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Found 18 results

  1. As most of you know, I am 73 years old. I have a huge place with a yard that covers 1/2 of a block. So, I mow in the morning, trim trees, work in the garden, and then try and quit by noon. Eat lunch and then take a nap. Usually head to the course and play at least 18 holes and sometimes 24 to 27 holes. My problem? I am so tired I have trouble controlling my driver. So, I get mis-hits, slices, pulls, and a bunch of other maladies. I have yet to shoot the low 80's this year. So, today, I am resting up and doing nothing to see if I can shoot a low eighty score before the season goes away. I just need some sympathy, coaching, and understanding. I wonder how many of us "everyday golfer's" understand just how good a shape these Professional Golfers are in? Most of you Golfers, just don't understand how tough it is being retired. 😉 Retired Old Man P.S.> Seriously, I need to work less and play more. 😀
  2. I have a golf friend that is into golf more than anyone I've ever met. He plays in leagues, inner clubs, and then when he's not golfing he's studying his rounds, and inputting his rounds into a golf website. Then when he's not doing that he's watching golf. You get the point. I haven't spoken to him in about a year so i went onto GHIN to see his handicap. Last time i checked he was a 2. He is not registered in GHIN anymore. So i checked the Inner Club Tee Times and i saw he wasn't signed up. This is horrible, but my first instinct is that he was dead. THere is no way he wouldn't have a GHIN card. I texted him and he wrote back " I quit last august. Every ball I hit was a shank so F it". I've never seen anyone so into the game just quit like that! I know the "S word" can be very frustrating.
  3. After having been a single digit handicap for the last 7+ years, swing changes and frustration has me at a 9.7 with the next possible round getting me to a double digit handicap. In the grand scheme of things, Im still a better golfer than a large percentage of people who golf, but at the same time it’s very frustrating to me to shoot in the mid to high 80’s. I know I’m a better golfer than how I’m playing right now and it’s so aggravating. I joke when I tell my buddies I’m going to take two weeks off an quit, and I know changing my swing for the better is going to take a lot of work, but it’s just frustrating sometimes. Other than my beautiful wife and dogs, golf is up there with one of the most important things I do in life, so it sucks to suck, ya know. Take a few days off an keep my head down and working? What do you do when it just doesnt make sense?
  4. I am seriously considering quitting golf. I am by no means good at it (20 hcp) but lowered my handicap by 10+ this year. In 2008 i was hoping to lower it again to about a 15 but now im not so sure. i went to the range for the first time in 2008 and shanked about 90% of my shots. (at worst i have 2 shanks per 18 holes when i play.) i dont get it.... i slowed my swing down, took 3/4 swings, 1/2 swings, loosened up like 5 times, tried pitches but nothing. kept on shanking and could not hit the sweet spot. should i just stop?
  5. I started golf 6 months ago and now I am ready to quit. Golf is a good game and I love it. But I just could not get it. I had private lessons, I watched YouTub a lot, I even paid a program so I can practice drive range every day free. But I just could not get it. I understood what my instructor said, I know what I should do, but I just do not know hwo to do it. I hit from the top, I have chicken wings, and I can not release the club with hands cross-over. I top, I have fat shot and slice. I am going to see my third private instructor tomorrow and I do not have confidence in either him or me. I am a very active person. I played basketball a lot, enjoyed it untill too many injuries. I also played tennis and have a 4.0 USTA rating. But golf seems very hard. I do not have the "feel" when I swing. Would you guys share some experience learning golf? What should I expect at 6 months? How do you improve?
  6. Need something to do for a little me time every week. Golf is dead to me. Its been a long time coming but Im done. Its too hard, too costly, and it takes waaaaaaay to long. Golf isnt going to fix slow play and golf isnt going to get easier so Im out. But what the heck do I do now?
  7. I'm a fairly small 32 year old guy: 5'9 and 130lbs and pretty weak in the upper body. I've played golf for a couple of years and really enjoyed improving. I average 85ish. Anyway, my 7 iron distance is roughly 135 yards and driver is 200, at best (total distance, not carry). I'm starting to feel that without a faster swing, further improvement will be incredibly difficult. Here's my question: If you woke up tomorrow and found that you were stuck with 200 yard drives, forgetting about the sense of embarrassment on the course, would you continue to play? (I love the game, but my lack of distance is surprisingly demoralising.)
  8. How do you handle those days where you literally can not get good contact. Thin.fat.slice.hook. Whatever it is, how do you cope with this kind of problem? Do you set the clubs down? I always after a round can not stop thinking about it. Need some advice, this drives me insane.
