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  1. GAME GOLF has recently announced a new version of their shot tracking system and they are calling it GAME GOLF Pro http://articles.gamegolf.com/new-game-golf-pro-offers-unprecedented-shot-tracking-for-golfers-37381/ Some of the major highlights from the article: Taking advantage of the industry’s most advanced shot-tracking technology is this easy: arrive at the tee, turn on GAME GOLF PRO and play. Unlike earlier iterations, there’s no need to tap the GAME GOLF tags on your clubs to the hip device. All you have to do is play golf—and every shot, distance, and club used is automatically tracked. Incorporating automotive-grade sensors used by cutting edge motor companies such as Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO is so smart that it can differentiate real shots from practice swings. GAME GOLF PRO also doesn’t miss any shots and you don’t need to have your phone in your pocket, unlike competing systems. In fact, GAME GOLF PRO has its own battery and GPS included so you can leave your phone at home saving you data and battery life, if you choose. Coming to market in 2018, GAME GOLF Smart Caddie helps golfers make data-driven decisions by recommending clubs and hole strategy based on your previously tracked performance. Competing systems give you a recommendation for how to play a hole. Smart Caddie takes it one step further, providing you with recommendations for every shot you face on a hole with no manual entry required. Smart Caddie can even calculate the effect of weather and elevation in making its recommendation. Designed with the input of PGA of America Golf Professionals, the new GAME GOLF Coaching Dashboard not only allows you to accurately determine the parts of your game that need improvement, but it also makes it easy to share your data with your PGA Professional. GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE puts a new spin on the GAME Golf tag line of ‘Know Your Game.’ GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE provides the golf industry with a tool it can use to lower maintenance costs, increase pace of play, improve course set-up and playability, and make courses safer. “By drawing on our database of more than two-million rounds and twenty-billion data points—the richest source of tracked rounds golf—GAME GOLF INTELLIGENCE makes it possible for course owners, club management, superintendents and golf architects to respond to how golfers are actually experiencing their course,” McGuire said. Personally I like the tagging in my GAME GOLF Live unit, and it is part of my preshot routine and it acts as my "go" trigger to execute my shot. With GAME GOLF Pro I feel like it would always be in the back of my mind "I wonder if the unit tagged that shot or not" but with the current unit, I get the beep/vibration to know it tagged the shot One of the highlights from the article states, "you don’t need to have your phone in your pocket, unlike competing systems. In fact, GAME GOLF PRO has its own battery and GPS included so you can leave your phone at home saving you data and battery life, if you choose." With my current GAME GOLF Live unit, I dont have to have my phone in my pocket in order to tag the shots. Since getting the belt clip and tags, I am no longer on my phone during my rounds. I just edit the round on my phone after before I leave the course. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a feature like the Smart Caddie is not allowed in tournament play, correct?
  2. GAME GOLF Live is now just $199 worldwide! The Sand Trap's 2016 Partner GAME GOLF has just announced a worldwide* price reduction to $199. Now's a great time to pick up a GAME GOLF Live device, even if you don't always use the Live features, the Live offers a better GPS with longer battery life. * Worldwide currency fluctuations may result in prices that vary slightly from $199 USD, but they'll be close. And this is my language, not GG's. Remember, too, to post in our prediction contest in the next day or two! Thanks!
  3. Anyone try the new Smart Caddie App by Game Golf? It has a "Wind Direction" screen, is this illegally to use? Smart Caddie helps golfers make data-driven decisions as they play. It’s like having your own personal caddie who considers every shot you’ve ever hit, has identified all of your tendencies and accounts for course and weather conditions. Plays Like Distances (as seen on the PGA Tour) Advanced Hole Strategy Real-Time Playing Conditions Club Recommendations for Every Shot
