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Found 63 results

  1. From 2009: http://www.golfdigest.com/story/hotlistevolution-0902 From 2015: http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/Golfweek-Custom-Media/golfweek-5-18-15/2015051202/17.html#16 Ignoring the fact that without a floor, you can't really calculate a percent improvement*… the fact remains: golfers are getting better. This seems to be true despite courses continuing to get more difficult, golfers playing longer tees than they often should, and anything else you can think of. Golfers continue to get better, IMO, because: Instruction is improving. Launch monitors are more readily available to average golfers. Some of the lousier golfers might have been squeezed out in the recent recession. Equipment continues to improve. So, there you have it. Regardless of the reasons - which I may or may not even have sniffed - golfers are getting better. * I read a review of the iPhone once where they said the temperature increased from 30° C to 40° C and how that was a 33% increase. This kind of math doesn't work because it's not based on a scale that ends at true zero. Perhaps if the scale was to use the Kelvin scale, which has absolute zero… but 303.15 to 313.15 is only a 3.3% increase, which isn't quite the headline of "iPhone 33% hotter!". Anyway… the handicap scale is like that. There's no hard limit at "zero."
  2. My shoulder isn't 100% and it's going to rain, but f*** it I'm going golfing tomorrow.

    1. nevets88


      Go for it!

  3. I saw a commercial the other day for the Callaway GolFit and it had me interested. So after browsing around all day yesterday I ended up stuck between that and the Garmin Approach X40. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with either unit. It would be neat to tie in the fitness and GPS into one watch device. Both look sleek and don't appear to get in the way when golfing. The Garmin has a few more features and is on sale for $199. The Callaway is $149. Looking like it might be an after Xmas present for myself!
  4. For the past couple of years, I have namely played the following set-up: Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Driver, 3 or 4 wood, 3 hybrid, and usually 4 hybrid (though I own the 5 hybrid) Exotics EXI irons (usually 5-AW, sometimes adding the 4-iron) Exotics CB Pro S wedges of varying lofts from 52-60 degrees, but usually 52° and 56°) Exotics DG Tour Series v1.1 Putter, Superstroke Fatso 5.0 35". Ok, so one thing that will happen for sure, at 6'5" I need a longer putter, so I'm planning on going to a 37" or 38" putter so I'm more comfortable. Beyond that, the only thing I'm positive of is, my days of swinging X-flex woods are over. So I more than likely will be going to Stiff flex or perhaps a tipped Regular flex. (And I'm going to play shorter shafts in the woods.) So with all of that consideration, I may stick with the irons and wedges... But I might get something different... Really this thread is more about the longer clubs. I'm tossing around the idea of going back to playing a 5-wood instead of a 3-hybrid. But I'm not sure if I should pull the trigger yet... (I haven't hit a 5-wood in years). My thought is to cut a little off the shaft (perhaps a 1/2") and have the weight balanced so it plays kind of the same as a 3-hybrid, I just don't hook my fairway woods, like I do my hybrid(s). Which leads me to the other replacement... I'm tossing around getting one or two of the new Exotics CBX iron-woods, instead of a hybrid. I understand hybrids are get out of jail free clubs... But for me, I worked on it a lot, and my miss is like Billy Cundiff against the Patriots. So I'm looking at 44" Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood or 3 Driving Iron, 4 Driving Iron or standard 4-iron, 5-AW, 54°, 58°, Putter... Sorry for the rambling, I hope you can follow where I am going with it.
  5. I am looking to get some Polara golf balls (the ones that go straight) repainted to look like a legitimate brand to prank friends (and foes) alike. Where/how could I get this done convincingly?
  6. Gibby26

