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Found 9 results

  1. I know there are plenty of threads about stopping the dreaded flip at impact so I hope it's OK to start another one. I read though a thread on another site regarding Jim Waldron's arm swing illusion. While the thread was mainly focused on the arm motion in the back swing (which I thought was excellent), there were some tidbits about flipping the wrists at impact and it being caused by the hit impulse. I'd like for this thread to be focused on that. What I believe he is saying is side to side arm motion vs. up and down arm motion is what causes golfers to flip at impact. He believes that side to side arm motion is caused by a hit impulse. Hitting at the ball vs. swinging through the ball. He goes on to say that to fix the hit impulse you have to see through the arm swing illusion, and clearly define wrist hinge and wrist cock. In general, hinge is primarily done with the right wrist, and cock is primarily done with the left wrist in a right handed swing. Both elements occur in both wrists, however these elements are more pronounced in one vs. the other. I know that arm motion is important, but I'd like to focus on wrist action once the hands get to waist height in the downswing. What really stood out to me was his explanation of what should happen at this point in the swing. Lets assume that a golfer can reach this position correctly with the arms and wrists (left wrist up-cocked, right wrist backward hinged). All the golfer needs to do at this point is down-cock the wrists and maintain the right wrist backward hinge while turning through the hitting zone. He says that if the golfer reached this position and did not turn through the hitting zone, the aiming point for the club head would be on the ground along the toe line. He says that all of this is compromised if there is any lateral arm movement, and that lateral arm movement should only occur well after the ball is struck. This made a lot of sense to me because you're not forcing a wrist position, you're setting up a wrist position once you get to the top, and then maintaining it (with the exception of the down-cock). There is a strong timing element in this (many aspects of the golf swing are), but he says that the low point can be manipulated by grip strength. Thin contact, very slightly increase grip pressure, fat contact, very slightly decrease grip pressure. I've had a flipping issue with my swing for quite some time, so armed with this information I gave it a shot. In previous swing videos I'd be lucky to get to 1* forward shaft lean at impact, and after impact my LEFT wrist would be hinged backwards. In current swing videos I'm getting about 4 to 5* of forward shaft lean at impact and I'm maintaining the right wrist hinge for approximately 6" after impact. I went from slight fade to slight draw, and it's working for every club in my bag. I've had about 5 or 6 range sessions since discovering this, and while it needs to be honed, it has held up better than I could have imagined. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this, tried it, and had success (or no success). Also curious if this makes sense to any of the instructors.
  2. Occasionally I get a lesson where someone doesn't get their weight forward. They "flip" and "throw" and hit the shots you'd expect to hit: fat, thin, etc. Even their good shots are "picked" pretty cleanly without a descending AoA, and they often play the ball farther back in their stance than better players do. I'd like to think I'm pretty good about fixing this. It takes some time, and the students have to practice - of course - but by doing things differently and knowing the priority and order of things, they can work away from this. But occasionally - really rarely - you get a golfer who just cannot stop throwing the trail wrist, throwing the clubhead at the ball. I follow the "5 S" principles and simplify, shorten, and slow down. We'll try to hit shots only 50 yards. Then 30. Then 20 (which the student will still often hit 50) yards. Sometimes I've had to ask someone to chip the ball ten feet and, even if they miss the golf ball (they don't, but I tell them this to emphasize the main point), to do everything in their power to retain some of the trail wrist angle. And rarely, occasionally… they can't do that. They can't hit a ten-foot chip without throwing out the trail wrist angle. Rarely, occasionally, I get something like this even on a ten-foot chip: I will admit to struggling with this type of lesson. Yes, I can put a stick in the end of the shaft and "make them" do it better. We can emphasize it so severely - to the exclusion of worrying about anything else - that they can do it 50% of the time, or 80% of the time for short chips and little punch shots that go 20 or 25 yards in the air. I'll pull out all the stops: mental pictures like "chip the ball under a chair," sharing the concept of impact/where the shaft should be at impact, the works. But as soon as you go back to something else, or they hit the ball 50 yards with a 6-iron… THROW! FLIP! And a little part of me thinks "you'll just never be good at golf." If you can't hit a chip shot ten feet without throwing your wrists - even when you're thinking about it and doing all that you can do to finish like this: then I don't know that you'll ever play great golf. That's my current working theory, anyway. That the ability to do this - even at slow speeds for short shots - is the single most important fundamental skill in golf. Note: The student on the grass above can do this. He is not an example of someone who can't do it, but is an example of someone who wasn't doing it. He's improved.