  4. My shoulder isn't 100% and it's going to rain, but f*** it I'm going golfing tomorrow.

  5. This prediction contest is sponsored by GAME GOLF! Predict some 2016 Ryder Cup Results and win a GAME GOLF Live device autographed by Ryder Cup Star Graeme McDowell, Pebble Steel smart watch/rangefinder, and other great prizes! We will ask you to predict a few things for the 2016 Ryder Cup, and you will have a chance to win a great prize from GAME GOLF! PLEASE READ the rules thoroughly. Do not be one of those who are disqualified for a simple mistake. To enter, post your answer right here in this thread along with a link to your GAME GOLF profile. Note that you do not have to buy a GAME GOLF to enter - you can download the free iOS or Android GAME GOLF application to create an account, or create one at http://gamgolf.com/. The Prizes First Place One winner will win a GAME GOLF Live device autographed by Ryder Cup star and GAME GOLFer Graeme McDowell! Additionally… This winner will also get: a $160 GolfNow gift card a Pebble Steel wrist watch for use with their GAME GOLF Live device a one-year Supporter Membership here at The Sand Trap five TST Ball Markers a hardcover autographed copy of Lowest Score Wins Pebble can connect with your phone and other smart devices to keep you up with your everyday tasks, fitness, and of course, your golf game. By syncing with the GAME GOLF app you will be able to use your watch as a GPS rangefinder, analyze your shots right as they happen, and edit your round on the go. It’s that simple! Random Drawing We'll also randomly draw five winners from those who predict the winning team ("United States" or "Europe") to receive a one-month Supporter membership, a paperback copy of Lowest Score Wins, and a TST Ball Marker. The Rules - All qualifying entries must be received no later than September 29, 2016 at Midnight eastern time zone (New York City). - Winners will be notified within 48 hours of the completion of The 2016 Ryder Cup and will have an additional 48 hours to claim their prizes. - You must have a shipping address within the 50 United States of America. - You must be a registered member of The Sand Trap in good standing. - You must be aged eighteen (18) or older as of the date of entry. - Your answer must include a link to your GAME GOLF profile (free to create if you don't already have one) and follow the proper format. - The Winner will be selected as the first person in the contest to correctly answer the three questions below. If the questions are not answered correctly, we'll choose the first best answer as the winner. The "best" answer will have the first and second questions correct and be posted earlier than any other entries with the first two answers correct. And so on if there are no entries with the first two correct for the first answer. - One entry per person and per household. Any additional entries or modifications invalidate all entries. - If we suspect fraud of any kind - suspicious multiple entries, for example - we reserve the right to award the prize to the next valid entry in the order established above. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize after being notified. The Questions You must answer these three questions in your entry (and include a link to your GAME GOLF profile): Which team will win the Ryder Cup and what will the final score be? Who will earn the most points for the winning team? With what record? Who will clinch the Ryder Cup for the winning team? On what hole? An Example Entry Team U.S.A. will win 15-13. Jack Nicklaus will win 4.5 points by going 4-0-1 and Arnold Palmer will clinch the Ryder Cup for the U.S.A. by winning his match on the 16th hole. You can see my GAME GOLF Profile here: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/gmac. --------------- (If you have any questions about this contest, please post them here in this thread, but take care to post anything that can be considered a contest entry only once. Be sure to answer all of the questions and to include a link to your GAME GOLF profile.) Remember, you can download the application free on either OS: iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-golf-gps-tracker-rangefinder/id682389516?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.gameyourgame.game&hl=en
  6. Looks like there's a new Game Golf system coming out that finally gives live feedback on your round, as many, myself included always wanted. I wonder how this will affect the free tagging feature of the app. I suspect that will shift to a for-pay format. http://www.wareable.com/golf/new-game-golf-live-adds-real-time-smartphone-insights-for-your-round-1854 New Game Golf LIVE adds real time smartphone insights for your round Game Golf, the round tracking wearable, has been updated to add a host of new features. The new tracker dubbed Game Golf LIVE gets its name from the new smartphone paired app, which enables you to get more information when out on the course. For the uninitiated Game Golf consists of a wearable receiver that clips to your waistband and a bunch of sensors that plug into the top of your clubs. You tap the top of the club on your belt before you play a shot, and when you get back you'll see a map of your shots, as well as stats on average distances with each club, success rates, putting data and a whole lot more. However, the previous Game Golf only got useful when you got home from a round, and as we mentioned in our review, built up a few rounds of history. Game Golf LIVE adds real time insights by connecting to a smartphone app. You can use it for yardages to the pin, a major omission from the last model and a real bone of contention for those who need to fork out for a GPS watch and the Game Golf system. It's also added Google Maps imagery in addition to Bing and Apple's own cartography. There are also additions to the post-round analysis as well. There's now a feature called Stroke Gained analysis that helps players find weaknesses in their game to work on during lessons or at the range. It will also put you up against scratch golfers to see which element is contributing to your downfall. Game Golf LIVE is set to retail for $249.99 and previous owners of the Game Golf Classic (as it's now being marketed) can upgrade for $99 if they get in before 11 November.