  9. Just started round and you make tripple boogy, double, tripple, boogy. You feel tired and not having any fun. Do you quit or finish round no matter how crappy you feel?
  10. Well, I'm 14 years old. I have played golf for 2 years. I am playing terrible. Today, I hit 36 over on an 18 hole executive course. A week ago I hit 45 over on a regular course 18 holes. I just joined a country club and all my friends hit like only a few over. I am feeling really discouraged and looking for some serious help from anyone. By the way, I can't afford too many clinics as my parents won't let me since its pricy. Thanks
  11. Ok lately slow play and bad etiquette has been making me angry and depressed at my once great golf club to the point I may not pay to be a member any more. People are so ignorant and arrogant, they never ring bells to let you know its safe to hit on blind shots even though they see us on the tee box. The worst thing is I can never practice by myself or play golf with my friend as a two ball. We/I always get stuck behind a 4 ball of old guys that never let us through. They hack and hack and time waste so much its unbelievable. Once I got so mad I shouted fore to get a group that skipped in front of us out of the way to let us hit and of course we get up and it is the pro playing in the four ball saying it was rude etc etc and he would have let us through, yea right, the time was when we were on the tee box with you!. I am just so sick of this and do not know what to do? Today I was stuck behind a 4 ball of old hacking men, with no one in front of them, for the 4th, 5th, 6,th par 3, 7th and 8th when I eventually walked off because they never let me through. What is there to do about this?
  12. At 39, I still happy to break 100. Ok, no I'm not. But that's a good day. My courses are short, but challenging. Many hills, blind shots, changing conditions etc. Excuses aside. Backstory : at 22? I started golfing with my brother. Baseball bat grip. Finally started working with a left arm straight approach on backswing, and felt the club twisting in my hands during the backswing. Was able to consistently hit mid to upper 90s. About 4 or 5 years ago, I was sick of this. I took 2 lessons. First lesson I was hitting my 7 iron 165 yards straight. 2nd lesson, couldn't get it back. Instructor was watching a woman near me. Skipped 3rd. In the past 4 or 5 years, I've only gotten to get out about 8 times per season. I changed my grip and am still struggling with it. I'm still shooting a 100. Should I give up? I took another lesson recently and it really screwed me up. I picked up a NIKE SUMO 2 sq 5900 with a Proto vs 65 stiff shaft used, and was hitting it like a dream. Shot a 92 (42 front nine) at a tough course. The next outing the club head flew off on my downswing. is this (insert your higher power here)'s way of saying STOP you fool STOP! Serious. I could easily spend the money on ...insert expensive hobby here that requires no skill!... I recently picked up snowboarding (yes I know Im 39) and love it. So there is my winter hobby. Now what? in case you read this far, and are mildly amused at my crying shame of a golf experience...please, read further. Grip. I've changed this about 3 times. Right now it appears I have a good grip. Two golf instructors (one just watching me) and another I paid for a lesson $100 for the hour, said my grip was fine. But I noticed that both my pinky and my ring finger are overlaping on my left hand (im righty). When I just try to put my pinky on my hand, it hurts..bending it wierd. This can't be right. Ok now it appears my grip needs help! Stance. Apparently I'm standing too close to the ball. When I tried to move further out using several techniques to ensure I'm far or close enough away, I've started now shanking the ball. AND NO, I AM NOT HITTING THE HOSEL!!!! AHHHH! I can't stop shanking the ball now. I'm at my wits end. I can literally stand 45 degrees away from target and hit a fairly straight shot down the fairway...not joking. I have one guy telling me lean on toes and that will predicate the distance of the club, then shift back to balls of feet, another guy telling me weight should be towards the back of my feet. When I was just hacking away before taking this all serious and trying to learn the 'proper' way of doing things to get better, I was able to hit my wedge pretty well. I picked up a used set of Calloway x-16's and they seem pretty good, but it did not include a SW. Now I have this big giant nike slingshot that is either skying the ball too much or I end up topping it. My old sandwedge was so reliable. But it was really really old. So i tossed it! I wore out the bottom I used it so much. I was really good with that thing, it saved my butt. Now for the life of me I can't really hit this SW, and it has started to affect my PW shots too! I'm shanking and slicing with this puppy. Sadly, I'm able to actually hit my long irons and drives with a slight slice or fade, sometimes even straight. But the shorter the irons, the worse I'm getting. I'm hitting a PW up to 7 iron the same distance, when it goes straight. I'm just doing very very bad and see no advancement. In the past 2 years, I'm trying to get out as much as I can, at least once every 2 weeks. That 'should' end up being 12 rounds of golf. If I could do better, I would get out more. And my range efforts are no better. I feel like I am ingraining bad learning when I goto the range. The only thing the range has done for me is taught me how to hit my driver over the fence. That's all I have going for me, I can hit my driver about 275 yards on the fly...couple bounces later and the range is losing balls when I use my driver. Especially when my sumo2 5900 was working alive :( (RIP!) So, I'm not sure what to do. I tried an expensive lesson with a local pro for $100 for the hour. No video, no analysis, just a guy telling me what was right or wrong. He did tell me I had a nice swing. But how can that be when I SUCK so bad. I really love this game. During peak summer months, I watch the golf channel constantly, I read stuff online, I dream about that perfect shot off the tee in the middle of the fairway, followed by that perfect 9 iron shot 5' from the hole. And I love the 19th hole fun afterwards. It's a great game, but maybe just not for me? Maybe I'll buy a boat? suggestions please? should I keep trying for lessons elsewhere until I find the right pro? I've had 3 so far and they really seem to put me back. I've tried videoing myself, but I can't really tell what is going on. I think I get tired and dont think straight at the range. Should I try getting fitted for the 'right clubs' at Golfsmith (are they reputable? ) Sorry for the length of my battlecry, but I need help bad. I can't live off of semi decent drives alone (and that too will die soon!) Oh yea, forgot to mention,I can't get rid of my slice either, when I try to adjust, I just duck it or severely hook.
