golfers, worldwide professional golf tours, golf course owners and operators, golf equipment manufacturers, golf course architects, golf course superintendents and others. Among the many topics to be explored, the organizations will seek distance-related data on pace of play, golf course construction and maintenance practices, the evolution of equipment, golf course design and player enjoyment and participation. The USGA and The R&A will engage various golf industry stakeholders through 2018, with plans to deliver a report in 2019.
  9. I was hitting a Seve driver Ballesteros 10.5 loft driver and irons with regular flex. Never gave flex much thought until now. Was looking to buy a set of TaylorMade (TM) M1 Irons and 'woods'. To better understand what flex I needed, I went for a 30 min lesson with radar for club head speed and tracker for distance etc. TM recommend assessment using 6 iron and driver. 6 iron head speed was 92 mph and distance 168 yards. TM would rate this as Stiff for distance and Tour Stiff for head speed. The driver head speed wasn't measured but average distance over 100 balls was 258 yards and max was 286 yards. TM would recommend Tour Still for max distance but Stiff for average distance. As I am coming back from a 5-7 year hiatus, the instructor said the head speed and distance would only get better. I took ownership of the M1 .9.5 loft yesterday afternoon. I ordered Stiff in both irons and 'woods' based on instructor recommendation and TM fitting table albeit I was concerned that, should my game improve, I would need Stiffer So here's the question: I was hitting yesterday 258 yards average, and 286 yards max over 100 balls with the old Seve 10.5 loft and reg flex. I expected to blitz that with the new M1 9.5 loft with Stiff flex. I was wrong. I am obtaining only 244 yards average distance over 100 balls and 276 yard. Well short of my Seve. Worth noting that both has similar consistency. Any advice? Is the guide flex chart wrong? Is it the loft insufficient?
  10. I was recently fitted for a new set of Ping i500 irons. I was playing an older set of Mizuno JPX 800 pros. After a few hours on the range, it didn’t look like the new irons were going longer. The lofts on the i500 are about 2 degrees less than my mizuno (long to mid iron, pw and gw are the same) My 7-iron is about a 170 yard club, but I seem to be about 5-10 yards shorter with the new irons. During the fitting, I went thru about 4 different shafts before I got something that gave me good numbers in the Trackman. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I know the i500 has been promoted as being longer, so I wasn’t expecting less distance.
  11. From time to time, the topic of modern irons and jacked up lofts comes up and a common criticism is that individual irons hitting farther creates wider gaps at the scoring end of the bag. I thought about this a little bit and I realized, as I'm getting better at the game, I almost never hit a full swing on an approach shorter than 150 yards. I've always liked the partial wedge yardage system and this year I finally mapped mine, but I also find myself using the knockdown or 3/4 swing approach to hitting greens with short irons more and more. As a result, even though my full swing yardage gaps are wider towards that end of the bag than they would be with "traditional" (I use the quotation marks there because I've been using a set of modern blades which are closer to traditional lofts) irons, I'm not actually losing anything in terms of having options for specific yardages. In fact, I have far more options available to me inside 150 than I do outside of it. This made me think a bit about the rest of the bag. I like my blades, but they're about half a club shorter than my GI irons and as long as I don't have issues with holding greens, I want those 5-7 extra yards. That can't hurt my game at all. It makes me want to go back to "jacked up" GI irons for my next set. Yes, irons going farther forces you to carry more wedges, but I like carrying 3 or 4 wedges and I like how it has forced me to learn different shots for different situations. I can understand how some people would be unhappy that their full swing gaps are wider where it counts the most, but I feel that forcing yourself into only full swing options kind of holds you back. Thoughts?