  7. GIR is KING! Yet I still go for pins when I shouldn't. I recently received a GameGolf Live and have enjoyed analyzing the stats the website provides (it's a good distraction from my swing). So I decided to give the "Challenge" feature a try to help me keep GIRs in my sights. I've started two challenges that will run June 1-30; highest GIR% overall, and in a single round. Tie-breaker for both challenges is putts-per-hole. The challenges are open to everyone on GameGolf, but if anyone here is interested, I'll spring for a nifty TST-logo ball marker for the top-finishing TST member in each challenge (if @iacas will "drop-ship" them for me ). Good luck! Highest GIR% Overall - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11194 Highest Single Round GIR% - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11195
  8. Somewhat recently GAME GOLF changed up the info you see when you click "Insights." http://www.gamegolf.com/insights What used to be the old view: Now requires you to click "View Insights." Instead you see a view like this: This is a little confusing at first, but here's your quickie guide to how this works: This is where you set up your comparison. You can compare yourself to yourself or to other golfers, like scratch golfers or 15 handicappers. You can compare your last round, your last 5, 10, etc. You can narrow it down to a date range, and do all sorts of other things. These numbers are the somewhat confusing part. The smaller grey number is the second thing, the "base" against which you are comparing yourself. In this image, the smaller grey number is the "3 Rounds" number - I lost 0.64 strokes off the tee, gained -0.47, -0.77, and -0.52 strokes in the other areas (presumably against a scratch golfer). So the grey numbers are the standard for comparison, and then the white numbers with the arrows are what you're comparing: in this case, the "Last Round." You can see I improved to saving -0.19 strokes off the tee, and that is a positive trend, so it's got a downward green arrow. I previously saved -0.77 strokes with my short game, but only managed -0.57 the last time, so even though it's still negative (a gain), I've trended negatively so I get a red upward arrow. These are where the grey and white numbers (with red or green arrows) show up in a bar chart form. Simply that. The grey numbers above are represented by the grey bars. The white numbers are represented by the green or red bars that correspond to a green or red arrow. So that's the top part. Below that, we get some interesting grids and graphics: This section's a bit easier to digest. The blue numbers correspond to the blue shapes, the grey to the grey. Pretty straightforward. Unfortunately some of my feedback has yet to be incorporated. See the "0%" in the middle graphic? Is this because I missed 6 greens from which I had a 101-150-yard shot? Or maybe I had 0 approach shots from that distance? Maybe I was 0-for-1? GAME GOLF should add (the sooner the better!) some actual data here. 0% (0/0) would concern me a lot less (and 0% (0/6) would concern me a lot more!) than just saying "0%". Scrolling down we see some more relatively easy-to-understand graphs, that also have some similar flaws: The new Notes area is pretty nice. You can add time-stamped notes that remind you when you put that new driver into play, when you began working on your hips not swaying backward, etc. 254 yards or 257, which is it? Well, I hit a hybrid 236 yards and a 3-wood 253 yards, so both are correct. But I can see how this might confuse some people, and honestly… well, I'm not entirely sure of the validity of the stat, but it's easily ignored if you don't value it. There are going to be times when you play a soggy course and hit a bunch of drivers that plug on landing, and other times when you hit a bunch of hybrids off the tee but get roll out. Is there more important information that could go there? Related to "Off the Tee"? I guess not. Again, hopefully sooner rather than later we'll get some numbers here rather than just percentages. I happen to remember that I played 12 holes my last "round" so the 75% number is easy to figure out - I missed three greens. But did I get up and down 1 out of 1 times, and fail to get a sand save 2/2 times for my 0%, or was I never in a bunker and scrambled 3/3 times? The numbers don't tell me… But it would be so easy for them to say it. Just add "(3/3)" beneath the "100%" or "(0/0)" beneath the 0%. So, I hope that helps. Again, to visit this area on your own account, visit http://www.gamegolf.com/insights. P.S. One last note…Clicking the right arrow on a few of the regions takes you to the appropriate "old" screen that you're used to.
  9. GAME Golf has unveiled the new Strokes Gained feature on their site. You can read more about it here: https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2198476. But basically… My stats… My Smart Tips… A few very quick comments: I'm a bit of an odd case. I wonder if I have been marking my short game shots as being farther from the hole than they are (I edit most holes after each round).* I'm -4 in the last 10 rounds on some courses that aren't exactly "easy." So that's good. I only have one shot from 225-250 from the left rough. I guess the software simply couldn't find much to improve (relative to a scratch golfer). I haven't had any three-putts in my last 10 rounds (many of which are only nine holes). So the advice to practice my long putts is a bit odd. * Regarding that… let's put it this way. If I mark a short game shot as going to seven feet and then make the putt, when in reality I hit it to four feet and made the putt, I would see my strokes gained "improve" for the short game and "decline" for putting. So I wonder if I've been doing that, because my short game has been pretty good lately. Anyway… Share your GG Strokes Gained data and Smart Tips! Let's see 'em!
