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Found 11 results

  1. https://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/2018/11/01/bryson-dechambeau-putting-pin-2019-rules/ Duh. Yep.
  2. Will the New Flagstick rule become a fiasco? IMO, I think at some point in time most players will communicate their preferences with regular playing partners and a routine will become set. While on the other hand, playing with others, friends, strangers, competitive rounds, it may lead to becoming a concern. I certainly have no objection to leaving it in and pulling it out for fellow golfers, but not to the point of becoming a flagstick attendant during a round. I had a discussion with a friend over these matters and stated "on the first tee, players should discuss there intentions to leave it or pull it" My objection is once the stick is removed, any player who intends to putt with the stick in should do so before the flag is pulled so long as it doesn't impede others line of play. His comment was "maybe I would like it back in" I stated fine, but once it has been pulled then if you want it back in, you can walk up and put it back in! I somewhat foresee this leading to additional time spent on greens by foursomes, especially during competitive competitions which usually are slower paced rounds. Mainly in club events, High School and possibly Collegiate level as well. It definitely will require more communications among players to these matters.
  3. http://www.golf.com/instruction/flag-or-out http://www.grouchygolf.com/2004/09/golfers-leave-that-flag-in.html Notice the first comment on the latter link above… This will be a quick one. When hitting a shot from off the green, leave the flagstick in. It's really that simple. Unless the flagstick is leaning so far toward you (the Rules of Golf allow you to re-center a flagstick that's leaning because it wasn't put back in properly) that a golf ball will not fit, it can only help you. A ball that's rolling so fast it hits the flag and doesn't go in had NO chance of going in without the flag. The flagstick can only take speed off the golf ball, either letting it fall in or keeping it closer to the hole. And, second: If you're outside of 25 feet or so, consider having the flagstick tended when you putt. People are shy to have the flagstick tended when they putt, but having a person stand there not only helps you aim (though you cannot ask them to stand somewhere in particular - if they happen to stand where you're aiming, it may be helpful to you), but it also helps you with your depth perception and thus helps you with your speed. That's it. Two tips that should help you. I've literally told my golf team members that if I see them playing a shot from off the green with the flagstick out, they strongly run the risk of sitting out the next round because it's just stupid to do otherwise. It's a free way to occasionally save strokes.
  4. nevets88

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    So NoLayingUp says they've never or is it rarely, seen this. I think I recall seeing people doing it, but it's something I do, so I don't think anything of it and don't really note it. But hey, if The Big Cat is doing it, shouldn't you? The Tweet thread is interesting reading. My reaction to this is, wait, what, you've never seen someone do this? How long have you been playing?
  5. As you guys know, I'm a big fan of leaving the flagstick in… Well, I finally found a putt from the fringe where I'd recommend that almost everyone take the flagstick out because it should just be unnecessary: Then again, if you can't control your distance to within a foot or two from here, you should still leave it in. (The flagstick appears to be leaning a little but wasn't after I re-centered it). FWIW, in 2019, my recommendation and to my college team my requirement will be to put the flagstick in if you're not at least 90% confident you can control your distance to within two feet or so. Under about three feet, the advantages are negligible.
  6. My shoulder isn't 100% and it's going to rain, but f*** it I'm going golfing tomorrow.

  7. See the poll above. I'm undecided myself… wishful thinking says "no." Fearful thinking says "yes."
  8. Shane Field

    Putting with flag in question

    I'm just learning to play golf and I was told I can't ask to have the pin left in the hole when I'm putting on the green. I find putting easier with a bigger target so I like having the flagstick in while I hit the ball. Is it legal to do this? Thanks for clarification!
  9. I can find no rationale for there being a two stroke penalty for hitting the untended flagstick while putting from the green. My experience is that if you are putting from the green or even from just off the green the flagstick is an obstacle not an aide. A well struck putt is more likely to carom off the flagstick when it is still in the hole than lip out if it is not in the hole so why a penalty and a two stroke penalty at that for hitting the flagstick when putting from the green? It makes no rational sense.
  10. I posted a question asking the rationale for a two stroke penalty for hitting the flagstick while putting from the green. I came to realize that the rationale was to prevent golfers from using the flagstick in long range or steep downhill situations from acting as a backstop thus avoiding a three putt. What got sticky was the question of putting or chipping from just off the green where your intent is to sink the putt not just to try to stop it close to the hole. My experience and that of most of the good golfers I have played with is your odds go up if you remove the flagstick. However, some people on the previous post insisted without any real evidence that I was wrong. So just for kicks and giggles I'd love to do a poll to hear what most people on this site do in that situation. To make it specific lets say the ball is resting not more than three feet off the green is relatively level and without a severe break and the distance to the hole is under 15 feet. In other words a putt you can have some confidence you could make.
  11. I could have sworn that, when I was younger, the Rules of Golf specified that a flagstick could only be, say, 0.75 inches in diameter for the bottom 8 inches of the flagstick or something like that (I made the actual inch measurements up), but I now believe my memory is wrong on that, as I can't find anything on ruleshistory.com to support that. In fact, the Rules do not have a maximum flagstick diameter, so in reality you could have a flagstick that's so thick (say, 3 inches) that a ball will NOT fit between it and the cup. Just an odd little quirk. Think about it. You could legally make a flagstick, and hold a valid competition that's supported by the USGA and your local golf association (or the R&A and such), where a ball could never be chipped in, putted in from off the green, holed out for eagle or albatross, etc. Weird.

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