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  1. Hi everyone, First time here posting a thread, loving reading prior to this but never participated, but now i desperately need people help lol. Ill start at the beginning. Im 28 and have been playing 15 months and am currently handicap 12.7. I started playing with a friend old beaten up idrive 12° driver aldilia vx reg shaft, and man i could bomb that driver, apart from pros i could outdrive anyone and exceptionally accurately too, were talking landing on greens on par 4's (all the while not being able to hit a single iron haha). But as christmas came around and i was getting better i thought it would special for my partner to buy me a replacment for my boom stick. So i looked around and got my heart set on the wilson fg tour f5 driver, the thing just looked gorgeous to me. Now due to the distance i was getting with the idrive, perhaps stupidly got it with the stiff shaft(50 gram fubuki z), that was my first mistake, turns out i have a swing speed of 90-96mph and couldnt hit the damn thing. So a couple of months later a friend gave me a aldilia nvs 65 lite tm-3, lovely looking shaft and looks fantastic with the wilson head, the complements i get on the looks sometimes makes me giddy. However no matter how i hit the club (centre face, nice controlled swing) or how high or low(i prefer low, the red shortees if everyones familiar) the peak of my ball flight is about 5- 10 yards off the grounds, for a little while i thought i was closing down the face, but this isnt the case no matter what i seem to do the ball just wont get up. So ive been looking at info online and on ebay and read the nvs has a low kick point whereas the fubuki z has a high point, and bearing in mind i feel the wilson head is quite heavy, very heavy against say a tm rbz, i was wondering if this is where my problems are coming from? As im hitting the ball with a heavy head is it flexing too much? See, i dont mind spending the money on a 3rd shaft (fubuki z 50 reg) if its going to solve the problem, but this isnt the case and i do, then ive wasted stupid money just to end up getting rid of the thing and probably going for a cobra f6.... Please any insight from people who know what they're talking about would be soo appreciated, and i would certainly owe u a drink. Oh, and should mention due the the low ball flight i use the 0g weight and my old driver being set quite high, i set it at 11.5 deg the next setting up would be 12.5 deg and i just feel that would be ridiculous. Please no tee suggestions, if the tee exists ive tried it. Thank you very much in advance
  2. So here is my situation. I was playing a Ping G25 with a tour x-stiff shaft and 10.5 loft. It was about 5 years old and about 2 weeks ago, it snapped due to a bad swing. Being that it was 5 years old, I opted to check out something different. I went to a place that does club fitting and I registered a swing speed between 99 and 111 mph with an average being about 106 mph so a move down to a stiff shaft was recommended. After trying a Ping G400, Callway Rogue Sub Zero, a Titleist 917 D3 (I believe) and a Taylormade M2, I decided to take the Taylormade. I hit all of the clubs pretty similarly with the exception of the Titleist. I chose the Taylormade because I seemed to have a lower spin rate and the ball flight was more consistent. The problem is, I'm consistently hitting this driver 25-50 yards shorter than my previous driver. I am keeping it in the fairway, but I had no real trouble with that before. Does anyone have thoughts regarding the loss of distance?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a new driver, but trying to keep cost down. I'm currently looking at the JPX 850 and the Callaway BB Alpha 816 BBD. Anyone used either and which would you good folks recommend? New here, so thanks in advance:)
  4. Ok, let me start off with that I am 100% new to the game. Went to the driving range for the first time today. I have my driver set at 11. Hit 75 balls and maybe 5 got decent loft. The rest were line drives about a foot off the ground. Please, any tips or opinions would be appreciated.
  5. Greenshirt100

    My Swing (Greenshirt100)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 16 years My current handicap index or average score is: 2.5 My typical ball flight is: medium-high draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: snap hook Videos: DL FO
  6. Hey everybody, I’m pretty new to golf and just purchased a used Cleveland Classic 270 driver from second swing to upgrade my starter set driver. It was rated an 8. The club looks great except for an ugly scratch on the face. Must have hit a rock or something. Looks almost like a nail was dragged on it. So does this ruin the club? I can return it if so. I just honestly don’t know how much it will affect the ball when hit. Hopefully you can see in the pictures, the scratch starts under the shaft and travels down to the bottom center. Thanks!
  7. My shoulder isn't 100% and it's going to rain, but f*** it I'm going golfing tomorrow.

    1. nevets88


      Go for it!