  10. As @david_wedzik and I begin more formally working with GAME GOLF, I'm curious what stats golfers might like to see exposed that aren't already. By "stats" I don't necessarily mean a statistic alone, either - I mean a view of the data that would be helpful in analyzing your game. If it helps you, imagine that the stats available now are free, and the rest will be available with an inexpensive subscription. Dave and I have a list in mind already, but perhaps there are some other decent stats that I'm overlooking. I won't share much from my list (it would give away too much), but here's an example of two such things that I think don't give much away: nGIR % Left rough/right rough tendency. Scoring from the left rough, right rough, and fairway. I don't imagine I'll be able to comment on much here, for obvious reasons, but go ahead and share your thoughts. If the idea's good, there's a good chance it winds up on my list and ultimately implemented.
  11. cutchemist42

    GAME GOLF Improvements: Your ideas?

    So starting this topic, as there quite a few GG users here. Im also not sure how known it is, but GG does have a forum where people can suggest new ideas and vote on them. http://myexperience.gamegolf.com/forums/236342-feature-requests Based from that same forum and hearing from UK users/would-be users, is that Stableford scoring does not exist yet. Since GG keeps strokes gained data, I wonder if they can simply not allow games under Stableford to be included in that data pool since its possible to not finish a hole in the format. Can you do strokes gained in relation to stableford scoring ? "That approach gained me 1 point vs 1 stroke?" Another idea was for some way to identify when you attempted a 1/2 or full wedge shot, and display that in club performance. Would love to see my variance on those attempted shots in data points. The unit wouldnt do it so it would have to rely on you being able to edit the shot as a 1/2 PW attempt in the round review maybe. It would also rely on you remembering your intent on the shot if it wasnt obvious by the yardage.
  12. To play with GAME GOLF Live Leaderboards (FREE!) Step 1: Download the GAME GOLF app iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-golf-gps-tracker-rangefinder/id682389516?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.gameyourgame.game Step 2 (for new users): Watch this tutorial to learn what GAME GOLF is about and how to use the app iPhone: https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2063184-video-full-tutorial-and-other-insights?b_id=7261 Android: http://support.gamegolf.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2072722-video-manual-entering-a-round---free-version?b_id=7357 Step 3: Ask everyone to watch the video at the top of this post and give it a run! GAME on! GAME GOLF IS THE FIRST DEVICE TO MAKE MANUAL SCORECARDS A THING OF THE PAST San Francisco, July 18, 2016 – Are you tired of trying to round up and write down the scores in your foursome after every golf hole? Launching today, GAME GOLF has upgraded its system with the world’s first full-round Live Leaderboard that brings tournament-quality, automatic shot tracking to amateur golfers. The system is now able to instantly record every shot taken by you and your golfing buddies and electronically track your scores in the most popular game formats. The new Live Leaderboard works with the award-winning golf shot tracker, GAME GOLF LIVE, and the GAME GOLF App. On the GAME GOLF App, one golfer chooses the course and type of game the group will play (stroke play, match play or team variations of both, with more games to come in the future); then invites his golfing buddies to join, via the App, his/her phone’s address book or players in the GAME GOLF system.. The other golfers accept and start playing their round, tagging shots to the LIVE device or App as they normally would. At the end of each hole, players can pull up the Live Leaderboard to see everyone’s scores, automatically tracked and updated as they move through the course, along with all of the stats on their own shots. “Nearly every player has mentioned that if they didn’t have to record their scores they could just play and have fun,” said John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF. “We are the only system that requires no manual entry of information; and unlike some other devices, we track the entire round, not just the activity with your driver. We have freed you to concentrate on your game and enjoy playing with your friends.” The Live Leaderboard has several features that allow for seamless play. It automatically accounts for handicaps among the players that are loaded into the GAME GOLF system. If a player drops out after nine holes of play, they can easily be removed from the game, while maintaining the other players’ scores. All stat-tracking and display features of GAME GOLF LIVE and the App operate as usual. Editing while in play remains very easy. Users can easily move through screens that show the Leaderboard, or can jump to particular holes or examine particular club statistics. When the round is complete, golfers can share scores and bragging rights through social media. An additional upgrade is an enhanced rangefinder. “We have removed the toggle button, so now players quickly tap and hold to display the rangefinder and can zoom to 2x the rangefinder’s scope,” added McGuire. In the past month, GAME GOLF LIVE also added features that put the device at the top of the technological pack when it comes to analyzing your game the way the pros do, including a new Pin Placement feature that