  3. Hey all . .just a quick question to pick your golf brains. I know (or think I know) a typical cause of flipping is under-rotation. In this case, we see the golfer facing the camera at impact, wrists approximately between the legs. What would cause an picture at impact that shows the hips open to the target, shoulders closed, (flipping) wrists in front of the right thigh? ie - it essentially looks like the player has continued his swing with his body, but his arms are hanging back to flip at the ball . . . . Is this primarily caused by letting the club get behind you in the backswing? Or would there be other causes? Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. I've been trying to get rid of my flip and add lag as long as I've been golfing, with just about zero luck. The other day I started taking swings and removing my right hand completely at the top of the swing and realized I wasn't flipping at all, perfect impact position. This made me realize my right hand was the likely culprit, so I tried something I have never heard anyone recommend and I'd like to know if anyone has tried this or heard of it: From the start of my downswing, I started pulling "up" with my right hand- almost like I was fighting the downswing. What resulted was a powerful strike with tons of lag and almost no flip. I've posted some before and after shots. If you're looking to stop casting, try this and let me know what you think. I haven't been able to try it at the range because it's been raining for a week solid. Thanks!
  5. Any suggestions for wrist flipping! Bought the tour striker a few months ago and I can hit it ok but very low on the face, some shots are worm burners. If I hit one handed with the left hand only they feel firm, as soon as I put my right hand on it then the flip happens. Saw an ad for : hit down dammit , would this help me solve my problem? Thanks for any help and or suggestions, I am a 10 handicap and would finally like to hit better and more solid shots!
  6. This question has popped into my head a few times over the past couple of weeks, and I looked around trying to find an answer with none satisfying my query (if this has been discussed please merge if necessary). I am not really sure what the answer is, but the situation is this and I'm trying to understand. My friend flips the club no problem, and when we look at his swing it is obvious that he has a swing path that is in-out (he still has a two way miss where he will miss with an overdraw one day and a slice the other). However, it is not just my friend I have seen other videos here of players that say they hit push draws and draws, but when I see their video they are flip city. My self on the other hand I feel like I have a pretty flat wrist, however my big issue has always been (and is slightly changing with the irons, but not the Dr & 3W) swinging around my body and thus an out-in at contact or as I have heard coming across the ball causing the right curving shot (mostly push slices with the long clubs & fades with the irons). Do people who flip just have an easier time swinging out because of all the time they give themselves and their body doesn't really move forward enough, while the others who might have a flat left wrist end up going around their body because their hips have no where to go since they have moved their weight way forward, and now the hips just pop open and bring the club with it? Another issue is should this person who does flip start working on getting his hips forward and more of a flat left wrist at impact expect that his push draws will most likely turn to push slices and fades now? Thanks
  7. title is self explanatory. I have a nasty habit of flipping at the ball, i.e., club head before hands at impact. Once it was pointed out to me it's gotten better, but still creeps in and causes some mishits (chunks). Seen a lot about using an impact bag as a drill to fix this, but not sure how. Am I supposed to hit the bag (don't see how that would help)? Am I supposed to put it behind the ball to make sure I keep the angle (seems like a towel would serve the same purpose)?
  8. Just wondering if flipping at impact could cause me to slide the club under the ball and loose alot of distance? I go through phases of nice shallow divots and good accuracy/distance,...to no divots and loss of distance/accuracy goign to read the flipping at impact master thread shortly once work is finished,... PS: I also blade alot of chips if i dont get my hands ahead of the clubhead
  9. I have started doing this right before/at impact with the ball and it has eliminated my slice. What is the proper terminology for flipping the wrist and or who else uses this technique with their golf swing? I think this is going to be a game breaker for me.
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