    Motocaddy Malfunction

    I have a Motocaddy S3 that’s developed a problem. When you plug in the lithium battery the wheels immediately engage. Pressing the speed dial does not start not stop the motor, it just keeps running. The speed dial does rotate increasing / decreasing the speed dial number. When I press the speed dial the control unit illuminates one light. When I press again with the speed illuminated all 3 lights illuminate. Does anyone have any idea on the cause and solution?
  7. Because of size limitations of uploads, and having a 13MP camera phone. I will have to do this blog in several parts. Sorry in advance. Tonight we'll start with the Driver and 4-wood. Driver: Tour Edge Exotics EX10 with a Project X HZDRUS Yellow 6.0 that plays at 44". I chose the 10° model. I went with a 44" length for two reasons, I am 6'5", and should play 45.5" or so, but I would rather have more consistent strikes. Second, I have distance to spare. So that's why. It has a Lamkin UTX grip +1/8". 4-wood: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 16.5°. Same shaft as driver, playing at 42". Lamkin Z5 grip +1/8" Again the reason for the shorter shaft is consistency of strike. Tomorrow, I will do a hybrid and irons blog, so basically it's a teaser with the Driver & 4-wood.
  8. So I think I figured out a way to get all of my needed pictures on here in one post. To review: Driver: Tour Edge Exotics EX10, 10° head with a Project X HZDRUS Yellow 65 6.0 shaft, Lamkin UTX Grip +1/8" , playing length of 44" 4-wood: Tour Edge Exotics CBX, Project X HZDRUS Yellow 65, 42" playing length, with a Lamkin Z5 grip also 1/8" oversize Hybrid: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 20°, with Project X HZDRUS Black 85, 5.5 this time... Standard length (40") with the same grip as the 4-wood. Now you are probably asking yourself, what in the hell is Shane doing with a Regular Flex shaft in his hybrid? Answer: I didn't like the feel of the 6.0, and the other stock shaft wasn't getting the numbers I wanted. The 5.5 fit perfectly in with what I am trying to do at this current time, which is all based on accurate distance. @iacas I have enough distance to spare, I'm just fine-tuning now. Trying to get the numbers the way I want to. The funny thing, I can do what ever the hell I want with this club. High, low, cut, draw. From 180-220 yards this is my "magic club". This is the hybrid that has been a big deal on the PGA Tour Champions lately, the Exotics hybrid staffers have won, finished 2nd a couple times and had numerous top-10 finishes with this hybrid... and this thing does not go left on misses. Irons: Now the part you've been waiting for my irons. Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blades (3-iron thru PW) standard loft (21°, 24°, 27°, 31°, 35°, 39°, 43°, 47°), 2° upright, 3/4" longer, with True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT R300 shafts and Lamkin UTX Grips +1/8". Why regular? I like the feel. Why longer? I'm 6'5" Same with the upright. I didn't take any face pics but here is the 5, 7, and PW Wedges: Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blade 52°, 56°, 60° with TT DG Wedge shafts, Same specs as irons, with Lamkin Z5 grips. Putter: Tour Edge Exotics David Glod Tour Series v2.3 with Super Stroke 2.0 Mid Slim grip 35" (I actually have 2 of these). I played the 1.3 for the last two years, I had one gripe, no sight line, I loved the feel, but couldn't line it up well. So now I can. I will switch between 3-iron and my 60° sand wedge depending on course conditions.
  9. Uh oh. Shane has another thread about clubs let's run and hide... No, this is a thread for a discussion. Not an, "Oh, Shane's asking about set make-up again". Originally when OEMs started strengthening lofts in their irons, the long irons were still relatively unchanged. But now, the SGI 3-iron is dead and it's been replaced by a 18 or 19° 4-iron. What is really going on? I understand the whole vertical CG, High COR, high MOI thing. I get it. But why sell these clubs in a set to high handicappers? They probably would be a good club off the tee, but it violates the Tom Wishon 24/38 rule. Let the discussion begin.
  10. I'm interested in getting fit for an Edel putter and am willing to try either the classic or the torque balanced putters. I live in the Palm Beach, FL area and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a fitter in either Palm Beach or Broward counties. I was also curious if anyone had experience with getting the fitting at the PGA Tour Superstore (they are listed as a fitter on the Edel website) and if there is a vast difference in getting the fitting there versus another fitter. Thanks!
