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  1. Earlier today I fit a college player and a reasonably good putter with an Edel putter. His putter was a typical blade - the old PING/Cameron/Everyone-Has-a-Version classic blade putter with some heel/toe weighting. He could aim his putter, from about ten feet (bear in mind that the laser reflects back over the same ten feet, doubling the error), to about four inches outside the right edge of the cup. Not great, but not as bad as we've seen from many. His putter had a single, solitary thin line on the top part of the putter. What was his best fit putter? It was an almost identical Ede
  2. Played a round of Golf at Crazy Horse in Hutchinson, Kansas. (Nice and Challenging) Although I only lost one ball and I played from the Men's tee, I was terrible. So, I rested up a few days and went to the Golf Center to be fitted for a new driver. I like Callaway and had been hitting a stiff shaft FT-5 driver. I warmed up with a 7 iron and then started with a Maverick head and a regular shaft. This caused a constant draw that I didn't much care for. Also, my distance was around 170 yards. Tried several different things and still the performance was pitiful. Finall
  3. Trying to understand my Club Champion fitting. Can someone explain what tip trimming is? When I went on the TaylorMade website there was an option for tip trimming but I did not know what to put (see picture). In addition, I noticed my lofts were altered and lie angles were changed compared to the original specs of the clubs. If I adjust my loft would the lie angle automatically be altered. Last question, Puring clubs worth it? Any helps is appreciated. Club Champion - Fitting TaylorMade website - Not sure what option to choose?
  4. Guy goes in to get a fitting. Warms up, hits his 6-iron. They get some numbers (I'm quasi-making these up😞 171 carry, 176 total. 5780 RPM spin. Launch of 20.1°. Dispersion is about 35 yards. Ball speed is 119.2… whatever. Fitter builds him a club or some clubs, all 6-irons. Fitter is able to get to these numbers: 185 carry, 188 total. 5350 RPM spin. Launch of 19.3°. Dispersion is about 37 yards. Ball speed is 123.4. What does the Guy often see? "Oh my I carry it 14 yards farther!" What should the Guy do? Realize
  5. ChetlovesMer brings up a good point here: Since we only seem to be getting information from people with a financial stake in it, I would be interested to get some data from another (admittedly completely unscientific) source. How helpful was your fitting?
  6. I was recently fitted for a new set of Ping i500 irons. I was playing an older set of Mizuno JPX 800 pros. After a few hours on the range, it didn’t look like the new irons were going longer. The lofts on the i500 are about 2 degrees less than my mizuno (long to mid iron, pw and gw are the same) My 7-iron is about a 170 yard club, but I seem to be about 5-10 yards shorter with the new irons. During the fitting, I went thru about 4 different shafts before I got something that gave me good numbers in the Trackman. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I know the i500 has been p
  7. So im going to be buying a new shaft for a driver i bought. dont like the shaft at all. its a 915D head. When i cut the shaft how should i measure it? I need a 43 inch shaft, thats what i was fitted for. So is that measurement from the tip of the adapter to the end of the shaft before i put the grip on? Or do i cut the shaft at 43" then put the adapter on? Thanks in advance
  8. Ok I’m am convinced that getting fit for the correct clubs can help your game but until now I never considered the possibility that playing the wrong clubs can hinder your performance to a point where it really damages your whole game. I recently went and had a driver fitting. Before starting I was given a 7 iron to warm up with. After a dozen hits I had an average swing speed of 98mph with the 7 iron. Now 12 months ago when I got serious about golf I brought a secondhand set of cobra baffled irons with regular flex shafts. They are nice and easy to hit but as the year has gone on my consisten
  9. Hi. Im getting the new Marxman 2018 model. I really like the alignment aid. However, I am really confused when it comes to the face balanced option vs the toe hang option. The more I read, the more I get confused. There are few, if any putter fittings in Norway, so Im basically buying blindly. There is a lot of talk about arc = toe hang, sbst = face balanced, but then again others say that nearly every putting stroke has some arc. I know my putting technique is most likely poor, but it is alignment I have struggled with the most, specially on shorter puts. Resulting in 3 puts almost
  10. I'm all for getting fit for new clubs. However, I only have one set that I would classify as being "fitted". Also, I play with some guys who regularly score in the 70's who never have been "fitted" for their clubs as TST members understand fitting. It may just be the way they always have done things. In other cases, though, fitting may not be available to many for various reasons such as distance to fitting center locations, or cost, or what is offered is really static, not what TST members think of being fitting. And, also related to my question, there was a time when club fitting as TST memb
  11. Hey guys what's up. Have you ever thought about the importance of the golf ball and being fit for it? I would like to start a discussion on this topic. Let me know. If you don't yet know the difference between different balls I suggest taking a look here: https://www.golfgalaxy.com/s/golf-ball-comparison-chart It merely scratches the surface but it is very helpful in my opinion.