  12. The three things I can think of that determine when I lay up and when I go for a green are 1) distance, 2) lie, and 3) how protected the green is. (There are other factors such as the weather or how I'm playing on a particular day, but I thought it would be better to keep it simple.) I'll start off by saying that I can't remember ever laying up on a par 3. I don't play long courses or from the back tees much, so a par 3 beyond 200 yards is rare. Most of those longer par 3's generally have more room for less than perfect shots. So I'm mostly asking about approach shots from the fairway or rough. Distance This is probably the biggest determining factor for me. My longest club for approach shots is my 5w (I recently gave my 3w away). While GG shows I average 192 yards with that club, 180 yards from off the deck is a decent shot. I rarely try approach shots with this club, but will occasionally. The other factors - the target and the lie - play a bigger role with this club than with my long irons. I've learned not to hit out of the rough with this club unless the ball is sitting up, and anything with much of a slope almost guarantees a wayward shot or poor contact. It's something I have to work on but for now, better to lay up than to hit out of a bad lie to a tight green with this club. As far as irons, I try not to lay up when shorter than 150 yards (6 iron) regardless of how tight the green is - as long as the lie isn't horrible. I will try for the green with my 5 or 4i as long as there's room somewhere for a miss. Lie I'd define a decent lie as being on the fairway or in normal rough and sitting up. The ground doesn't have to be perfectly flat, but downhill lies are tougher for me than uphill ones. As the slope increases, so does the difficulty. Fairway bunkers can be tough. I've hit greens from them, but it's tough for me to pick the ball out of a bunker with any kind of consistency. When hit cleanly, I get close to my standard distances... maybe a bit less. The thick rough is difficult for me. I have to remember to grab more club and I rarely get good contact and a high ball flight. If I have a water hazard in front of a green, I would have to think hard about trying for the green from 150 yards with a ball in this thick stuff. As for trouble shots, I'll try to get close to the green with them, but I don't really consider that going for it. If it happens great, but that result is generally more of a happy accident. Greens While I don't hit well from green side bunkers, they aren't as bad as water, and water isn't as bad as thick woods or brush (as in always a lost ball or unplayable lie). Any green that is free of this on three sides is an easier green. I don't mean easy to hit, just easier to go for - even with a fairway wood. Water or brush tight on two sides is an average hole. I'd likely lay up if left with more that 180 yds, but with an ok lie, I'm probably going for it from 170 (4i). These are the kinds of holes where shot zones really help. As a high capper, I obviously can't hit small greens very often with long irons. But I'd like to think I can shift the center of my shot zone over to miss the trouble areas. If I have two sides of a green that are open, I like my chances of leaving myself a short chip at worse. There are a couple holes I play that have trouble tight on all 4 sides. These are the holes I'll go for with mid irons and think twice about with anything longer. Not to say I never hit long irons into them, but I'd need a good lie, a good angle and a bit of confidence on that day. So with my giant shot zones and wimpy distances, I'll rarely go for the green from 190 (off the deck), but will rarely lay up from 150 and in. How about anyone else? When do you decide to play it safe and why?
  13. I'm having a hard time producing the right launch angle on my driver, last week I worked on a trackman and my carry distance with my driver was on average about 215. My ball speed came in at about 139-141 on average but my launch angle was only at a 9. I haven't shot higher then 82 in the past three months but I feel like if I can get my drivers distance up a tad I can have more shorter irons into greens. I have a stiff shaft that came with my driver (titliest 915 d2). My swing coach says that usually if a players ball speed is under 140 is best to stay with a regular shaft. I'm right on the edge of regular and stiff, will getting a regular shaft make a considerable difference? How can I get my launch angle up to 10-12? Thanks!
  14. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/usga-executive-director-says-variable-distance-ball-could-be-part-of-golfs-future First… Then… Now, I don't see that happening, either. Why would the players voluntarily accept a limited distance golf ball, and how would that even work - the USGA has a list of approved golf balls. Also… reduced distance balls will not affect everyone equally. Some players will lose more distance relative to others given different launch conditions, some will have a harder time with the change in spin, etc.
  15. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/golfputt-ar/id1289750170?ls=1&mt=8 It's gonna be awhile before I'm on a putting green (maybe this afternoon), but the author wrote and the app can be used free. For $1.99 you can disable ads.