allows golfers to zoom in on each green and drag the pin to its precise location, and new Auto Hole-Switching which tracks a golfer’s movements from hole to hole, automatically updating the system. Winner of a Golf Digest 2016 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Game Analyzers and the only wearable analyzer on the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA) annual list of “2016 Top 25 Teaching and Training Aids,” the GAME GOLF App is free and can be downloaded to any iOS or Android phone or smart watch (Apple & Pebble, Android coming soon). Special summer pricing allows golfers to pick up GAME GOLF LIVE for $249 US MSRP (regularly priced at $299) at GAMEGOLF.com, in golf specialty shops and more than 800 green grass pro shops; and on #AmazonLaunchpad. For more information or to view videos of GAME GOLF in action, visit GAMEGOLF.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @GAMEGOLF and on Instagram at @GAME_GOLF, #GAMEGOLF. http://www.gamegolf.com/products/en-us/gamegolf?s=compete&v=f67cc7f
  13. http://www.gamegolf.com/home/en-us/sweepstakes Think you can predict how the pros will do this summer? If selected, you will have the opportunity to predict the winner, and his score and you could WIN BIG! It's that simple. No strings attached. MEET PGA TOUR PLAYERS AND WIN OTHER PRIZES FROM SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN THE GOLF AND TECHNOLOGY WORLD. HOW TO PLAY Simply upload an 18-hole round to the GAME GOLF platform. Every round you play gives you additional entries AND enters you into the $1 MILLION Giveaway. See below for weekly prizes!! Upload a round using: GAME GOLF App 2 entries GAME GOLF Classic/Tags 3 entries GAME GOLF LIVE 5 entries Ten rounds using any of the above 50 bonus entries For more detailed prize descriptions and weekly winners, click here. Note: this giveaway is being conducted by @GAME Golf, not via The Sand Trap. We're simply pointing it out to you here so that you can be aware of it and enter to win. We'll have our own TST contest for the U.S. Open here shortly.
  14. I'm a new member and wanted to say hello and that this is a really great community you have going here. I am a newer player and have been using Game Golf Live for tracking my play. I'm completely addicted to the game so I ordered a full set of new clubs and want to create a new baseline with the new set. So I'm setting up my Game Golf tags appropriately but before I get too far, I was curious what other users of Game Golf have come up with for using their extra tags. For example, I recently have been using the triangle tag for putter shots very close to but not on the green to indicate shots which are not truly considered a putt because whenever you tap your putter, Game Golf moves the position of your shot onto the green instead of where you actually hit the shot. Anyway, before I finish re-configuring my tags for the new set, I was hoping to get some ideas from other users on how you use your extra tags. Thanks and may all your shots be true.
  15. This was pointed out in the other thread, but I'd like to create this new thread here to keep track of the updates to GAME GOLF's Strokes Gained stats. As many know, TST has an "Advisory Panel" which aims to do a few things, but high on that list is to increase the communication between real-world golfers, stats geeks like myself and @RandallT, and GAME GOLF for the betterment of the GG platform and, ultimately, for more enjoyment from golfers. https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2198476 Within the last week or so, GAME has rolled out two improvements to their Strokes Gained portion of the site. Change #1: Comparisons to More than Scratch Golfers Here's a look at my new Strokes Gained insights page: In that screenshot I've compared myself to a 10 handicap. (Yes, they've still got the negative sign backward… strokes gained in this case should be positive. We're working on them to change that… No promises though! ). This is great news if you're a 15 handicapper wanting to see where you need to improve to get down to a 10 - just compare yourself to a 10. Or compare yourself to a typical 15 handicapper to see if you have any glaring weaknesses (or strengths!). Change #2: Strokes Gained for Specific Rounds This was mentioned above by @toursauce, and you might miss it the first time through (as I did), but it's right there in the top-right-hand corner: Choose a few rounds if you want to limit a round with bad weather, a round where you were spraying your driver everywhere, or maybe even a round where you were super-hot with the putter. All of those could throw off your Strokes Gained average. I selected one round where I shot 75 and noted that my putting, normally a strength, was actually a weakness on that day. I gained 0.78, 0.49, and 0.34 strokes with the other three categories, but lost 1.57 putting. That day I hit 61% GIR but had 1.72 putts per hole. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/642797 I'm not 100% sold on my putter costing me there (I had one hole where I played two shortish shots in a row, for example, and I made a few six- and seven-foot putts), but you (and I) shouldn't really look at Strokes Gained in only one round for too much meaning, anyway. So, two cool new additions. Go check 'em out! If you don't have a GAME GOLF unit, what are you waiting for! Yes, GAME GOLF is one of the 2016 TST sponsors, but we've partnered with them because we love what they're doing, and think this is the best system going. It's only getting better, too, and with the TST Advisory Board, will continue to do so.