  12. Hey all, I live quite north (Edmonton AB), and it's gotten a bit cold to be out on the range or the course. I recently made a bit of a swing change that got rid of my dreaded late flip at impact, and have hit at the range but not on the course. I felt like I was hitting it a bit further and more solidly, but wasn't sure on my club gapping (have never been 100% on this) so I went into a local indoor facility to see if I could get a good idea on what was going on. It was an aboutgolf 3Trak system, which I was told should be fairly accurate as far as indoor systems go, but I was quite surpri
  13. I got my current set of irons about six years ago. I know I obsessively used the Mizuno swing optimizer to select a shaft. I ended up with FST 115, stiff flex, soft stepped, -1/2". I have had some great rounds and great shots with these irons. These are not Mizuno irons (they are Maltby K-30s). I was debating a new set of irons, and in part I was wondering if this was still the right fit for me. I know I deluded myself about a number of things back then, and I've found posts from that era when I say I hit an 8-iron 135 yards (for reference, that's a toss up of 6- or 7-iron for me at
  14. Hi All, Your advice is requested. I am playing again for the first time in 6 or 7 years, and picked up a cheap, old Ping G5 driver at the start of the season. It was 13º and lite-reg flex. Once I knew I was going to keep playing (who was I kidding!), I had a successful fitting session for some mizuno irons (standard lie, stiff shafts), but went somewhere else for my driver. I ended up buying a new M2, 10.5º in the stock stiff shaft, but I just can't get the distance regularly. With the G5 I was knocking it regularly 260+, where as most of my shots with the M2 are shorter, maybe 240.
  15. Hey Guys,Been using ping isi-k's for years and now have recently upgraded to ping ie 1's. On the isi's they were standard loft, lie and length in black code (7 of 36.75" length). They fitted well.The 2nd hand i e1's that i bought are standard loft and length (7 = 37") however the lie's are in colour purple, even with the lie being 1.5" flatter the toe of the clubs are pointing skywards too much and im hitting left of target more often.Using this ping chart im right in the middle of black which makes no sense for the i e1s (5ft 9" and 34.25" wrist to floor). I wouldn't of thought that the .25"
  16. Hello, I recently was fitted for Mizuno JPX 900 irons with a true temper XP 95 S300 shaft. During the fitting, i was told that my swing speed was around 85mph. On my long/mid irons (4-8 irons). I can't seem to hold the greens as my ball just rolls off the back. I've only played two rounds. One round on greens that were recently punched. The other was on a very hot day and greens were very firm. I have played a round with a callaway chrome soft and a vice Pro which is a new ball. I have struck the ball fairly well and have placed the ball towards the front of my stance. My que
  17. Hi all ! Next Saturday I´m getting a Titleist fitting for my driver. I have a Titleist 915 D2, 9,5 loft (lowered to 8,75 draw setup). Shaft: Rogue Black 95MSI 70-3,3-S. I hit 250 Carry in average but everyone i play said I hit the ball to high and I agree, i hit up on the ball (AoA +) with draw. Never been fitted before, so i don´t know my swing speed, lunch angle, spin rate.. etc. Do u have any good/bad experiencies of driving fitting? Any recomendations for me to do or to check douring the fitting ? (A video of me hitting the driver it´s on the proper section of TST) Dr
  18. In another thread, an interesting question was brought up... does the average golfer produce consistent enough swings to really do a fairly quick ball test? For those that haven't read any of my previous posts, I have been in the golf business for over 18 years. Almost 10 of those were spent as an equipment tech for Bridgestone Golf. I am no longer employed by B-stone, so I'm not promoting them and am not receiving compensation from them. This information is based on the knowledge and experience I have gathered from a hands-on view point over many years. There are different thoug
  19. I went to a Titleist fitting centre yesterday to get fitted for some new irons with the view of either getting the AP1's or AP2's. I am a 10 handicap, decent ball striker, 7 iron 165-170 yards. I went in with the view of maximum forgiveness (AP1's) but after hitting both clubs my numbers were virtually the same (except AP1's went little further due to lofts). My fitter was leaning towards recommending the AP2's as he didn't feel with my swing speed I would get anymore forgiveness out of the AP1's. However I still feel I would be giving up some forgiveness. I preferred the l
  20. I'm getting a new toy for Christmas. I'm getting a new driver and it's going to be a Ping G30. I'm stuck between the regular G30 and G30 LS Tec. My solid/proffered hits are push draws with a mid launch. My mishits are blocks and the occasional push slice. My straight hits tends to be slight fade bias. Which way should I go? I'm leaning toward the LS.
  21. Hi, I made an android app (free app) for shaft length calculation and lie angle. It is especialy made for all golfers who do not fit to the standard. Mostly women, tall and short golfers. I would be glad if the app can help you: go to google play store and search for "biofitting" Please feel free to ask me or to make a review at google play store. I try to make the iTunes version too. Mike
  22. So there are some online driver deals this time of the year and I was thinking of making use of one of them. My biggest driver problem is missing toward the toe, and to a lesser extent thin. I also can (accidentally) curve the ball in either direction so specifically helping a slice or hook isn’t as important as perhaps just limiting side spin in general. I already know what length and shaft weights I like, and can play around with adjustable lofts so that’s not a problem. I found some nice deals on the Cobra F6 and Taylormade R15. The Cobra F6 has (or ties) the most rearward c
  23. A couple of months ago, I went to the local Golftec to talk about getting fitted for some new irons. They sold me on the idea of getting some lessons before they fit me, so I signed up for 10 lessons. I've had 4 lessons so far, but I was thinking, hey, I came in for clubs, so I asked for them to go ahead and fit me, which they did yesterday. They had me hit some shots with my current 7-iron, to measure my clubhead speed, ball flight, distance,etc. They took some physical measurements, had me stand up straight, measured the distance from my fingers to the floor. Asked me my height.
  24. I had a free afternoon so I thought it would be fun to make an appointment at the nearby fitting studio Club Champion for an iron fitting. I wasn’t sure I would necessarily buy anything but that possibility was on the table. This isn’t going to be a thorough review of their fitting process, but I’ll say it was very nice. They spent at least 1 1/2 hours not including warm up time, had massive numbers of heads and shafts, and my fitter seemed knowledgeable and attentive. A few details that came to light is that the 6 iron on my current set is 4* too strong. And my 8 iron is 2* too s
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