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Found 10 results

  1. I am just not getting the results I want I've been Playing Golf for: 40 years My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: not consistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fading the ball too much Videos: attention grab.mp4 - Google Drive
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 7 years My current handicap index or average score is: 70.08 My typical ball flight is: tight draw or fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull Videos:
  3. Hi, had an account but not used in a long time and e-mail wasn't in the system so made a new one. It's been an interesting week. I replicated the feeling of greatness an expression coined by Moe Norman and how to replicate Moe swing action. It allows the student to add 100 yards from tee and accuracy along the way. Numbers based on amatuer mid handicap 13-15 with a swing speed of 93 mph and 215y driving. Showed video I am making to student and he went from 220 yards to 300 yards with a 3w! Instruction works out of the box and is the biggest discovery in golf's history. I leave with a teaser trailer what is to come
  4. We've had an unusual amount of storms and rain in upstate New York the last few weeks and the courses are saturated. I really struggle with ball contact in such conditions, much worse than usual. I guess I'm looking for quick fixes or basic stock advice. How do people adjust their swing to play better under such conditions? Should I swing with a more sweeping motion, or steeper into the ball? What do people normally do to play better under such conditions?
  5. Hello all, I am brand new here and I guess my screen handle sums up the mood I was in on creating my account. That said, I've been taking lessons recently. Then, began hitting it better. I have even begun hitting driver somewhat consistently after having not been able to drive the ball for over a decade (wish I took a lesson sooner). I made the first two birdies of my life... Yes!! I went out and got a new set of irons I love because I got tired of playing with game improvement shovels. I got fitted for them. Hit many many many balls during the two part fitting process. Trajectory was great. Dispersion was good - considering continual work on my swing would narrow that range... Overall, it felt real good. Came home with new clubs yesterday - excited! It rained so I couldn't hit the range immediately after completely my purchase. Went out this morning and the only club I was able to hit was the AW (didn't try any other wedges or short irons). My driving was beyond horrible. I went from finally hitting 250 and straight to topping the ball 10 and 15 yards. These weird low 60 yard slices... 7 iron (the same club I fell in love with during fitting) was equally bad and the best shot I could manage was a 110 yard slice... Has anyone else every experienced taking lessons, getting much better, then regressing to the point where you can't advance the ball without a putter? I got so angry and frustrated while embarrassing the holy crap out of myself at my CC that tears literally welled up in my eyes. Smh. Can anyone relate? Thanks for listening.
  6. Hello Golfers, I've only been playing golf for a couple years and I can't seem to get my golf swing down. I've been too proud and or embarrassed to ask for lessons or help but I'm at the point where I need some help. My uncle said his two friends were using golf improvement books, My uncle and his friends swear by these books and start they are 10x cheaper than lessons. I want to know if I should invest in getting lessons from my CC Pro and order some of those "improve your golf swing" books. Can I please get some feedback? Thanks & happy golfing
  7. Today I came across to this video and just wanted to share it with you guys Her swing looks great!
  8. follow through - (in golf, baseball, and other sports) continue one's movement after the ball has been struck or thrown. In dictionary, 'follow through' is defined as above. please pay attention to the verb, continue. Are you doing enough of follow through? Do you truly follow hrough enough and finish the swing like the soaring eagle? It sometimes helps us a lot if we keep the image of powerful picture or object. Thanks.
  9. Our discussion in another thread about the consistency of all golfers' swings was very interesting, and enlightening I think for most of us. In the discussion, we agreed that if golf swings were essentially repeating and consistent for all golfers irrespective of skill level, but that results obviously varied significantly across skill levels, there must be some variability somewhere in the poor golf swings that isn't immediately recognizable on standard video. We used the terms "macro" and "micro" to illustrate this; we said all of our swings are consistent on the "macro" level, but that the worse you are at golf, the more inconsistent your swing is at the "micro" level. This got me thinking about whether anyone has studied this, and of course, someone has. And as you might imagine, the studies come from our friends in the UK, the home of golf....appropriately so, I think. This paper is a collaboration of scientists from Leeds University in England and University of Limerick in Ireland. It's not what you might expect from an article on the golf swing....it's highly technical and it isn't easy at first to see how it applies to how we play golf or how golf is taught, but I think it's very interesting reading. I put it here instead of the swing or instruction forums because it's really more a geek thing than a golf thing. But I think this kind of research will someday help us a great deal in showing us how to go about teaching and learning golf. The study looked at the variability from swing to swing for expert golfers (hcp </= 5), and correlated that variability with the variability of outcome of the flight of the ball. For this study, they used ball velocity as the outcome measure. The measure of variability was extremely high tech; a three dimentional motion analysis of multiple points on the body, including two on the head, and several on the upper torso and several more on the legs and feet. The study found that there was no correlation between the variability of the golfers' swings and the variability of their outcomes. In other words, even though each golfer's swing varied from swing to swing with regard to how each body part moved, the variability of these movements did not predict variability of the outcome. Stated yet another way....they weren't able to determine that consistency or lack of it among any specific body part predicts anything about the result of a shot. Read! Enjoy! Talk amongst yuh-selves. Tucker et al (2013) Is outcome variability related to movement variability in golf.pdf
  10. Fun video I did yesterday analyzing Donald Trump's golf swing. You may even find some political references here and there . Anyway... enjoy it for what it is, don't turn this into anything political, and feel free to share! Hopefully The Donald himself sees it at some point! Abridged version: Full Version:
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