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Found 7 results

  1. We hear a lot from the Pros that rhythm and tempo is so important for the golf swing. Has anyone heard of or tried hitting balls on the range with a metronome sound track playing through headphones. What would be the ideal beats per minute.
  2. HELP!! I recently moved from the US to a different country where golf is not popular. I have no golf equipment, no courses, no local players, nothing but the internet. I want to keep practicing my golf (will be returning to the US in November), but am unsure how to do so. Does anyone have any advice on drills I can be doing with like a broomstick or something? Or a way to DIY a club? I know I can't really play or make a real club, but maybe I can get something similar weight and size to practice my swing?? Really hoping to get some practice in. Thanks!
  3. I want to start this journal to show some amateurs and people who are curious about how others prepare for tournament golf and playing at a high level. Day 1 4/18/19 Worked with instructor on flattening out the back swing by getting more bow in the right wrist(lefty golfer) and looking to get more depth in the lead arm. Lesson went good with visible improvement in the swing. Looking to also incorporate the depth in forearm and flatter swing into the iron shots as well. Lesson was one hour followed by 2 hours on the range with slow swings and a lot of practice swings focusing on the small fine details of the wrist. Building up to a more full swing with full speed. Ball flight has gone from less consistent fade or straight shots to a consistent sight fade. that is the desired shot i am looking to get nailed down. total range time 3 hours Day 2 4/19/19 Got up early before work decided to hit the range for more full swing work. starting with wedges and working up to 8 iron with new swing. Ball flight and distance control is looking really good. Video taken was showing more progress with the new swing change that has me on the right path. Full swing lasted about 45 mins the switch to various wedge shots for the last 15 mins before leaving. total time 1 hour Day 3 4/20/19 Another great morning session before work. This time starting with PW and working to 8 iron to start with. Then i would go up to the longer irons(4,5) and into the hybrids and driving iron. Working slow and deliberate on the practice swing before each club. Worked on that for about an hour. Then back to the wedges going from 30 yards up to 110. Working on picking a spot to hit and a side of the pin that i would like to be on. total time 1 hours 30 mins
  4. Hi everyone im new to the site and ive recently made the decision to start playing golf everyday, have stuck to it for 2 weeks and plan to carry on. I really want to improve my game alot so came here to see what drills everyone recommends which will dramaticly improve a specific thing in my game rather than me just going round everyday not improving too much. For example, the drill where you place two tees either side of your ball on the putting green, i was wondering if someone could clarify that one up for a start so i know what it improves and how to do the drill talked about. If everyone can let me know some drills like this in that format, it would really improve my game and i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. 🙂
  5. Journey To The Center Of The Green By Shane Jones I wish I could just rename my blog the title of my new entry. However, if I can't it's all good. Anyway it's Sunday, well technically Monday wee hours... So this is part of my weekly blog. Recently, since my last lesson, back in February (remember Craig is in Florida for a month). I've added a new drill to my repertoire. It's the first move down drill. I have kind of explained it in the "5 Minutes Daily" thread (fingers crossed 20 days to go... Though I was so tired I put yesterday's date for today) It's really not that complex of a drill, and you can do it, with or without a club, I use my spatula at work, if I have a free second or 5. Basically, your trying to keep your trail elbow (In my case the right), close to your body, but at the same time, drop it down like you are going to "elbow drop" Randy Orton or something. (At least that's the feeling I get.) So this little drill actually is helping me with three things I tend to struggle with. 1) balance, 2) occasionally coming over the top, and 3) Flipping occasionally... If I don't have a club in hand, I try to think of the back of my left hand as my "clubface". Hilariously, my left hand seems to actually have some "shaft lean" at "impact". When I do it with a club, I don't have an impact bag, so I use my couch pillow and swing this to impact and I notice the same thing. I actually had the chance this week to hit my new irons a little with some real golf balls. Word to the wise, don't hit a Top-Flite or Nitro with a blade. (I didn't). They had some gamer Bridgestone B330-RXs that they were using for the monitor... The feel is absolutely amazing... If you are an improving player (5-12 handicap), I would recommend at least testing some out..... For whatever reason a well struck shot off a "Super-Blade" (enter my Exotics CBX Blades) even it is a smidge off the heel or toe... It actually holds it's line quite well... I still have the ability to hit some high shots, I suppose... (the data agrees too) for the most part, my trajectory is a little lower... now I've only tested indoors because let's face it, I live in Upstate New York, and the weather can't make up it's @#$%ing mind. (Like Steve Martin's boss in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles). I cannot wait to actually go outdoors and hit these on the practice area at Newman, in reality on the course. If any of you have read my 2018 Golf Goals thread my main key two were: 1) Average 9 GIR a round 2) Get my handicap under 5. I actually have a 2019 goal, however, it might require a lot. And @iacas would have to make the decision of having a cook on his team, who is way too smart to be a damn cook, who like to crunch numbers, like he does. I hope finances, family stuff, and my paid vacation work out to the point, where I can travel to the West Coast in 2019, and represent the East team and keep the Newport Cup. But @iacas, I don't know if you'll be able to stand all of my Exotics gear. I don't really do well in Blue, unless it's Newport Cup team East blue.
  6. I think they're right - that most people assume that better players should just play more, but I do a LOT more drilling myself than I do playing, and when I do play, I do okay. When I go through periods where I play more, I actually play worse. This isn't to say that beginners or higher handicappers should play more often - they may just be baking in some bad habits - but for them it's still a bit less important to drill, and scrimmaging (playing) is acceptable at higher rates.
  7. I came up with an idea for a drill that I think is interesting. I haven't seen it before but that certainly doesn't mean I "invented" it. Here it is: Step 1. Address the ball as normal. Step 2. Simulate your impact position, actually just past it, your arms forward, hips open, clubhead several inches in front of the ball. Step 3. From your impact position, take the club back to about A6 or just a little past. Don't move out of your impact position, though. Swing it back, if that makes sense. Your right arm will be resting on top of your ribcage. Right forearm near vertical, small angle between shaft and arms, less than 90 degrees. This should just happen naturally. Step 4 Raise your arms to the top of your backswing. From here you could swing down. What I've been doing is trying to capture the "feeling" of how my right arm is resting on top of my rib cage. That's where I want to let my arms and club drop to from the top of my backswing before I start really down. So I think, anyway. What do you think? Interesting? Dumb? Dangerous?
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