  11. Hey everybody my name is Jay and I wanted to post some info on a new high end club company that I'm working with. The company is called Sub 70 and will produce ultra high end, custom built, direct to consumer golf equipment. Everyone involved with the project loves golf and we wanted to create a golf company, and golf clubs, that other passionate golfers would be excited about. We want the products and company reputation to sell itself. We're focused on the technology + the brand, and we won't be pumping releases out every year in order to chase spent advertising dollars. We're really excited about it and I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys have. A few quick notes that are relevant...We are not under the same ownership/management as the Sub 70 clothing line that some of you may be aware of. We own the trademark and will be focusing on providing premium, custom fit, factory direct golf equipment. We're aiming for a Spring 2018 launch and should have a full product line at that time. R&D + other business planning started in late 2016. We've been working with third party testing services to make sure the clubs perform as good or better than other products on the market. Very small final adjustments are being made but everything will go into full production soon.Our club making facility is located in Sycamore, Illinois...about 60 miles west of Chicago. Everything will be built when ordered and we can conduct fittings at the facility.Pricing will be very affordable. I can't give any specifics yet, but you're probably looking at a minimum of a 30-40% discount compared to major brand iron sets. Stock iron shafts will be either KBS or DG and we'll have any aftermarket shafts you want. On top of that, we'll have a very liberal warranty/return policy.We're able to offer this pricing due to low marketing and sales expenses, partnerships with other golf product companies, and a factory direct model which avoids any distribution or retail expenses.One example of a current partnership is True Temper. TT has created three unique Sub 70 ProjectX graphite shafts for our drivers and fairway woods. These are premium shafts that the experts at ProjectX designed with complete creative control. We simply asked them to create what they think is the ideal low, mid and high launch shaft. These will be "stock" shafts for the woods, but again, and aftermarket shafts will be available as well.Our website is being worked on now. Our facebook, twitter and instagram are all live though. We also just launched a podcast that will cover a wide variety of golf topics. We will not be discussing Sub 70 there, but it's another outlet for some creative golf content and discussion. We've already conducted an interview with Mark Calcavecchia, which will be published soon, and have other interviews with Bobby Clampett, Adam Beach (Not allowed because of spam) and Shaun Micheel scheduled. Last but not least, attached is a photo of the MB iron. The cavity back iron will look similar and they'll have uniform lofts for combo iron sets. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks.
  12. Hello, everyone. So, after over a decade I finally decided to buy new irons rather than continue to use the box set I bought from Sports Authority (are they still in business?). The new irons are scheduled to come in in about a week and a half and I had a couple of questions I was hoping people might be able to help me out with. 1) When I get the irons, is there anything I should do with them before I use them to practice or play? 2) Is there anything I can or should do to, for lack of a better phrase, keep them looking pretty and shiny? Thanks for any advice!
  13. Hello all, I've been spending ALOT of time researching bags before I purchase a new one. I was pretty set on a 14 top, specifically a ping hoofer 14 (pro being consensus great reviews) or calllway fusion 14 (pro being looks and some positive reviews) until I stumbled across multiple articles and forums bashing 14 ways...with a lot of folks complaining about a lot of difficulty getting the clubs in and out. I was surprised by this as this was one of the main issues that was prompting me to go with a 14 way with my current 3 way. I've read some reviews which claim that 5-7 way tops actually have less issues with club binding. I guess my primary concern would be to determine if the club binding issue in 14 ways is a matter of fact or a matter of a opinion. Would greatly appreciate any input from folks who have experience with different types of bags. thanks in advance for your assistance!
  14. Dipshlappers

