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Found 7 results

  1. I am coming back from a long term injury in my lower back. I am literally starting from scratch. I was playing at a 2 handicap when I had to stop and now it's been 14 months since I've played a complete round of golf with a score. My 2020 goals are to improve my fitness to a level commensurate with (amateur) tournament golf, rebuild my swing from the ground up focusing on driving distance and proximity to the hole on approach shots, and of course putting stats. These goals are in no particular order so my question is where would each of you start and what would be a reasonable expectation for a timeline? I am a very aggressive competitor and must find a balance between pushing myself by not settling for mediocre results and having the patience to fully bring myself back at a safe pace so as not to cause further damage to my back and shoulder.
  2. I'm a 48 year old male and currently carry a .4 index. I started playing at ~18 and caught the bug in a big way. I've long been a student of the swing, but I always relied on my natural athleticism (and youth) to allow me to get my body to perform. I typically run +1 to 1 here in Wisconsin at my home course, and I've re-built my swing twice before this year. But I'm definitely getting older, and I had never lifted weights or committed to a work-out regimen in my life. So, in May, I committed to getting into the best shape of my life by 50. For the past 7 months I've been going to a personal trainer for 1x1 sessions 2-3 times a week, and I have coupled that with re-building my swing. Even in this short period, my results have been extraordinary. I'm posting because I'm interested in how other folks have approached golf-directed fitness - particularly tied back to their age and golf instruction. The pros all do it. But I don't really know any other golfers who are specifically dedicating their fitness to their golf... Here's what I've been doing (in a nutshell): warm-up is fairly static in structure - ~12 minutes of dynamic stretching and range of motion work. We concentrate a LOT on upper thoracic mobility as the differential between shoulder and hip turns is a power driver. We also work extensively on pelvic mobility with emphasis on the flexors, as well as hamstrings and basic glute activation. Several of these are one-legged in character. My favorite is the spiderman stretch with an overhead reach to really open the upper back. From there, we work on lots of lower body big muscle groups. Squats, lunges, dead lifts - and all the variations of those. We also work on a full spread of upper body - presses, rows, pull-ups... Everything is superset against the opposite motion or a complementary motion. So incline bench barbell presses are set against rows of some type. Big lower body lifts are set against upper back mobility. EVERYTHING is done with an eye on form and a neutral spine drives the process. We also do a LOT of core work and develop explosiveness through the range of motion. A number of med ball exercises, broad jumps, box jumps, TRX.. Two weeks ago, I invited my teaching pro to join me at a workout so my trainer and golf pro could directly engage on what we're working on. It was terrific. In addition, I've added some supplements. Creatine to help muscular development. A good one-a-day vitamin as well as additional D3, Zinc/Magnesium, Selenium and Omega 3. Bottom line: while not yet concentrating on cutting fat, I'm down a belt size to 33 and up 12 pounds to 192. I'm using my glutes like I never have before and I finally understand what it means that the golf swing is built from the ground up. My 7-iron swing speed is up to 93 mph from 90 mph. And, while my speed is up, the golf swing feels easier and more natural than it ever has. I find all of this remarkable. While I am a wonkish golf guy and love to study the swing, I'm NOT a data hound. I'm not chasing metrics. So while my swing speed is up, what has been most fascinating to me is that by getting my body more tuned for the swing, the swing is simply easier. I'd love to hear what others are doing. I'd also love to understand how many folks would consider pairing instruction and fitness if given the option.
  3. Hey everyone! I am new to TST and looking for suggestions for new golf fitness exerciseses. Particularly looking for great core exercises, anti-rotation exercises and overall just good suggestions. What are your favorites?
  4. I saw a commercial the other day for the Callaway GolFit and it had me interested. So after browsing around all day yesterday I ended up stuck between that and the Garmin Approach X40. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with either unit. It would be neat to tie in the fitness and GPS into one watch device. Both look sleek and don't appear to get in the way when golfing. The Garmin has a few more features and is on sale for $199. The Callaway is $149. Looking like it might be an after Xmas present for myself!
  5. There has been much discussion on this Forum about functional fitness and how it works better for golf than isolation training, so I thought I would introduce some exercises to test the core strength and balance of those who wish to feel what this is like. My thanks to Michael Reik, a scratch golfer from Milwaukee Wisconsin,who been doing a program I teach, for volunteering to demonstrate these exercises and for proving that it is possible to gain strength, add mobility, and balance to your body using the bodies own weight and leverage. It is my experience that many people find it difficult to slow down and really feel what is going on inside their bodies and would rather use momentum to propel themselves past any weak areas to some predetermined goal. Over the next 3 days I will post three exercises that will test your balance and your core strength. They are divided into Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Do the ones you can do with slow and controlled Movements. Stop when you get to one you can not do. Post a comment on this forum about what you felt, maybe even a video If nothing else it will give you some feedback. First lets do some warm-ups. Mike is using a special club, but you can use any golf club. Let the club hang loose and let your upper body release any tension you are feeling in it. You can sway the club back and forth, arms are loose. Bring your attention to your neck and ask yourself. Why am I holding my head up when I am upside down ? LOL It is out of habit Suck your belly in to protect the lower back and start to lift up. If you feel any pain stop, otherwise continue to lift slowly using your core muscles, stacking each vertebrae one on top of the other.Let your core do the work not the arms Continue until your are standing Bring the Club overhead, reach to the ceiling and take a gentle back bend Suck the belly in as you Fold forward and let the club hang. Repeat this sequence a few times NEXT WARMUP Bring the club behind you as illustrated, then take a deep breath as you lift the chest up and drop the head back Then suck the belly in and round the back as you slowly exhale Return to standing and repeat 3 times Take your golfing stance at address. Place a ball down if you need to and with the club behind you slowly go into your back swing. When you feel the muscles tighten stop and take 3 deep breaths. Now go into your follow through until the muscles are tight then take 3 deep breaths. Repeat this exercise 3 times EVERYTHING IS SLOW AND CONTROLLED Now move on to the Challenge Level 1
  6. Went out to play last week and temperature was about 70* with breeze and overcast. I was starting to sweat a bit with a windshirt on, so I took it off and went with short sleeves. About a hole later, I felt a cramp between shoulderblades. I had trouble loosening up. On tee shot I hooked the ball, and followed up with a bad push. Did some stretches and swang SKLS Golf Flex like a baseball bat, but cramp persisted. Next hole was a par 3, so I just punched an iron shot low and chipped on. I put the windshirt back on, cramp went away, but I started sweating again. Anybody experienced anything like this? Any swing adjustments if midback locks up? In future, I should probably wear a long-sleeve polo with open collar. Or, sweater vest over short sleeves.
  7. Living in the Northeast, the off season starts in late November. Since that time, I dedicated myself to building my obliques and upper back muscles. This weekend my hard work is paying dividends. I picked up at least 10 yards off the tee. So do those planks and most importantly the side planks!
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