  16. I'm not sure why it says $229 on the left (maybe that will fix itself later today?), but when I visit the page it says $199. And with Prime, that's free two-day shipping too. It's also not May 23rd yet. Check it out. If you don't already own a GAME GOLF, but you care enough about golf to be on this site, you might want to consider picking one up. The auto hole switching is probably a little bit overdue, but it's nice and saves you from having to switch to a later hole to get a yardage. The hole editing is also really good. I know some guys use the phone app and this will make their stats much better without having to go back and edit on a computer later.
  17. See the poll above and please vote.
  18. 2016 TST Partner GAME GOLF has a new ad (above). It replaces some of their more recent ads, and I had the pleasure of seeing it on TV earlier today. What do you think? Also, for a limited time (through the end of April) for U.S. residents GAME GOLF Live is $50 off! The reduced price will already be included in the cart after you add it to your cart. This special price should also be availaable at all retail outlets in the U.S. P.S. Scottish people are tough to understand. I've told people the story of my first experience upon landing in Scotland… trying to figure out what in the heck the bus driver and his friend were talking about. I could understand about every tenth word. And they were speaking English… just… Scottish English.
  19. 2016 TST Partner GAME GOLF is excited to kick off 2016 with two AWESOME contests: #1: WIN AN IN-PERSON LESSON WITH GOLF GURU MARK CROSSFIELD IN LAS VEGAS Yes, you heard correctly!! GAME GOLF and Mark Crossfield (@4golfonline) are teaming up again to offer another amazing prize giveaway! Following the success of our UK giveaway with Mark back in Spring 2015, we have decicded to team up again and offer TWO lucky winners in the US the chance to meet with Mark for an in-person lesson in LAS VEGAS to review their GAME GOLF stats. In short...... The Prize (for the Two (2) Grand Prize Winners) will include: One in-person golf lesson with PGA golf instructor Mark Crossfield on January 31st, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada Coach airfare for one One Nights’ accommodation at a 4 Star hotel One GAME GOLF LIVE system More info here. #2: PGA TOUR PRO JIM FURYK TEES IT UP FOR THE LAUNCH OF GAME GOLF LIVE Last month, we introduced the world’s first wearable, real-time automatic shot tracker for both iOS and Android smartphone platforms, called GAME GOLF LIVE. As part of the introduction, 2003 US Open Champion and GAME GOLF Pro Jim Furyk has teamed up with us to offer two Grand Prize winners’ tickets to the 6th Annual Jim Furyk & Friends Concert and Celebrity Golf Classic on March 13 and 14 2016 at Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Furyk has been involved with GAME GOLF since we launched; and his golf rounds using the system can be publicly viewed and followed by all our GAME GOLF users. The annual fund-raiser, hosted by the Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation and sponsored by AT&T and Web.com, among others, has a goal to raise more than $1 million. On Sunday, the Furyk & Friends Concert will be a private event for golf participants and their guests where local chefs prepare food highlighting their favorite delicatessen. On Monday, golfers will tee it up with some of the biggest names from the PGA TOUR and beyond at Sawgrass Country Club. Proceeds from the event support specific projects, including providing food for at least five elementary schools through Blessings in a Backpack, Community PedsCare, Operation Shower, Wolfson Children’s Hospital and many other charitable projects. Each Grand Prize also includes round-trip travel and accommodations for two, as well as one round of golf for two at Sawgrass Country Club, best known for being the host of the Tournament Players Championship from 1977 to 1981, as well as numerous other tournaments for the Florida State Golf Association, Jacksonville Area Golf Association, the Women’s Western Amateur Golf Association, Florida State Golf Association and other national and college events. To enter this competition, contestants must a minimum of one 18-hole golf score(s) through the GAME GOLF LIVE device ONLY (which must be synched to the GAME GOLF system). After the first score is entered, the contestant will be eligible to win the Grand Prize. Any additional score(s) entered within the Sweepstakes period will not grant an additional entry. More info here.