  16. Very short one today. That's @NatalieB's clubface. So here's what I'd like people to do. Mark five balls. Hit them with your 6-iron. Don't wipe them off between hits. Upload a small image* here to this topic. Let's see 'em! * You may have to crop or resize the image - uploads directly from your phone are going to be very large. P.S. Be honest. There's no shame in contact that's not on the sweet spot. Mine will probably be toward the toe…
  17. I'm interested in Michelle Wie's swing in 2017. So far she's returning back to her peak level. I like her shortened upswing and controlled downswing. To my surprise, this "stinger-like" swing doesn't cost much distance at all. Check this out, comments are welcome!
  18. I have a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha with a stiff shaft (my irons are super stiff, my woods are stiff) and I can't hit it very far. I can hit my 7 iron 145-155 using a typically relaxed swing (i'm not trying to hit it very hard), I can hit my 3 hybrid 200-210 and a 3 wood as far as 225 yards off the tee, however I can only hit my driver an average of 230ish. My longest drive was 290, 250 yard drives are somewhat uncommon and 200 yard drives are relatively common. I can post a video if needed but as of now I'm curious about anything people have done when they were in a similar situation. I should also point out its 9 degrees and set on -1 loft and on a draw setting, I usually hit it relatively low, but I can shape my shot to go higher/lower if needed.
  19. QUESTION: How far from the ball should your feet be during a the golf swing? Obviously, your entire body needs to be in alignment. Is there a general rule of thumb as to how far away from the ball your feet should be planted? Any and all advice is welcome!
  20. Several recent threads on the forum got me thinking, what is it that I really love about golf. Why do I spend precious time and money on a sport that I am decent at, but certainly can't call myself good. My (unofficial) handicap is now at 10.7. It is only that low because of some very good rounds that I played late last year, so it is probably a bit lower than it realistically should be. I would love to get down a bit more into the single digit range, but I'm not sure if I can make that happen. Perhaps moving to Florida and not having the 3-4 month winter break will keep me warm this year and prevent those higher springtime scores that raise my handicap. I love shooting good scores, but that is really not what excites me about the game. I love walking the fairways and seeing the birds and other wildlife. Not too long ago, I was playing my home course in Ohio for the last time and noticed this guy swimming around in the water. Then there was this guy hanging out in the grass last year. I've seen bald eagles, hawks, deer, and yes, lots of groundhogs on that course. Thankfully I have yet to encounter alligators or venomous snakes here in Florida. I do love nature, but that isn't what gets me out on the course. Lord knows there are much less expensive ways to view wildlife. I have fond memories of following my Dad and Grandpa around Penn Terra golf course (now closed) as a youngster. I had my own clubs and a cart and would whack my ball along as they played. My dad would have me pick up my ball after a few "worm burners" and drop it by his ball. That would infuriate me to no end. I wanted to hit it past them so bad it hurt. That is what leads me to what I love the most about golf. It's this guy. That's right. It's the big dog. The annihilator. The Dig D. The Boss. I love hitting the driver. Approach shots, pitches, chips, putting are all things that I need to do to finish the hole and post a score, but this guy is what drives me (pun intended) to keep playing. I just want to hit it further and further. It will misbehave every now and then, but it is truly my BFF. If I were to get remarried today, this would be my best man. Perhaps if I learned to love my other clubs as much, I could reach that single digit handicap.
  21. Hello everyone, Im new to these forums. Little bit about myself......haven't been playing golf consistently for very long(sixth time at the range in about 3 years) but iv. I went to the range today and a lady had a trackman setup. Asked her if I could try it out and she was hesitant at first(was wearing gym shorts and shirt) but she agreed. I only got 1 swing in but it felt great even though i have been hitting the same driver(cobra ss 350) since highschool....currently 28yr. Anyways after looking at the numbers she was pretty surprised and told me my swing is very fast. A pro instructor came over and looked at the numbers and explain with a correct fitting and updated drive I could hit it 300+ no problem. My question for you all is what driver would fit best?
  22. Many people have different opinions about what the ideal driver is, but what is yours? Do you have a certain metal make or shaft? How about loft?
  23. Interesting post from Geoff Shackelford. Where do you stand on the distance issue? http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2015/12/22/2015-wrap-where-are-we-on-the-distance-issue.html
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