  8. Hello all, I have been golfing for 7 years and playing competitive golf for 4 years and for the past 8 months i have been almost unable to drive the ball of the tee. Used to be a +1 handicap and now shooting in the 80's losing 4 balls a round. Not only with my driver, but also my 3 wood or even hybrid. My misses are crazy left, starting left and turning left. Unplayable. But on the practice range, i hit my driver fine. I even hit my 3 wood and hybrid fine on the course just not on the tee box. i have noticed that my grip feels strange and sees the grip changes at the end of the swing. does anyone have any idea what this might be?
  9. So I was looking at reviews for the new Ping G400 driver with its crazy MOI which approaches 10k. I currently have the fairly new Ping G that I bought new early last year I think. The MOI is closer to 5600. There's obviously a big difference there, but I'm not sure at what point the numbers become irrelevant. My point being, assuming an MOI of 5500 may be a huge practical advantage over one of 4K (just throwing out hypothetical numbers), would there be a linear correlation to the practical differences between one of 8k and one of 9500? At some point are those differences not of practical significance? I hope that question makes sense.
  10. Good Morning, I have finally got some extra spending money to re-shaft my driver shaft that I broke last month. The club is a taylormade burner super fast 2.0 10.5 degree loft. Would it be best to just get it re-shafted with the stock shaft (if thats possible) or is there a particular shaft that would be beneficial for me to try out (22 cap, 95-100 mph swing speed average)? Do you guys typically buy your shaft online and have it re-shafted at a local shop or just have the local shop turnkey it? I am fairly new to details about my golf equipment, and I have always just used what came off the shelf. This broken shaft is giving me an opportunity to explore it a little deeper..just curious as to what to get and where to get it.
  11. Hi. Having an old Ping G10 460cc driver head lying around, I thought I would try to install a new shaft. After considering multiple shafts, I decided to experiment with a steel shaft for the first time in my life (with the driver), due to price and curiosity :) The trimming instruction for the shaft reads: A. For M1 metal woods add 1 1/2" tip trimming, for M2 metal woods add 1" tip trimming, for blind bore add 1/2" tip trimming, for through bore do not add to tip trimming. (Applies only to True Temper Dynamic Gold wood shafts) Not knowing what M1, M2 and bores are, and not being able to figure it out using google, I hope there's some help here :) Does anybody know how much to tip trim to fit the G10, or how I can find out on my own? Any help is truly appreciated, thanks!
  12. Well yesterday I was on Trackman trying to get my shot zones (which was not what I hoped it would be, but thats a different story) and during my driver swings I broke the shaft on my driver!! Caught a couple shots in a row near the heel and all of a sudden it felt like my driver head was loose. It took two more swings to figure out what was causing the feeling, and I looked down and sure enough my driver shaft had a crack in it. I was pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to hitting driver more often, due to what I read about the distant gradient in LSW. Looks like I will either be hitting 3 wood or a Taylormade Minidriver I still have until I can afford a new driver.
  13. I'm having a hard time producing the right launch angle on my driver, last week I worked on a trackman and my carry distance with my driver was on average about 215. My ball speed came in at about 139-141 on average but my launch angle was only at a 9. I haven't shot higher then 82 in the past three months but I feel like if I can get my drivers distance up a tad I can have more shorter irons into greens. I have a stiff shaft that came with my driver (titliest 915 d2). My swing coach says that usually if a players ball speed is under 140 is best to stay with a regular shaft. I'm right on the edge of regular and stiff, will getting a regular shaft make a considerable difference? How can I get my launch angle up to 10-12? Thanks!
  14. Hello there! I went to get fitted for a new driver fully expecting to get the Epic, but turns out the new Ping G400 LTS is the club for me. It keeps my spin rate down low enough and I was getting an extra 15 yards or so of distance from my current driver. However, the club fitter fit me for an after market shaft at $400. I just can't afford to spend almost $900 on a driver right now, so I am going to just purchase one of the stock shafts from Ping but I am looking for some help selecting the right one. I was fitted for a Mitsubishi Diamana W series 60, which of the shaft options would be best for me? The G400 LST Alta Stiff shaft (59g) or the Stiff Tour Shaft (61g). Any suggestions on which would be closest to that one? Thanks!
  15. New G400 driver released this week on tour. No official details yet. Crown looks similar to the G except with the addition of some dimples. No composite crown so I'm guessing the benefits will be better aerodynamics with the dimples, new sole design and slightly smaller head size (445cc). They're also using tungsten weights which is something new. As with the G30 and G there will be 3 versions of the driver, standard, LS Tec and SF Tec. LS Tec Version, tungsten is more forward than with the standard head. This is the version I'm using in my G30 so I'm interested to give this one a try. Bubba's driver.