  20. If you're looking for the perfect holiday gifts for yourself or for the special golfers in your life, look no further! TST has done all the work and put together an expansive series of holiday gift guides to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Whether it's big, small, expensive or budget-friendly, we've got something for everyone in every price range. Stocking Stuffers (Under $70) KENTWOOL Game Day Collection Socks $19.95 per pair, for more go to KENTWOOL. KENTWOOL has expanded the color offerings in its popular Men’s Tour Profile socks, with a new Game Day Collection. The Game Day Collection, a fun way for golfers to support their favorite college and professional teams on and off the course, will include 14 popular team color combinations. KENTWOOL’s Game Day Collection socks are constructed from a proprietary blend of Super Fine Merino Wool and other natural and high-tech performance fibers. Each pair is infused with an innovative WINDspun technology to deliver unparalleled comfort, and is designed to reduce friction, abrasion and muscle fatigue. In fact, KENTWOOL is so confident in the comfort of its socks, the company offers a lifetime “Blister-Free Guarantee” with the purchase of every pair. GLUKOS: $2.50-$70, for more go to GLUKOS. As the holidays approach, it is a given there will be a week or two where the parties are at an all-time high and the nutritional value of the foods will be at an all time low. Glukos is going to be your saving-grace as the best and healthiest way to keep your energy level up without adding sugar beyond the pumpkin pie. Glucose, also known as the “good” sugar that the body produces and is the main ingredient in GLUKOS, is the ONLY fuel for the human body and provides it with an ideal energy source allowing for peak performance. GLUKOS comes in six different delivery mechanisms, including powder, ready–to–drink, gummies, tablets, bars and gels. Products Available: Gummies, Tablets, Powder, Ready to Drink and Gel (Orange, Fruit Punch and Lemon) along with bars (Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon and Lemon). Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls $37.99, for more go to Callaway Chrome Soft. Callaway is out to bust myths about golf balls either being long but too firm or soft but too short with the creation of the Chrome Soft ball. It has a three-piece construction with a compression of around 65, lower than the majority of balls used out on tour, and it features a new ‘SoftFast’ core, which retains energy as the ball compresses and deforms on the face at impact, but also returns to its original shape quicker. Callaway says this results in lower spin and more distance. Great gifts and Budget Friendly ($75 to $300) GAME Golf LIVE $299.99 (previous owners of the Game Golf Classic can upgrade for $149 if they get it before November 11th). For more go to GAME Golf. The new tracker dubbed GAME Golf LIVE gets its name from the new smartphone paired app, which enables you to get more information when out on the course. GAME Golf consists of a wearable receiver that clips to your waistband and a bunch of sensors that plug into the top of your clubs. You tap the top of the club on your belt before you play a shot, and when you get back you'll see a map of your shots, as well as stats on average distances with each club, success rates, putting data and a whole lot more. GAME Golf LIVE adds real time insights by connecting to a smartphone app. You can use it for yardages to the pin, a major omission from the last model and a real bone of contention for those who need to fork out for a GPS watch and the GAME Golf system. PING Glide Wedges $129.99 per club, for more go to PING. The clubhead is made from 431 steel that PING says helps promote a soft feel, while the chrome plating improves contact consistency in wet conditions. Glide wedges also feature a 120-gram wedge-specific CFS (Control, Feel and Stability) shaft that PING says helps lower the launch and create the optimum ball flight. The Gorge Grooves are matched to the loft to suit the shots you’re most likely to play. The 47°-54° options have less aggressive grooves that deliver consistent spin and control on full shots, while the 56°-60° options have more aggressive grooves to boost spin on shorter shots. PING says the Glide wedges are their most versatile and consistent wedge line to date thanks to the Dyla-wedge grip (longer for gripping down for trajectory control), CFS Wedge shaft, four sole options (TS, SS, WS and ES) with added bounce and loft-optimized Gorge grooves. Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser Putters $249.99, For more go to Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putters. Comprised of four proven models including #7, V-Line, #1 Wide, and 2-Ball Fang, the Works Tank Cruiser line combines Odyssey's Fusion RX insert and Versa high contrast alignment technology with an adjustable counterbalance weighting system (5g, 15g, and 30g options). The Fusion RX face insert in each Works Tank Cruiser model combines the soft feel of the White Hot insert with a thin stainless steel mesh and mill pattern of the Metal-X insert. Odyssey says this produces less skid and a faster roll off the clubface. Sun Mountain 2Five Golf Bag $219.99, for more go to Sun Mountain. For those who love to walk and want the latest and greatest. Sun Mountain says it has created the lightest golf bag on the market,as its name suggests, it tips the scales at only 2.5 