    Swing analysis devices

    Looking for any and all opinions on folks with experience having owned or used any of the currently offered swing analysis gizmos on the market: zepp, blast motion, arcos, etc. I was about to pull the trigger on the zepp, but I'm reading good things about other options out there. thanks in advance for your advice!
  15. JRanderson32

    Driver to iron gap

    Hello Sand Trap World, I have been having issues with my bag setup, and am looking for a bit of advice regarding the gap between my driver and my 3 iron. I recently purchased a 3-P set of AP2s, and love them, and I previously gamed a ping G2 set 2-PW. Since they don't make an AP2 2-iron, and the set is a mite shorter than my old G2s, I am left with an open spot in my bag (I carry 3 wedges 52*, 56*,60*), and a big yardage hole between my driver and my irons. I can hit my driver about 310 yards, and can lay off it to about 275 before it starts to launch uncomfortably low. I hit my old 2 iron about 250, so this gap worked out great, and I could avoid hitting fairway metals. However, my new 3 iron is a 220 yard club. Is there a new hybrid that plays like an iron I could put in this slot, does anyone have experience with the Titleist T-MB 2 iron? I'm thinking that may be a good compromise. Any advice would be great! Thanks, JR
  16. Hello all, I have been a long time lurker, combing through posts for club recommendations; however, I just signed up to make my first post. I am a fairy new golfer, having never played a hole in my life until 6 months ago. Since then though I have become a full blown junkie. I'm at the range or playing 4 days a week, minimum. I know that no type of at home/back yard swing trainer adequately supplements time at the range, but I was hoping that some of you may be able to recommend one "swing path trainer" over another. That may not be the correct term. I'm talking about one of those little deals that you stick in the ground and has a ball hanging on a rope from bar above...if that paints a better picture. A lot of the ones I see online have poor reviews...anyone had a good experience with a certain brand or vendor? thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  17. can a Taylormade Fairway 3hl 17* replace a 3w 10.5*?
  18. Should I buy a practice set? I'm considering buying a practice set of players' clubs. I currently play Callaway Apex's, game-improvement, but my thought is that if I practice with some blades it'll lessen my misses when I take the more forgiving clubs out on the course. Has anyone done this and how'd it workout for you? I appreciate any thought, thanks.
  19. I know this may be difficult to discuss without looking at my swing; I have a M2 3 wood and a Callaway XR 5 wood. I hit my 5 wood really well. I hit it off the deck, on the tee box, from any lie, etc. It may be my favorite club in the bag. I normally only hit my M2 off the box. I have on occasion hit it off the deck. For some reason I struggle with the M2. Now it may just be a mental issue now but are there any reasons why (spec, length, etc.) anyone can think of as to why this makes sense? Am I crazy for looking to move away from the M2 and getting a XR 3 wood?
  20. I wasn't sure what to call this thread, however, maybe the mods, can re-title it if need be. As most of you who read my posts, I am big Tour Edge Exotics guy. I'm a walking billboard. As @WUTiger put it, I'm a staff player. I'm thinking about getting S-flex shafts or a slightly lighter X-flex for my woods/hybrids. The driver I would just need the shaft and adaptor for. But would the 4-wood and hybrids they are bonded. It's not that the X-flex is too stiff. I think I could get a little more distance with a little softer or lighter shaft. (So basically I'm finally listening to the fitter). Now here is where it gets interesting. I can get the Driver, fairway and hybrid for less than it would cost for the 3 shafts. So here's the questions, full clubs or just the shafts? Suggestions on a good X shafts in the 68-72 gram range? I thought Red Tie but they don't make X flex.
  21. So I watched Seve's video on the short game on YouTube. (His English was a little rusty, but you can understand him). When he got to the portion of the video on putting, he did a little demonstration on the sweet spot of his putter, (I believe it was a Ping Anser with the slot in the bottom). And he showed that the sweet spot was on the heel side of center with a golf ball and tapping it on the face until there was balanced movement, I guess. So I tested this theory on 8 of my 9 putters. All of my toe hang putters were slightly toward the heel, my face balanced putters are hard to figure out, but possibly the center. So my question is do different types of putters have different sweet spot locations?
  22. I try to practice twice a week at the driving range. $20 a week! Thinking about investing in a golf net so I can practice more often.
  23. I picked up an old Nickent 3DX DC 15.5° hybrid off the bay recently, just for kicks. I took it out to the range, and started crushing this thing. Consistently longer than my 4-wood and straighter. Which leads me to these questions, Is this just me, or does anyone else have this experience? Finally, is it worth it to replace my 4-wood with this club?
  24. CptShankapotamus

    Iron Performance Review

    Hello there! I find data interesting and when it comes to golf, it can help make equipment decisions, game changes, or simply an eyebrow-raising topic. The attach docs are data I've collected sourced from iron reviews produced by a notable golf instructor off of YouTube. He utilizes GC2 tech to eliminate any variables (such as lie, wind, temperature, etc.. ) other than his consistent swing and the club of interest. While the data per club is based off of his swing, with such consistency in the reviews and methods, the data provided can provide plenty of details to compare head to head and between brands and info that you may not have had otherwise! I collected all of the data I could for the irons provided. Some club lines didn't offer both a long and short iron option. The numbers provided are averages from 3 to 10 shots (varied occasionally). Ball speed, carry distance, and backspin are the numbers I included. The irons range from brand new to a few year older models. If you have any questions with how I reported the data or about the methods themselves, please contact me. Iron Perf. Review - By the Numbers - Sheet1.pdf
  25. I'm relatively new to golf and hoped someone out there could save me some time and effort. I've been playing for 2 yrs and after some trial and error I finally found a ball that love. The Nike One Rzn Black. I heard that they are not being made anymore. Has anyone that has played this ball , played anything else that is similar? Thanks in advance.

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