  16. Hey everyone, I've played golf a few years ago in high school and been to the driving range a decent amount of times and I've decided that I'm finally going to take it up as a sport. I'm down to my final club choice, and it's my driver. The choices are the Vapor Fly, Vapor Fly Pro, Covert 2.0 and Covert 2.0 Tour. I'm looking for a club that has the most forgiveness over distance right now. Swing speed is around 85 most of the time. Don't always strike the ball clean, hence why I need the added forgiveness. Which would you guys recommend? Vapor models would come with the Diamana S+ 60 Blue Board shaft and the Covert models would have the Kuro Kage Black. Is the difference between the Pro and Tour models that much of a difference? I'm thinking yes and it's more of a choice between the Vapor Fly and Covert 2.0 but that's why I'm here asking. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  17. I'm interested in Michelle Wie's swing in 2017. So far she's returning back to her peak level. I like her shortened upswing and controlled downswing. To my surprise, this "stinger-like" swing doesn't cost much distance at all. Check this out, comments are welcome!
  18. I have a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha with a stiff shaft (my irons are super stiff, my woods are stiff) and I can't hit it very far. I can hit my 7 iron 145-155 using a typically relaxed swing (i'm not trying to hit it very hard), I can hit my 3 hybrid 200-210 and a 3 wood as far as 225 yards off the tee, however I can only hit my driver an average of 230ish. My longest drive was 290, 250 yard drives are somewhat uncommon and 200 yard drives are relatively common. I can post a video if needed but as of now I'm curious about anything people have done when they were in a similar situation. I should also point out its 9 degrees and set on -1 loft and on a draw setting, I usually hit it relatively low, but I can shape my shot to go higher/lower if needed.
  19. Long story short - started golf 2 summers ago (all by myself so no real use from the first summer) and then took a beginners golf course last year and had some private lessons (only thing in my life I actually decided I want to be taught and not learn everything by myself). I have a 9 hole par 3 course (very short par 3, longest hole is 150, a couple of 110y and then the rest is even shorter) with a driving range, putting green and some pitching greens right next to my house. That's what made me start golfing even though the game always had an appeal to me. Now I'm a 46 HCP but I only have 1 recorded round for HCP from last year and I practiced A LOT from that round. So in my mind I think I am somewhere in the high 20's realistically (shot an unspectacular 47 on a 34 par 9 hole course on Saturday). Now looking at that score it would be much lower: a. if I hit more GIR b. had a driver in my bag to actually use and not carry around. To hit more GIR I need to work on my irons, but I'm fairly good with short irons (obviously since I got a very short course to play often) meaning my 60-56-52-P-9. I feel pretty confident when using those clubs. I practice quite a bit with my 7 and 5 and they are getting there slowly. My worst shot is a pull hook. I don't have many slices, topped or duffed shots. So let's leave the irons for another thread and go to b. I have hit my driver (actively) on the driving range once two summers ago. After that (and after the beginner course) I decided to best leave it in the bag until I "master" other aspects of the game, only to occasionally take it out for some relaxation and frustration relief ;) Now playing longer courses I see where a good driver would help me. A good drive would leave me with much shorter second and third shots that would be much closer to my current comfort zone (the green looks much bigger from 100 yards out than from 180 yards out). I have now been practicing with my driver for 2 days. So I've hit about 100 drives in the last two days. What I do is lay down my 4 and 5 irons and use them as alignment sticks. I space them about 18" apart. Then I stick two tees about 10" from another perpendicular to the irons and between them. I will then slowly swipe between them with the driver. So that is where I then place my actual tee. I will then hit some shots at about 25% speed, 50% speed and then end up with a perceived 75% speed. That looks like a very slow takeaway, and quite a slow start to the swing at 75%. I slow down to go faster. And at 75% I can probably hit 50% (will need to keep better statistics) fairly straight and about 200-220y carry. As soon as I want to "rip one" though, things get really messy, real fast. Total shanks, nasty hooks and low pulls are on the menu for strong shots. I know I just started practicing with a driver, but I feel as though if I really hit one good it should carry 250y easily if a 75% will get me 220... At 75% I concentrate on not too much rotation and loading, to drop the club at the top to get that inside to out path and to transfer my weight from the back to the front foot. I also incorporated the "duck legs" today after reading the boards yesterday. For the driver I have a well defined set up routine that leaves me with a pretty constant setup so that at least one thing is constant in my swing. How do you think I should proceed?
  20. Baculus