pounds. The company employed fabrics used in durable and lightweight tents in the 2Five, which also sports a full-length clothing pocket, a velour valuables pocket and more compartments for your balls, tees and drink of choice. PURE Grips Customization $139.99 for 13, for more go to PURE Customizer. PURE continues to add great products to their line. They know everyone is unique, from their golf swings to their personalities and now with PURE grips you can show it. Choose your favorite color, add a written message or add a graphic. With PURE grips Customizer you can play with grips that are extremely durable, feel great and express your personality. Bobby Jones Merino Birdseye 1/4 Zip/V-Neck Sweater $225/$195, For more go to Bobby Jones. When it comes to golf sweaters, few offer the quality and comfort of Bobby Jones. In fact, the texture and incredible feel of their Birdseye Merino 1/4 Zip may make it their best yet. Birdseye stitching elevates the visual and drape appeal of luxuriously warm merino wool without restrictive weight, making this the perfect sweater for cool weather golf. Note the marbled zipper pull and the knit stripes inside the convertible collar. 100% extra fine merino wool. Available in Berry, Black, Celery and Eggplant. Sizing (S-XXL). Adidas ClimaHeat Concept Fill Jacket $150, for more go to Adidas Golf. With rain, blustery winds and chilly temperatures at The Open Championship, Adidas Golf created a buzz at St. Andrews with a range of cutting-edge jackets, including the new quilted Climaheat Concept Fill Jacket worn by Jason Day. Adidas Climaheat Concept Fill Jackets are available in three colour schemes with bonded quilting on both sides, silicone tape, the triple stripes on the right arm, two front zip pockets, elastic bonding on the cuffs and hem and the Adidas brandmark on the front left shoulder. Material is 93% polyester, 7% elastane. Great way to stay warm and dry on the course. TRUE Motion Golf Shoes $69.99, for more go to TRUE Golf. The Motion is built with a zero drop sole eliminating the forced heel found in most golf shoes, a wide toe box that allows for a better fit for the natural shape of the foot, lightweight materials that let the foot function freely and naturally, a thin sole offering closer proximity to the ground, and increased flexibility from a one-piece rubber outsole that allows the foot to closely mimic barefoot movement. Motion is the shoe that's worn to the office so you can hit a bucket of balls during lunch or play a quick nine after work....and you don't have to change shoes. They're incredibly flexible and comfortable and they hold up in all types of the elements. Big Ticket Items TaylorMade M1 Driver $499, for more go to TaylorMade M1. The TaylorMade M1 Driver features a multi-material crown. By using Carbon Fiber on the driver crown, TaylorMade says they were able to save weight and implement an innovative “T-Track” adjustment system on the bottom. TaylorMade says the two sliding weights allow golfers to easily adjust the driver to fit their swing. Golfers can move the horizontal weight left or right to create a fade or draw, or leave it neutral for a straight shot. A player can also move the back weight forward for a lower ball flight or back to get the ball higher in the air. The diagram above explains the adjustability and ball flight options. Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons $1199.99 (set of 8), for more go to Callaway Apex CF 16. The original Callaway Apex irons were targeted at mid- and lower-handicap golfers who wanted forged feel with a boost in distance. The new Apex CF 16 irons try to give those same players more distance and feel with a different design and materials. In an effort to increase ball speeds, engineers created a face cup with Big Bertha and XR that was welded to the body of the iron and wrapped around the perimeter of the head to give it a 360-degree annulus, increasing the flexibility of the club face for faster ball speeds, even on off-center hits. Thin faces can create sounds at impact that many golfers don’t like, so Callaway tuned the Apex CF 16 irons with a thermal plastic urethane piece affixed to the back of the head to dampen vibrations. Callaway says the final result of these new design elements and materials is a club that has forged feel and provides more distance, especially on mis-hits. Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder $499.99, for more go to Bushnell. Replacing the Tour V3 model, the Bushnell Tour X features Exchange Technology, which uses two interchangeable faceplates slotted on the end of the device. One of these faceplates is black, which is the non-slope version permitted for use in competitions. The other faceplate is red and features a plug-in that activates the technology inside the device to offer slope-adjusted distances based on elevation changes. The new Bushnell Tour X also features a Dual Display that allows users to easily switch between the bright red Vivid Display for dim conditions or the crisp black display. It has a range of up to 1,300 yards and also boasts PinSeeker with the vibrating Jolt function up to 450 yards when it locks onto the flag. The TOUR X is also equipped with second-generation E.S.P. (Extreme Speed Precision) technology, which provides yardages five times faster and more accurately than ever before. Distances from under 125 yards and in are displayed to the nearest tenth of a yard.

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