  13. Simply put, I'm not having fun anymore. Playing OR practicing! I used to have tons of fun when I first started 5 years ago. I developed some wacky homegrown swing that worked for me and kept me in the low 90s. That was acceptable and fun for me. Then, one day, I decided I would try to get better. (Big mistake?) Started taking lessons, reading tons of articles, watching instructional videos, researching different methods, etc etc. Turns out, I got WORSE! This summer was an absolute complete wash. I invested so much time and money last year into "getting better" that I felt if I did not see results on the course, that everything I worked on would have been a waste. Hundreds of dollars of lessons, range balls, etc. It has gotten to the point where I don't play because of the fear that I would further confirm that all my efforts are indeed a waste. Go ahead, laugh, I know that is probably the stupidest thing ever written here, but its true. I've got so much useless info in my head I just want to flush it all out and go back to having fun with a semi-crappy swing. Is that possible? If I just try to forget about golf all this fall/winter and maybe pick it up next spring?
  14. I hate playing with someone who will just leave after a few holes if they r not shooting right at thier handicap! I can't belive how many people do this at my country club! It's so annoying I always make plans to play with 3 or 4 guys and I'm lucky to finish with 1. 
  15. I "was" a 10 HI, now I am frequenting +100 rounds. I still hit my driver, irons and wedges well. My problem is with distances. I just recently lost my eyesight in my right eye and am right eye dominant, so this has really screwed up my depth perception. So my short game is all to hell. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and what could I possibly do to find a feel for distance in the less than 50 yrd. game. Frustration has really put a damper on the fun I used to have. I don't want to quit golf, but I am almost ready to. Any input on the subject is appreciated.
  16. I just go outside to get mad at myself. I practice just to disappoint myself. For the past week, my game has completely gone away. I can't hit a shot straight, not can I even hit the ball sometimes. Lately all I do is either hit it fat, or top the hell out of it. And even if I end up hitting it, it's a complete shank, or a massive pull that just goes straight left. I haven't hit a good shot not ONCE in the past week. On Friday, I was doing absolutely incredible. I was at the top of my game, and I had been for a while, and I had a nice draw, that went nice and high, straight to the target. I woke up the next day, and I just did feel the club anymore. My swing just doesn't feel right at all. The club feels like it weighs NOTHING, and I can't let it do any work, I have to force it with my arms to feel the swing. I'm really considering just quitting golf, and coming back to it maybe in a couple years. This is just... Sighh... There are so many words to express my frustration right now, but I'm sure this thread would be deleted. What should I do...
  17. Last weekend I had 40 putts in my round. Yesterday I spent a solid hour at the course on the putting green really trying to work on it. I felt like I got down to a good repeatable stroke and a good routine. I was putting pretty decent when I left. Today I went played a new course... and.. had 40 putts. Again! The course does have some pretty fast greens that I wasn't used to, but it's no excuse. I had seven 3-putts. Absolutely pathetic...
  18. thats how i feel today. Sell my clubs and never play this damn game again. i had the WORST 18 holes of this season today, feels like a complete waste of money. I cant putt worth a shit, i threw my putter and it bent which i dont care because it was $20. Pounded my irons deep into the mud. I know im a complete ******* for doing this but it feels good to get it out. anyone want to buy some clubs?
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