    My Swing (Baculus)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years, had a break for a while just getting back into it. My current handicap index or average score is: 9.8 (Golfink Australia number 7624501624 if you'd like to see my scores online). Best handicap is 7. My typical ball flight is: With driver, low left pull or fade/slice/ block. Irons slight fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: low ball flight, and coming left across the ball causing pull or slice. Hi all, first time post, just discovered this forum today and my first forum too! Thanks all for having a look. Apologies for only the one angle, if you'd really like another to effectively analyse my swing plane please say so. I posted with driver, because my irons aren't too bad for now, but when it comes to teeing off I'm either hitting a really low left pull/hook, or slice. This often filters down to my woods. For some reason I've always hit the ball unusually low with driver and with a number of different brands and lofts of driver (so I know it's not the stick) and it's getting to me now and limiting my progress and enjoyment of the game of golf. My takeaway is very flat and comes from lessons I had to cure a slice about 2 years ago. Thanks very much for commenting, I really appreciate you taking the time of day and will reciprocate in kind! Videos:
  21. JediFish

    My Swing (JediFish)

    I've been Playing Golf for: On and off for 8 years My current handicap index or average score is: 87-92 My typical ball flight is: Driver: High and straight with occasional hook. Iron: Low, Draw. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Thin iron shots. Videos: Thos thin shot has been haunting me for weeks now. The video was rather last minute and on my iPhone 7. I'll start getting better video and the other angle with my GoPro. My biggest issue for a while now is inconsistent iron contact. I'll hit 1 crisp shot for every 5 thin shots with an occasional fat shot. Something I noticed after watching the video is my head moves backwards at impact a couple inches. I think I'm making a slight flipping move at contact as well trying to get my ball "up." I noticed I had my irons buried in my palm as well so hopefully getting my grip back in my "fingers" will help. Any criticism is welcome! My driver swing feels much more comfortable lately and I've been hitting it well. I don't get a ton of distance because if I swing at full speed, I'll slice it away. As I said above, I'll try to get better quality and different angles but this is a start!
  22. I wanted to share some interesting info from my Callaway GBB Epic fitting yesterday. Last week I went to a local indoor golf place to get some baseline numbers in a controlled environment with my current Titleist 915 D4 driver 70g X stiff shaft. Below: As you can see my swing speed is about 109 on average, and my ball speed was 158. I didnt expect a ton out of the new GBB driver. I mean there is a current thread going on about the latest and greatest and...is it really worth it? Well, frankly, yeah, I hit the GBB Epic, and ended up getting the most optimal numbers for me out of the GBB Epic Sub Zero. 10.5* loft, 70g X Stiff shaft. Same swing speed, same loft, same shaft weight and similar specs....but my ball speeds were in the 164-165 range, and I picked up about 8-10 yards on average. Its also scary how hot the driver is on miss hits. Today I hit a ball a little towards the toe and still was as far as a normal drive with my Titleist. I played a round yesterday afternoon with my Game Golf and my current Titleist D4 and then today with the GBB Epic Sub Zero demo club set to my specs. I know you cant make a call based on two drives back to back since not everything is equal and who knows if I pured both drives. But this wasnt the only instance. On several holes I hit similar lines and even found my divots from yesterday 8-10 yards further than they were yesterday. Needless to say I am excited for this new weapon. I'm already longer than the average amateur, so gaining that much more distance and going at greens with a shorter club in my hands makes me happy.
  23. This is quite interesting to me. Funny I read in another article that he actually had a buddy use a hack saw to cut his old driver down, then put a bunch of lead tape on it to get the swing weight right. Jimmy claims he has much better "feel". This kind of contradicts the 45+ driver shaft length push for more distance. I know Taylormade had their mini driver and @mchepp used something like it in the Newport Cup when he was my partner. I guess to Jimmy, its more about hitting fairways than distance.
  24. Evening all, I'm relatively new to the world of golf and it's fair to say after 6 months I'm hooked. The biggest problem I'm finding is hitting my 3 wood off the tee, im very inconsistent and my pro has reccomended a driver instead of my Adams tight lies wood, I have hit the g30 and like it but was really after something cheaper but still forgiving. My pro has recommended the titleist 917 that he can do me for at half price with the new model coming out, i have no idea and would appreciate all the help I can get, thanks in advance wilf

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